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  1. I think that's something you'd need to take up with Kaseya, unfortunately.
  2. Not familiar with the software myself but this link might explain what's going on. https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115009346587-KAM-uses-MBAM-1-8-not-the-latest-3-0
  3. I don't expect my Lifetime Licence to die. I bought it legitimately from Malwarebytes 6 years ago, kept a PDF copy of my Clever bridge receipt along with the emails, kept a record of the activation codes in my KeePass database......... I honestly don't subscribe to the hysteria that Malwarebytes would renage on their promise that Lifetime Licences will be honoured. And, as with any other valuable purchase, it's surely prudent to retain the appropriate records?
  4. Thanks @Porthos I thought that was the right setting but was starting to doubt myself!
  5. Just some advice, please! I'm in the process of readying a newly purchased, refurbished, Thinkpad T450s with Windows 10 Pro x64 for eventual use as my main computer, after I've transferred all my old files over from my old Windows 7 Home laptop. The main security software on the existing laptop is Malwarebytes Premium alongside Microsoft Security Essentials, supplemented by MB BrowserGuard with Firefox. I'll be transferring my existing Malwarebytes licence over to the ThinkPad (I'm happy that I understand the process for doing that) and mainly (happily) relying on Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Premium for security on the ThinkPad. .What I don't completely understand (because I have yet to get to grips fully with the unwieldy beast that is the GUI for Windows 10) is how I ensure that Defender remains active alongside Malwarebytes. I read that Defender would turn itself off by default - should I register Malwarebytes with the Security Centre or not? I'm thought I understood all this once but advancing years and a few days of wrestling with Windows 10 may have driven it from my brain!
  6. Yes, just done a clean and reinstallation with MBSTas was my next plan and, apart from having to reset my preferences, all seems OK. Just one of those things, I guess 🙄. Thanks for sharing your experience. If I get any further issues, I'll add to the thread.
  7. Having installed MB 4 Premium on my Windows 7 64 x laptop yesterday and report ing that I had no problems, on starting up my laptop decide to go through an organised (no BSOD) shutdown and reboot 3 times today. The only message I saw was a brief dialog box which said something to the effect that Malwarebytes could not be installed on my PC. But starting it again from the desktop icon, it (v 4.0.4) seems to have loaded and be running normally. I attach the MBST logs and intend doing a clean uninstall and reinstall using the MBST when I've got time later today. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. I'd definitely upgrade - I too have been running the Beta version for a little while and now have the latest general release installed. All seems good.
  9. I don't disagree and there is a middle ground - and I think that, generally, Malwarebytes strikes that reasonable balance. I occasionally use a respected piece of software designed to run selected repairs on Windows to resolve problems caused by corrupted files, user errors, malware damage etc. (not one of the 'snake oil' fix-all registry manglers!) but this software uses an unappealing and somewhat confusing GUI invoking the days of Windows 95 and I'm sure it would have a much wider customer base if the GUI were updated. But instead, consumers are seduced by the slicker GUIs of the registry cleaner brigade.
  10. Well, I'm sure he was trying his best but I won't miss Zero, that's for sure! Thanks for the updates. And thanks again to the team for a great piece of software.
  11. I'm not interested in different skins - just want a clean, uncluttered, professional appearance. After setup, I just want Malwarebytes Premium to get on with doing the admirable job that it does quietly and without fuss, warn me of any issues and allow me intervene when necessary with easy to understand dialogues. On the odd occasion when I have to delve deeper, I want the submenus to be easy to navigate.
  12. No problem - thanks for letting me know. Additionally, and as I've commented elsewhere, I'm not a huge fan of the design of the GUI but that's very much a subjective thing and I'm sure I'll get used to it!
  13. Just a small point on the GUI - was checking out the Protected Apps and noticed that the names of some of the apps, notably where the name started with a letter that started with a vertical stroke (as F or M) were displayed very faintly on the left-hand edge - see image below. mbst-grab-results.zip
  14. Glad the logs helped - I'll keep an eye out for any other problems but all seems good so far.
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