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version 4.2.82 component package 1.0.1015


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Pretty much same as both citations above.   Went thru 2 sets of update-setup  and what seemed like  a restart after each & then one more after that.

Something is a bit off the normal expectation.   There was one instance of the "unable to start service / unable to connect".

I noticed early on in the first manual "Check for Updates" run , when that was underay, the popup of the mini-message-window for new version.

Version   / component 1.0.15   running at this time.

If I may, I would encourage more internal testing with real actual hardware machines.

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So, laptop that was in sleep mode in my bag for last 3 days has updated to component 1015, but not the program to the new Beta.

The desktop had to go through 2 updates, and it received 1 normal Windows 10 style notification for an update, and then a second message in the middle of the screen also notifying for an update.

Desktop updated once, then updated again, and restarted itself, and finally is on component 1015, as well.

Although both machines have Beta versions enabled, both versions are still on app ver (desktop never goes to sleep, only gets rebooted here and there).

I'm going to use the clean tool to test something else that a friend of mine is experiencing wrt bandwidth issues, and then I'll clean install MB on both machines again and see what I get.


Just now saw the update from Erix.  So understandable now why it's not on Beta.

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Only had 2 "update" cycles, friend of mine had 4.  Had the toast popup twice.  Seemed to install ok, but I did a system restart just to be sure.... I have it playing in tandem with Defender and wanted to make sure it still would.  Ran scans, all seems ok.

Is there any advice from MBAM as to what to do, if anything, if you've already updated to 4.2?

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