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  1. Thanks for the info everybody, I'll await a fix from Malwarebytes.
  2. Not something I understand much about, but is it likely that anything that makes a shadow copy is likely to leave residue? On my Windows 7 Home Premium system, I use Casper 10 to make alternate incremental bootable backups to drives in USB enclosures. I have Malwarebytes 3.0.5 Premium installed and also have System Restore enabled to use 5% of my C: drive. I also use the Registry Backup component of Tweaking.com's Windows Repair to make regular registry backups using the VSS service. After viewing this post and the linked thread in the Wilders Security forum, I ran a Tree size report on my System Volume Information Folder and the size of the folder reported as 44.8 GB. I ran a Casper Backup after turning of the Ransomware component of MB and the folder size was then reported as 32.9 GB. So something does seem to be going on with Casper as well....... Will Registry Backup also be affected by this bug in MB 3.0 and be leaving snapshots in C: drive? And how would I identify them?
  3. I had never heard of Zoftar but a quick Google search throws up some concerns about them. Are you sure that disk is legit?
  4. I don't seem to be able to edit the post above - perhaps because I've made very few posts? Just to add that I rebooted and the error did not reappear.
  5. Over the last couple of days Malwarebytes has behaved impeccably but, on logging in to the laptop this afternoon, I got the mbamtray.exe error message shown in the attached image file - I've not seem this error before. However Malwarebytes Tray Icon does appear in the system tray as normal and reports no errors; furthermore, by right clicking on it I can open the application as normal and Malwarebytes shows itself as up to date. I pass this on in case it helps to resolve any current issues with Malwarebytes 3.0 - I attach a JPG of the error message and Malwarebytes zipped log files. Windows 7 SP 1 x64 - build 7601 Malwarebytes Version 3.04.1269 MSE with real time protection switched off CryptoPrevent Premium Edition logs.zip
  6. I would echo the praise - I've had a number of minor issues with version 3.0 Premium which have been resolved quickly by searching this forum and also the insightful replies from experts to my posts. Not quite a finished product yet but seems to run sweetly on my Windows 7 laptop. I may never know how truly effective it is unless I'm unlucky (or stupid) enough to expose myself to virus or malware - but I've used earlier versions to resolve problems on other people's machines, and version 3 Premium comes with a lot of extra armament, runs faster and may indeed be a one stop solution. Well done, Malwarebytes team!
  7. Thanks, Ried, I put those files into MSE and everything runs smoothly except for an unacceptably long shutdown time - so I've switched off Real Time Protection again and just let MSE run a weekly scan as a bit of extra security in addition to the protection provided by Malwarebytes. I've got to say that I agree with your overall approach. I've been messing around with computers since the days of the ZX81 and can only remember ever succumbing to one true virus infection on Windows 95, I think, that arrived on a floppy from a computer magazine! Despite that, I sit behind a pretty secure router, back up my registry every day, use Casper 10 to make regular alternating bootable disk copies to 2 hard drives in USB enclosures which are only connected to my computer when I perform the backup operations. And I back up my really vital files to DVD on a regular basis. But I'm a bit belt and braces! Thanks again for your help your help, Iain
  8. Thanks for that - I thought perhaps Chameleon was hidden away somewhere. I decided to uninstall Avast and try running with MSE instead in order to avoid Avast's intrusive pop ups - especially as Malwarebytes Premium now claims to fill the roles of both antivirus and antimalware. This lead to problems on startup when Malwarebytes would report that Real Time Protection was turned off, the occasional freeze, and shutdown times of around 5 minutes. Following advice in another thread (to which I can't find the link just now), I turned off Real Time Protection in MSE and that eliminated the errors. When I return to my laptop, I'll try configuring MSE as suggested in the same thread and see if that allows it to play nicely enough to allow real time protection - although perhaps that's not needed in MSE if Malwarebytes is also installed?
  9. I've installed version 3.0.4 of Malwarebytes Premium after first uninstalling my old version 2.0 and it seem seems to be performing well and coexisting peacefully with Avast Free Antivirus. It's great to have Anti Exploit and Anti Ransomware included in the package but the Chameleon tool does not now appear to be available. Is this no longer available or no longer needed? Thanks for a great piece of software - if it does indeed eventually allow me to do without additional AV, that will be wonderful - but I'll stick with Avast as well for the moment................... Iain
  10. I would certainly prefer that the definition file name reflected the date/time of issue........
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