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  1. great thanks should i delete it from quanentine the same file path is there so i don't think it will cause any problems with the game by doing this and restoring it might cause two of them
  2. ahh it doesn't allow an exe extention I tried mediafire as an alternative http://www.mediafire.com/file/gc8tzrp12rs366u/fm.exe/file
  3. file is too large (the location is what launches the game)
  4. ok whats the process for zipping then attaching it after rebooting? not sure how to do it
  5. i assume there is no dnager of unquarentining the file?
  6. so i just got this and i think its a false postive i'm 99% certain it was triggere by the game trying to update itself i noticed the game updating itself the game updating just after i got this message
  7. I Just heard about this malware it sounds scary I like to know if and Mbam protects against this ad if so how?
  8. hello loading up mbam today i got an renewal offer and wanted to be certain its genuine(i cant see why it would not be)
  9. Any idea if they’ll send an email telling me it will soon auto-renew along with how long for and the price? Or would it only be for those who haven’t got auto-renew I’m going to wait until a couple of weeks before it renews and decide whether to cancel auto-renew I should be able to buy a new 2 year licence with the same account (again according to the lady I chatted to)
  10. According to lady I chatted to it will renew for 2 years at can’t remeber how much it will be but I think it will be the current price for 2 years for 5 devices £122.48 in the end if it does turn out to be a year would be about £70 so it would be a difference of about £18 ( assuming it cost another £70 next year)so not a disater I may double check closer to the expiry date
  11. I bought a new 2 year licence which will expire in about a month when it renews will it be for one or two years? also how much will i be charged
  12. Hello I have about 6 months left on my current 2 year subscription I’d like to know if I can purchase a fresh 2 year licence with my current account via this page https://www.malwarebytes.com/pricing/. Or would have to create a new account with a different e-mail? Also can I turn off auto-renew when purchasing a licence?
  13. i just updated about 20-30 mins ago no problems so far
  14. hi is there any plans to release Mabm on the U.K apple store? https://www.malwarebytes.com/ios/ if so is there a release date?
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