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  1. Doesn't work alongside Microsoft Security Essentials or Malwarebytes? Kaspersky has been on MY list of AVs that are more trouble than they're worth for a while, but this about puts the tin hat on it!
  2. It's not just Ebay where these "too good to be true" software deals are found. Similar "deals" turn up via unscrupulous market place sellers on Amazon. I'm sure Amazon make some effort to police this but heavily discounted third party offers for software are always suspect.
  3. The message has stopped appearing - perhaps a temporary glitch? I posted here to see if anybody else was experiencing the issue, but this section of the Malwarebytes forums doesn't seem to get much traffic, so who knows?
  4. It's annoying to keep getting a message to "Use your 30 day Premium Trial" when I'm already a subscriber. I have a Premium subscription via Google Play for my Android devices and a Lifetime Premium Malwarebytes Licence for Windows.
  5. I haven't seen this popup yet but I wouldn't have expected something like this on the Premium product, without a way to opt out.
  6. Glad to be positive when I can. I've got to say that I've dabbled with a lot of pieces of security software over the years, both paid and unpaid, and EVERY ONE OF THEM has had issues at one time or another. When you're dealing with a product that's intended to work in what is a fluid environment where each user will have a unique combination of hardware, operating system, software and user initiated configurations coupled with an ever changing army of threats, it's not surprising that glitches occur from time to time, and the team at Malwarebytes is usually able to resolve them quickly.
  7. Yes, my Malwarebytes Lifetime Premium licence has also updated without problem. I had taken the precaution some while ago of creating a Malwarebytes account and, with assistance from support, adding my licence to it.
  8. Thanks @AdvancedSetupfor enabling profile editing at last. I know this is a serious technical forum and not a social networking site (and it'll be a cold day in Hell before I join F###Book) but the ability to add a little personalisation 😺 is welcome. And good luck in your fight to keep spammers at bay.................
  9. I long ago stopped taking much notice of these antivirus rankings. I don't think they reflect what happens in the real world. I'd be much more concerned about having a good backup strategy in place than worrying about where my chosen antivirus / anti-malware ranks. I have faith in the Malwarebytes approach to computer security but also stick by the product because I've found the support through these forums and via support tickets to be first class.
  10. Sorry to tell you, but G2a.com are not vendors of legitimate Malwarebytes licences and in all likelihood your licence key is a cloned, pirated copy and will not continue to work.
  11. Yes, indeed, same for me, I removed the 67 items from the whitelist and rescanned after the latest update - no malware detected. False positive.......
  12. You might just look at this thread - the last database update seems to have falsely identified a lot of items as malicious on some phones - the next database update SHOULD remedy this, and it might be worth running a scan again to see if the warning you had was a false flag. If it was, it would be useful if you posted back here, otherwise I would make a new post in the Mobile Malware Removal Help & Support forum......... Bon courage,
  13. Great, thanks- no doubt they get to it after the weekend. I was beginning to wonder, now that I'm using a Chinese Leagoo phone alongside a Huawei 4G router, if I might have to ditch them and resort to carrier pigeon and slide rule for communication and calculation!
  14. Yes, as I posted in another thread, I've added the 67 supposedly infected files to the white list - and will test out the next Malwarebytes for Android malware database to see if it's been corrected, probably by moving just one of the items off the white list to see if it's still flagged as malware. Has anybody actually reported these false positives to support, in addition to posting here?
  15. I just started a topic in the Malwarebytes for Android section. I've got a Leaggo M8 Pro phone and suddenly had 67 similar supposed trojan found following the latest signature updates. Nothing identified until this latest update and I'm pretty sure they are false positives - they all seem to be original system files and there's been no updates to this phone for ages, so I don't expect anything's made its way onto the phone recently. I've whitelisted the files as I don't expect they are a real threat - unless someone knows differently?
  16. I've got a Leagoo M8 Pro (had it for 18 months) running Malwarebytes Premium. The last update, when scanning, suddenly reports 67 system apps as being infected with a trojan Trojan.spy.agent. Is this a case of false positives? I don't see any infections and have had no problems. Is this just because it's a Chinese phone?
  17. There's a very useful free app available from d7x Tech that can be helpful in taking the stress out of booting into Safe Mode - well worth a look. https://www.d7xtech.com/free-software/bootsafe/
  18. Sorry you've been scammed but I would have thought the price of 2.42€ would have raised some questions about it perhaps being genuine? Even if the key was successfully used to install the software, it was merely a clone of a genuine key and so Malwarebytes won't recognise it as legitimate.
  19. Click on the "reveal hidden content" link under "technical issues" in the post above, follow the guidance there and post the logs from the Support Tool. A technical expert may then be able to help you with your issue.
  20. Yes, Malwarebytes have been honourable in the way they've treated holders of Lifetime Licences and I thank them for it - I also wish that I'd bought a couple more when I had the chance. The only other vendor I can think of who has been equally honourable is d7xTech.com (formerly Foolish IT) with their CryptoPrevent, although there are several others who use the one-off purchase model rather than operating the subscription model and have pretty painless upgrade terms for existing customers when major software versions are released.
  21. I have a Premium subscription via Google Play which the Malwarebytes program shows as active, and Premium features are enabled. Nevertheless, I get regular notifications to start my free Premium Trial. All runs smoothly otherwise.......
  22. And if you have any difficulty registering your lifetime licence as I did, raise a support request from within the program and quote the email address you used, order number and other licence details and the kind techies will sort it out for you in no time - they did for me!
  23. Yes, Malwarebytes Premium is also shown as active when I select Premium Features from the app's menu - the subscription is shown as next renewed automaticslly in March 2020. I'm not seeing the prompt at the moment, so it may have been a temporary glitch.
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