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  1. I have the full version of Malwarebytes on Android. The database is now over 2 weeks out of date. The app shows a warning telling me I must update, but when I press the update button nothing happens. This has been the case for quite a few days now, is this a known issue?
  2. They've released a patch for this now, it is working for me. Load up Malwarebytes, it should get the latest database update straight away. Then you need to either restart the service, or quit Malwarebytes and start it again.
  3. As it isn't entirely clear in the image above, I have 32GB of memory on this machine and Malwarebytes was (incredibly!) using over 25GB of it. I've had to quit out, I can't run it right now as I need to be able to use my computer. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  4. I'm having the same issue, it just started today. I get the message: "Unable to contact license server. Check your network settings or contact your system administrator for help." Then the CPU and Memory Usage spike to very high levels and my PC basically becomes pretty much unusable until I kill the Malwarebytes service. I ran mb-clean, reinstalled and then got the same issue again nearly immediately. It should also be stated that Malwarebytes is not scanning or anything at this point, so there is no explanation for the enormous CPU usage.
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