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  1. TempLost

    Malwarebytes Keeps Breaking Itself

    Also, it's important to note that the support tool contains its own dedicated uninstaller for Malwarebytes and it's advised that it be run in preference to the Windows Uninstaller. The former is far more thorough.
  2. TempLost

    How do you take care of repack?

    Thanks for that insight - always fascinating to know what goes on behind the scenes. 😉
  3. TempLost

    How do you take care of repack?

    I would have thought the best defence against installing a "repack" of a Malwarebytes product would be to ensure one only buys / downloads from the official Malwarebytes site. Or am I missing something?
  4. TempLost

    Component Package Beta (1.0.505)

    Been working fine for me on Windows 7 64x. No issues noted as yet.
  5. Yes, I think you're right. As a Brit living in France, I use the 24 hour clock now and have used the YYYY-MM-DD format for years computer work to ensure easy file sorting. The UK, as in all things (eg Brexit!), wants to go its own way and mostly doesn't use the 24 hour clock day-to-day but still prefers am/pm.
  6. TempLost

    What exactly Malware Bytes do?

    Hear, hear @exile360. I echo your sentiments and applaud your patience and restraint.
  7. Right, I'll revert to Delayed Start for the Malwarebytes process and see how it goes - I'll re-post if the problem reoccurs or after a week or so if the change seems to have provided a fix.
  8. Hi Becky Haven't had this problem with modules not starting for ages - would changing the Malwarebytes Service from Automatic to Delayed Start be likely to help? I ask because I was running the service in that mode when I had sporadic problems with the DDA driver not loading correctly in earlier versions and it solved that issue. I reverted to Automatic in recent versions because the DDA issue was resolved and Delayed Start was no longer necessary.
  9. Everything has been running well since I installed the beta Component Package 1.0.482, including the disappearance of the "silent crash" on shutdown in Windows 7. However today, when Malwarebytes started, the Web Protection was disabled and I was unable to switch that module back on. Closing and restarting Malwarebytes resolved the issue. I attach the Support Tool logs in case they provide any useful information. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. The new Component Package Beta (1.0.482) seems to have resolved this issue for me on Windows Home Premium SP1 64x. Have rebooted a few times without the error showing in Reliability Monitor.
  11. TempLost

    How do I follow a forum?

    Great - thanks both of you for your help, Iain
  12. TempLost

    How do I follow a forum?

    Ah, simple as that! I clicked on that button but couldn't find anywhere in my profile that indicated I was actually subscribed to any forums after doing so,, so didn't think it was working - we'll see what happens - thanks for your help. Iain
  13. I'd like to be alerted to new posts in the Malwarebytes 3 Beta forum so that I can get a heads up when new versions are available, but I don't seem to be able to do it. There is a "follow" button but it only seems to show who is following the forum, but with no option to instigate it for me. It would be useful to see the betas and changes / improvements made when they become available rather than waiting for the beta to show up on the application in its own good time. I do have the option selected in MB to offer beta updates.
  14. Is your system time set by you entering the value directly or is it set to receive it from the network? Might be interesting to see know.
  15. I've been seeing this for a bit and have reported it - my understanding is that the error, while naturally disturbing, has no effect on Malwarebytes protection performance as it only happens on shutdown.

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