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  1. This seems to have resolved itself.
  2. Is this a known issue? No one else seems to be reporting it. It checks for updates & doesn't find any.
  3. The "pause" is now showing up on my home screen pull down menu, so HOPEFULLY this is resolved. Now to find out if that is the cause of the audio issues. Thanks to all.
  4. ""Pause RTP for 30 minutes"" os not appearing in mbam: settings/notifications & I have enabled the Malwarebytes RTP notification icon and also check the box to "Allow Pause Notification". Here's my complete list of options under Settings/Notifications: (all with check boxes) Scan Result: checked RTP Notification: checked RTP Icon: Checked Database Updates: Checked Issues: Checked Call Blocker: Grayed Out Allow RTP Pausing From Notification: Checked Under about: App version
  5. Thanks to all for the reply's. I assume by settings/notifications you're referring to the Android system settings? Or are you referring tho the Mbam menu? On the screen that shows what the phone is doing in the background (swipe down on the home screen) there are always between 1-3 MBAM notices. I've never noticed one that specifically says, "Pause RTP for 30 minutes".; but when I have time tonight I will definitely look at this & post back. Thx again, & I hope it's resolvable.
  6. Thanks. Unfortunately, "Force Stop" (under Settings/Apps) is still grayed out after I checked "Allow RTP pausing, from notification". I tried rebooting; still the same result.
  7. I have an LG V20. "Security Software" MDF2.0 R4 "Software" H91810U Android 7.0 Patch 5/1/18 (the most current available for this T-mobile locked version) No other security software other than MBAM & the system provided MDF 2.0 R4 (whatever that is). My issue is: the V20 has a very advanced 32 bit music player. It tends to glitch occasionally, even if I & the phone are stationary. I've done quite a bit of troubleshooting (changed out headphones, headphones cables, turned off a bunch of apps to free up ram (I usually have between 1.3 gb - 2.6 gb free), etc; with some success, but the problem isn't totally gone. About the only thing I haven't been able to try is suspending MBAM. The stop App button is grayed out. Is there any way to temporarily suspend it from running (& then of course to be able to restart it) to see if MBAM is the cause, as 1 i.t. specialist I know who owns the same phone said was likely the cause? It seems the only major ram users I am unable to temporarily turn off are MBAM, the main Google App, & Settings. I am using internal storage for the music files (total storage is 64 gb; I still have around 17 gb open at the moment); the same i.t. person said that should actually have less of this issue than using a smart card. All of that said, I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to phones.
  8. Thank you for clarifying. I am experiencing the same, I won't worry about it.
  9. Thx! I've also thought of "format c"; but during a move I lost one of the activation keys that came with the 2 machines, & am not sure which machine's key I still have............
  10. Oops............. I hope it's on your radar; I've been procrastinating about switching from MS to Linux for several years. I do not like Win 10 at all; & my understanding is that soon it will be a cloud subscription program. I have really found MBAM to be useful. Will MBAM run with Wine (Windows Emulator) on Linux?
  11. Thank you! I was also guessing Windows got corrupted, but then when I shut down all security the problems went away; which is why I reached out here. I'm still suspecting a corrupt OS; but this is getting somewhat over my head (months ago, for the first time in my life I paid a shop a small amount to diagnose it, & they couldn't figure it out either!). I will also try to do a quick visual of the hardware; but it will be quick. I was hoping that getting 1803 fully installed would fix the issue (yeah, right!) I guess one option would be replace the bad dvd drive, boot with a Linux iso & then run scans & see if there are any crashes. Does that make sense to you?
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