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  1. Hi @LiquidTension - thanks for your help The results of running the BAT file are attached - I still haven't had any WiFi dropouts since disabling Web Protection, so I'll give it another day or two to make sure that WP is an issue and then proceed to the steps in the second part of your post. ipconfig_result.txt
  2. Perhaps too early to be certain, but I used the ThinkPad for quite a while yesterday during which time I had no instances of the WiFi dropouts with Web Protection disabled in Malwarebytes Premium. I'll leave WP disabled until the next Beta version is released and then try turning it on again after I've installed it - if I get any further instances of WiFi dropping in the interim, I'll re-post here. Otherwise, Malwarebytes Premium appears to be running well with fast scans and no errors. Despite the VSS errors discussed earlier in this thread, all backups run with Casper 10.1 (I've used Casper for 20 years or more) have completed successfully with no errors shown in that application's logs. That includes both bootable disk copies and system images. System Restore also appears to operate correctly, as does Tweaking.com's Registry Backup (although who knows with System Restore whether it's going to work the next time?)
  3. I hadn't got round to disabling Web Protection before my internet connection dropped again - so it's now disabled again and we'll see what happens......... Thanks again for the support.
  4. Yes, just carried out the clean uninstall/reinstall - should I submit new logs now that's done? I've been pretty religious about checking for and installing Windows Updates and I ran a computer audit with Belarc today that confirmed everything was up to date.
  5. Thanks @Porthos, @AdvancedSetup & @nukecad for your interest and help. I ran the two VSS tools and the log for VSS Doctor is attached. I don't quite understand what it means about not having enough space on the System Reserved partition and if I should do anything about it. I rebooted the computer and re-ran the MBST - results attached. Thanks for the advice - I must be getting the hang of this stuff at last because among the first things I did when I set up Windows 10 were (1) Disable Fast Startup (2) Enable System Restore on C drive and (3) set the allocated space for System Restore at 10%. I have already got Beta updates enabled but I'm going to run the Malwarebytes uninstall/reinstall tool next and see how things progress AcronisVSSDoctorReport_2020-02-04-19-29-36.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Will do - I've got the Malwarebytes Firefox add-on in place for added security...............
  7. I recently bought a refurbished ThinkPad T450s with a pretty vanilla installation of Windows 10 Pro x64 (my first foray into this OS after 8 years of W7 on a Lenovo G560 that was reluctant to upgrade to W10). Things went better than I'd hoped when it came to transferring my files across and reinstalling what programs I needed, especially after cloning the small SSD to a new 1TB Crucial MX500. I've updated what drivers I felt necessary and also to the latest BIOS, and Windows Update has upgraded the OS to v.1909. I've transferred my MB Premium from the old laptop and it's running nicely alongside Windows Defender. The only niggle I have is the occasional dropping of the Wi-Fi connection, which rarely occured with the old Lenovo - if I go into the WiFi connection from the System Tray, I find that Automatically Connect is unselected and if I re-select it, the connection is restored. I downloaded a more up-to-date driver from the Lenovo site today, but that didn't help. I've no reason to suspect Malwarebytes except that there has been some discussion here about the loss of Wi-Fi being associated with recent versions of MB4. I'm running version 4.0.49, component version 1.0.810 and attach the MBST results in case they help. Otherwise, Malwarebytes 4 is running completely trouble free - and I've no evidence that the problem is Malwarebytes is causing the error. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. I think that's something you'd need to take up with Kaseya, unfortunately.
  9. Not familiar with the software myself but this link might explain what's going on. https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115009346587-KAM-uses-MBAM-1-8-not-the-latest-3-0
  10. I don't expect my Lifetime Licence to die. I bought it legitimately from Malwarebytes 6 years ago, kept a PDF copy of my Clever bridge receipt along with the emails, kept a record of the activation codes in my KeePass database......... I honestly don't subscribe to the hysteria that Malwarebytes would renage on their promise that Lifetime Licences will be honoured. And, as with any other valuable purchase, it's surely prudent to retain the appropriate records?
