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  1. Good morning all. Long time, no post, but that's mainly because Malwarebytes continues to perform well (not that it's put to the test often, thankfully). I too am seeing the error reported in this thread in Reliability Monitor on my aged ThinkPad T450s running Windows 10 Pro. Just in case it helps in resolving the issue, I attach my MBST Support Tool results. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Thanks @Pierre75 - good to know I'm not on my own. I'm British but have lived in France for nearly 14 years, although my grasp of the French language is less than it should be! Stay safe.......
  3. I don't know Steve, but I too wish him well - we seem to have been fitted with our modules about the same time. Don't remember much about it - I was still complaining about my looks when they were handing the brains out🤣
  4. Thanks for the reassuring words - I wish could get an update for my hard-wired 1940s vintage anxiety module! 😱
  5. Hi Maurice, So I understand. I presume that Microsoft will eventually provide an update or a driver that will facilitate the move to the 2004 Feature Update on my ThinkPad but I guess there's no guarantee of that - if I remember correctly, Lenovo doesn't even admit to testing 1909 with the ThinkPad T450s. I was a Windows 7 user before this move to W 10 on a refurbished laptop and the whole Features Update and 'Windows as a service' scenario is somewhat daunting. What exactly is meant by Service Life? Does 1909 get limited security updates after May 2021? Thanks Advanced Setup as well for the link. Interesting, if confusing reading. I'm right up to date with drivers, I think, as I regularly check out Windows Update, Lenovo driver downloads and Intel also. As I said earlier, I'm in no rush to move on from 1909 but am interested to know what's blocking 2004 being offered. Iain
  6. Have been running the latest Beta and component updates on Windows 10 Pro 1909 with no discernable problems. Windows Update tells me that W10 2004 is not yet ready for my ThinkPad T450s(!), but I plan on keeping my head below the parapet for at least 90 days anyway before I venture to update. Thanks again to the team for a great product.
  7. And I thought one of the benefits of a divorce was to put all the bitterness behind you so you could get on with your life? Evidently not..........
  8. I've recently bought a Samsung Galaxy A40 (Android 10) and installed Malwarebytes Premium All runs as expected except that, under Non-critical Issues, Malwarebytes wants me to set up Background Exclusion. When I click on the displayed 'Set up Background exclusion', I'm taken to the 'Optimise Battery usage' page, where the option is already switched on. Any ideas about what I should do to get rid of this warning? Thanks as always, Iain
  9. Great - I'm sure someone will be along to help you soon - hope your problem is resolved quickly.
  10. Please download and run the Support Tool as indicated in post # 2, then upload the zip file generated so that one of the experts on this forum can help you.
  11. As a long-time user, I would certainly recommend you try it again. Like any other constantly and rapidly evolving software, especially security software, there is the inevitable possibility that problems of incompatibility may arise, but these are normally resolved quickly. I use the latest version of Malwarebytes 4 Premium alongside Windows Defender with the current release (1909) of Windows 10 Pro and am confident that this combination gives me a high level of security.
  12. A further update:- I spooke too soon and the incidents of dropped wireless signal reappeared but I haven't had the opportunity to do any further testing. I was pretty sure that I was wrong in suspecting that Malwarebytes might be the cause and came across this link on the Lenovo site with some suggestions for resolving the problem - https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/solutions/ht502846 Method 7, Disabling 802.11n Mode from 11n/ac to 11ac for the Wireless Adapterseems to have done the trick and no more dropouts have occured since I made that change. Just in case it helps anyone else...............
  13. If the butcher says he's updating his prices, I would not necessarily deduce that the baker is doing the same. Apples & oranges (oh, no, that'd be the greengrocer😂).
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