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  1. I this likely a fake positive? That's my guess. It's a partition formatting program. Thanks!
  2. I have got to do this. Thx so much to all.
  3. I need to try this. Will I need to devote a significant amount of time to set up or learning curve?
  4. I need to look at that! I've still got the issue of lots of software that probably won't run on 10, & my high knowledge level of XP & earlier OS's; but nonetheless I need to look at Open Shell/Classic Shell
  5. Thank you! I have one Win 10 box, but I rarely use it as I dislike 8 & 10. 7 would have been ok, except I was one of the people who constantly got hit with the Windows Update doesn't work" bug on 7. Someday I'll have time to switch to Linux.......... My fantasy is the XP gui with Win 10 under the hood (Good luck). (-: If BG ever becomes approved for Android, I'd love knowing that.
  6. I am an airhead. I am already running FF 52.9. No idea why I thought I was running 36.
  7. Thank you for the information. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks also to MBAM for not auto downloading an update that may have broken my OS, much appreciated!
  8. As far as FF & XP, 36 is the last version. As far as MBAM & XP, I hadn't heard anything about incompatibilities. I've taken all updates that were offered to me with no issue. Currently running Are you saying there are neweerr versions that haven't been offered due to running XP?
  9. The other part of my question is what is the earliest version of Firefox on a pc that BG will work with. Will it run on FF36 on XP?
  10. No, I haven't tried it on Android. Wanted to make sure it wouldn't harm anything due to incompatibilities first. Thx for the answer!
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