  11. Thanks @Porthos I thought that was the right setting but was starting to doubt myself!
  12. Just some advice, please! I'm in the process of readying a newly purchased, refurbished, Thinkpad T450s with Windows 10 Pro x64 for eventual use as my main computer, after I've transferred all my old files over from my old Windows 7 Home laptop. The main security software on the existing laptop is Malwarebytes Premium alongside Microsoft Security Essentials, supplemented by MB BrowserGuard with Firefox. I'll be transferring my existing Malwarebytes licence over to the ThinkPad (I'm happy that I understand the process for doing that) and mainly (happily) relying on Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Premium for security on the ThinkPad. .What I don't completely understand (because I have yet to get to grips fully with the unwieldy beast that is the GUI for Windows 10) is how I ensure that Defender remains active alongside Malwarebytes. I read that Defender would turn itself off by default - should I register Malwarebytes with the Security Centre or not? I'm thought I understood all this once but advancing years and a few days of wrestling with Windows 10 may have driven it from my brain!
  13. Yes, just done a clean and reinstallation with MBSTas was my next plan and, apart from having to reset my preferences, all seems OK. Just one of those things, I guess 🙄. Thanks for sharing your experience. If I get any further issues, I'll add to the thread.
  14. Having installed MB 4 Premium on my Windows 7 64 x laptop yesterday and report ing that I had no problems, on starting up my laptop decide to go through an organised (no BSOD) shutdown and reboot 3 times today. The only message I saw was a brief dialog box which said something to the effect that Malwarebytes could not be installed on my PC. But starting it again from the desktop icon, it (v 4.0.4) seems to have loaded and be running normally. I attach the MBST logs and intend doing a clean uninstall and reinstall using the MBST when I've got time later today. mbst-grab-results.zip
  15. I'd definitely upgrade - I too have been running the Beta version for a little while and now have the latest general release installed. All seems good.
  16. I don't disagree and there is a middle ground - and I think that, generally, Malwarebytes strikes that reasonable balance. I occasionally use a respected piece of software designed to run selected repairs on Windows to resolve problems caused by corrupted files, user errors, malware damage etc. (not one of the 'snake oil' fix-all registry manglers!) but this software uses an unappealing and somewhat confusing GUI invoking the days of Windows 95 and I'm sure it would have a much wider customer base if the GUI were updated. But instead, consumers are seduced by the slicker GUIs of the registry cleaner brigade.
  17. Well, I'm sure he was trying his best but I won't miss Zero, that's for sure! Thanks for the updates. And thanks again to the team for a great piece of software.
  18. I'm not interested in different skins - just want a clean, uncluttered, professional appearance. After setup, I just want Malwarebytes Premium to get on with doing the admirable job that it does quietly and without fuss, warn me of any issues and allow me intervene when necessary with easy to understand dialogues. On the odd occasion when I have to delve deeper, I want the submenus to be easy to navigate.
  19. No problem - thanks for letting me know. Additionally, and as I've commented elsewhere, I'm not a huge fan of the design of the GUI but that's very much a subjective thing and I'm sure I'll get used to it!
  20. Just a small point on the GUI - was checking out the Protected Apps and noticed that the names of some of the apps, notably where the name started with a letter that started with a vertical stroke (as F or M) were displayed very faintly on the left-hand edge - see image below. mbst-grab-results.zip
  21. Glad the logs helped - I'll keep an eye out for any other problems but all seems good so far.
  22. Here you are - if there's any more information I can provide, please let me know. mbst-grab-results.zip
  23. Just to report a successful installation of Malwarebytes BETA 4.0.3 over an existing installation of Malwarebytes 3 Premium. The only thing I noticed during the installation was that I think the window asking me to click on OK to restart the computer to complete reappeared and I had to click on it again. Otherwise, everything went as expected and, as far as I can see, all my settings were carried over EXCEPT the Language, which was reset to English (US) when I had it set to English (UK). The GUI seems fairly self explanatory and easy to navigate but I would prefer to be spared the sales pitches displayed during a scan. Windows 7 x64 SP1 - Microsoft Security Essentials - CryptoPrevent v19.01.09.0
  24. And Windows Defender's on the list of incompatible AVs!!!
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