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  1. Cannot update

    Just to add that I've just opened a support ticket for what seems to be exactly the same problem with Malwarebytes for Android Premium on my stock Google Nexus 7 2013 with Marshmallow. I do not have the same problem on my LEAGOO M8 Pro, which also runs Marshmallow.
  2. Been running for over a week now since changing the properties of the service to Automatic (Delayed Start) and no new errors. So seems a good temporary work around until a permanent fix is added to Malwarebytes.
  3. I had also suffered also occasional DDA driver warnings and started a thread - was similarly advised to change the Malwarebytes Service startup type and so far that seems to have solved my problem.
  4. Hi @nikhils Thanks for your response - all seems fine with Malwarebytes 3.4.5 otherwise; I'll look forward to a fix eventually but will leave the service to Automatic (Delayed Start) as you suggest until then.
  5. Rebooted after the scan finished (with no threats detected) and Malwarebytes tray icon loaded without displaying any errors and I could open Malwarebytes normally from the icon. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64x MB Premium 3.4.5 Microsoft Security Essentials CryptoPrevent Premium Casper 10.1 Backup and Tweaking.com Registry Backup 3.5.3
  6. On reboot, after changing the Malwarebytes Service back to Automatic (Delayed Start), Malwarebytes loaded normally and commenced a Threat Scan off its own bat, presumably because of the reported DDA Driver error. If it's anything like the numerous times it's done this in the past, there'll be no malware found but I'll add to the thread should that not be the case. So, Malwarebytes 3.4.5 does not of itself solve the problem for me of the failure to load the DDA Driver at startup - I'll leave the Malwarebytes Service back to Automatic (Delayed Start) and see if that helps. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64x MB Premium 3.4.5 Microsoft Security Essentials CryptoPrevent Premium Casper 10.1 Backup and Tweaking.com Registry Backup 3.5.3
  7. @nikhils Same problem as with my first post - on first boot this afternoon, DDA Driver not loading and Web Protection is OFF. I've run the support tool and attach the logs but I'm now going to change the Malwarebytes Service back to Automatic (Delayed Start) as per your earlier suggestion and reboot - I'll see if that makes any difference. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Thanks, the language itself is not a problem, just the fact that the date format is linked to the language and therefore scan schedules and reports show up the US format rather than the standard dd/mm/yyyy used by UK, Australian and many other users. I don't think the option to install in English UK is available 😉 but I wouldn't expect that, just to maintain the date format set, eventually......
  9. @nikhils Just to let you know - I've just installed the update 3.4.5 version of Malwarebytes Premium today and the Malwarebytes Service has reverted to Automatic, from Automatic (Delayed Start). I'll leave it on Automatic and see whether my problems reoccur after running 3.4.5 for a bit. @bdubrow I know it's a low priority for you, but language settings are still not carried forward with version 3.4.5
  10. Hi @nikhils Thanks for sticking with it. I followed your instructions and, on reboot, the Malwarebytes Tray Icon appeared in the System Tray after some delay without showing any error messages, and I was able to open Malwarebytes from the Tray Icon without problem. I'll let you know if I run into problems again. If changing the "Malwarebytes Service" (MBAMService) to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" solves my problems, will I need repeat this measure if I need to re-install or clean-install, or will these changed settings hold? Thanks again.
  11. And just got the DDA Driver failure to load again on rebooting. Attached a new set of logs in case they help. mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. @nikhils OK, I followed your advice to delay RTP by 180 seconds - had no problems with that except that the system tray icon would display an error message on startup showing that Web Protection was off, which would eventually clear without intervention. Things ran without problem until the last couple of days when MB appeared to slow up somewhat and then stalled part way through a scan when scanning items in memory. On rebooting, and trying to open MB, I got the DDA drive failure message again. I ran the new Malwarebytes Report Tool to provide diagnostic data (attached) and then used the same tool to run a Clean Install (log attached). After the re-installation, MB seems to be running smoothly again apart from the delay in the tray icon reporting an error for a while if RTP is delayed in settings and a Threat Scan ran without problems (log attached) . This isn't the first time I've had to perform a clean install to get things up and running correctly - I've done it quite often - I'm eagerly awaiting the next iteration of Malwarebytes to see if that will resolve the problems completely. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64x MB Premium 3.4.4 Microsoft Security Essentials CryptoPrevent Premium Casper 10.1 Backup mbst-grab-results.zip mb-clean-results.txt Latest MB Scan.txt
  13. CryptoPrevent is now on version 8, so I would suggest that the OP needs to update that at some stage. I run it alongside Malwarebytes Premium on Windows 7 without any difficulties.
  14. ANSWERED Right Click Scan Turned Off

    @khanmein Perhaps you would be best starting your own thread and posting the requested logs - it would then be much easier for the experts here to help you, as you seem to have a few issues judging by the posts you have made.
  15. Hi @nikhils Thanks for that - I've set the RTP delay as you advised.