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  1. If you click on the "Hamburger" icon at the top left of the Dashboard, then Settings, Notifications, and then put a tick in the box for "Allow RTP pausing, from notification", that should give you the option to suspend Malwarebytes from the pull-down menu. Let us know if that works.
  2. Indeed - I was trying to make the contrast with those less constructive posts from those with an axe to grind........
  3. Good news so far - since clearing the cache that last time (#12), the Nexus has updated as expected and this morning both Nexus tablet and Leagoo phone are still reporting the same, current, databases. The I'll add to this thread if the problem resurfaces. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience with us @exile360 I'd also suffered a couple of atypical system hangs recently but hadn't associated the problem with Malwarebytes. I too have been frustrated by these glitches affecting software updates and have reported them in other threads, and shall follow your advice to disable the Ransomware module until the problems are resolved. I share your view that a slightly buggy Malwarebytes is still considerably better than no Malwarebytes at all.
  5. Thanks, Vabadus - I cleared the cache this morning and the app was again able to update. The state of the updates at that point is shown in the attached image. Would it be useful if I posted an image again when the updates fail again or is there any other information I can supply to aid the developers resolve this?
  6. I use a password safe, KeePass 2, to store all my logins and passwords in encrypted form, with one section devoted to software - that's worked well for me for years.
  7. @Vabadus OK, both my Android devices, a Nexus 7 2013 which is purely a tablet with Wi-Fi only connection and no sim card and my LEAGOO M8 Pro which is a phone with sim card have both updated to MB for Android Both devices run Android 6 Marshmallow. If I use the Settings / Other /Force Update on the Leagoo, the message "Checking for updates" then "The database is already up to date" is returned. On the Nexus, I see the first message, but do not get the second. The Malware, Phishing and Call Blocking databases were the same on both devices when I updated to but are now all older on the Nexus. The updates will probably work on the Nexus if I clear the app's data but fail thereafter.
  8. Thanks - have installed the latest version and will see how it performs, then post again.
  9. TempLost


    Tried to fill in the survey which appears if you click on Settings / About / Survey and I couldn't find any button to submit the survey after I'd spent 10 minutes filling it in. Did it get blocked by the Malwarebytes Extension or UBlock Origin ??
  10. Glad to be able to help - I'm a keen supporter of Malwarebytes' approach to the fight against malicious software and more than happy to provide any logs or reports that might help add stability to the product.
  11. Hi @dcollinsyes, that's right, everything seems to be working fine this morning. I've just fired up the laptop and the tray icon is there and reports that all RTP modules are correctly loaded. About the only thing I can think of that might have happened is that after I'd tried out the 3.5 Beta and found it ran well and having subsequently installed 3.5.1, I changed the Malwarebytes Service back from Automatic (Delayed Start) that I'd implemented in order to to resolve the DDA driver issue to the default Automatic setting, perhaps prematurely. After the errors appeared that caused me to start this thread yesterday and I'd run the Support Tool and uploaded the generated reports, I returned the Malwarebytes Service to Automatic (Delayed Start) and had no further problems - I'll leave it like that and meddle no more for the moment!
  12. No, I've had CryptoPrevent installed for a long while and the CEO of the company has already convinced me on these forums that there is little chance of problems occurring between the two programs.
  13. After having had some glitches with the latest version of Malwarebytes Premium 3.5.1 despite it running for a week or more with no problems until these problems occurred, I did a clean re-installation using the Support Tool. Thereafter, I've had problems with the Tray Icon going missing at Startup, Web Protection not starting and then Ransomware Protection not starting. As I said, 3.5.1 ran well when I first installed it and I don't know why I'm suddenly getting problems. I attach the MB Support Tool Logs. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64x MB Premium 3.5.1 Microsoft Security Essentials CryptoPrevent Premium Casper 10.1 Backup and Tweaking.com Registry Backup 3.5.3 mbst-grab-results.zip
  14. 64 bit here as well. @tetonbob Let me know if I can provide any other logs or info to help resolve the problem.
  15. KeePass 2 wouldn't install for me following the same procedure as you followed unless I closed Malwarebytes, but I'm on Windows 7
  16. The message you got when trying to update Cyber Fox is pretty much a duplicate of the message I received when trying to manually update KeePass. No doubt the techs will get it sorted soon.
  17. Yes, I'll look forward to this being fixed on my Nexus 7 2013. If I clear the app's Data (not a one step operation because of Malwarebytes' self protection settings) then automatic updates restart for about a week then fail again. Interrogating the app Settings/Other/Force Update returns a Last Update Response date at least a day old and neither returns a message that the app updates are current nor a message that updates are downloading. No problem with my LEAGOO M8 Pro phone, which updates as expected.
  18. The first two years I was here, I had dialup over a phone connection that could hardly support voice calls, so satellite was bliss ?
  19. Thanks, Devin, that could be very helpful. I often wonder what other problems I can lay at the door of the satellite system. I'm now line of site to a mobile mast where I should be able to get 4G internet using a SIM card in a modem, so that's my next project!
  20. Hi Devin, No, don't have anything like that. Could it be anything to do with the awful satellite broadband system I'm stuck with in rural France? It's slow with dreadful latency and I believe there are all sorts of algorithms in the system that throttle some activities at certain times. If I browse to https://keystone.mwbsys.com/ I get a little OK as shown Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64x MB Premium Microsoft Security Essentials CryptoPrevent Premium Casper 10.1 Backup and Tweaking.com Registry Backup 3.5.3
  21. Used the support tool to carry out a clean re-installation but the message warning me of difficulty in contacting the licence server persists when I open Malwarebytes from the system tray. When I close that warning message, Malwarebytes then appears to load as expected with no errors showing. I did have to manually re-enter my Premium codes on re-installation - they weren't picked up automatically, but I can't remember whether or not that was the norm or not. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64x MB Premium Microsoft Security Essentials CryptoPrevent Premium Casper 10.1 Backup and Tweaking.com Registry Backup 3.5.3 mbst-clean-results.txt
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