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  1. With Malwarebytes i'm not just getting adsense ads but even intrusive ads that don't have those [x] to close them. Before app version 1.4 every ad was blocked but now no ad gets blocked for me. Opting out of adsense requires cross site tracking to be turned off in safari settings and must remain off according to the website and I for one don't like to be tracked. Currently the reputable adblocker i'm using blocks every ad even those from adsense as a good adblocker should. If adblockers you used showed them then they weren't that good. I'll give malwarebytes another try in the future when they
  2. Umm no lol before Malwarebytes ios app version 1.4 I had no trouble with every ad being blocked. If you see the other persons post above he's on app version 1.3.3 with the latest adblock version and seen no ads on the same website that i did see ads. So now I suspect version 1.4 broke something. It would make no sense for someone to download an app to block ads and have to go to a ad agency website to opt out. For testing purposes I downloaded another adblocker and every ad on every website was blocked so I guess for now i'll uninstall malwarebytes ios app until they fix it
  3. I'm not sure why it's not working for me then. I tested the adblocker on my ipad and see the ads on there also
  4. I have Malwarebytes app version 1.4.0 with ad blocker version 1.0.2019050909 and my iphone is running ios 12.3. Problem is no matter what website I go to that has ads none of them are being blocked. I have adblock turned on, tried deleting and reinstalling the app and yes I know the ad blocker definitions are updated. It's been like this the whole time since version 1.0.2019050909 been released but been hoping someone at malwarebytes would have noticed something so obvious by now. I attached just one example of a website with ads not being blocked but it does it on all sites that ha
  5. yes i know malwarebytes owns adwcleaner now but about a week or 2 ago the download link on malwarebytes adwcleaner took me to toolslib website to download it and now it looks like adwcleaner downloads directly from malwarebytes. Just wondering why for the change now after a year of them owning adwcleaner. Are they suspecting toolslib of being suspicious or something? I dont mind the change because im not a fan of going to a random website for downloads i prefer to stay on malwarebytes.
  6. About a week ago i downloaded adwcleaner on my computer and the malwarebytes website took me to toolslib and today i went to download it on a friends computer and its now downloading straight from malwarebytes website. Is adwcleaner now being hosted by malwarebytes instead of toolslib?
  7. Chrome does add multiple search engines when installed and will add them back after reseting chrome settings and sometimes even after chrome updates they come back. I use chrome and I don't remember ever seeing one for ask though. Try clicking the three dots beside each search engine you don't want and it should give an option to remove them. After doing this run adwcleaner and malwarebytes and see if it comes back.
  8. Good to know it's a FP thanks for letting me know ?
  9. https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v117744069_ns_retail_en_us If you look where it says Norton safe search it mentions ask. I remember when they added this the norton forums was filled with complaints lol
  10. from what i read online norton uses ask in their toolbar or atleast used to anyway but does adwcleaner automaticly put it in quarantine or just deletes it?
  11. So I decided to run some virus/malware scans on my pc and malwarebytes and norton come out clean but when I ran malwarebytes adwcleaner downloaded from the official site it found 1 issue being a registry key and i'm not expert on this stuff but i do know deleting registry keys can cause lots of issues. From what i googled about the key some are saying its related to norton and the norton/ask toolbar thing since norton apparently partnered with them on the toolbar. So is this a false positive or is it safe to delete? I don't even use internet explorer im a chrome user Here is the log
  12. So I was on a local new stations website and like most they have ads on their site. Without clicking on any of the ads google chrome got redirected to a random website but for some reason I don't think it got to load the website because chrome was asking if i wanted to reload the page almost like i was disconnected from the internet. I'm not sure if my Norton antivirus blocked it or chrome. The 2 websites it tried taking me to were mcafeesecurity.app-center.site and usa.india-abc.com/zredirect. But after that I closed chrome and right away scanned my pc with Norton (online and offline) m
  13. I'm having a issue where Malwarebytes 3.0.6 hangs during rootkit scanning on the threat scan. I have tried turning off rootkit scanning in the settings before running threat scan and so far (yet anyway) has not caused issues during threat scan. I can scan for rootkits just fine during custom scan though. Strangely I tried this on a old computer with a fresh copy of windows 7 without anything but malwarebytes installed and it did the same thing. Unless malwarebytes team wants to blame this on a conflict with windows this proves its a bug with malwarebytes.
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