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  1. PS. Please everybody, do not go on Google or any search engine of another kind, looking for real Malwarebytes Support. All too often, that is how people fall into a scam. The real Support portal starts at https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us The spot to start a Support ticket is https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  2. Just some other tidbits. I do hope that the way you initially created the Support ticket was thru the online Support portal. Once you have created a Ticket, the system will send a confirmation email to you, with the Subjcet line Malwarebytes Support Ticket ( with a 7 digit number( That 7-digit number is the Ticket numver. The from is support@mail1.malwarebytes.com From that point on, just follow the directions provided you, and make 1 reply as appropriate. and then await the next response. Have patience. I hope this helps you ( as well as other readers) about
  3. Howdy. Added bits, remarks. No, do not attempt to use any "compatibility mode". It will make things quirky / it is not needed / undesirable / actually makes things worse for the Malwarebytes program. Find the Malwarebytes icon on your desktop and right click on it with your mouse > select "Properties" > then click on the "Compatibility" tab. Make sure that the box beside "run this program in compatibility mode for..." is left blank. Click OK when done. . IF you created a recent Support Ticket, stick with that. Do not try to do anything special with email.
  4. Hello. As to this last mention of Windows Update, I will be recommending that you seek assitance at Sysmative.com Forum. Just hold on, until later. Question that you should answer when you make your next reply. Was this computer always your own? Has your system ever been used at a comapny or organozation ? possibly one that had IT Support ? If the latter, it may be that the Support organization had Windows policies so that the computer ( as a endpoint device) had limited access ( by design ) to the Windows Defender GUI. . At this point, I would ask that you revi
  5. OK. Thank you. These settings look OK. I do not see here something that prevents the GUI of the Windows Settings that affects the current issue. The issue is "why" the full display does not show on Windows Security / Virus & threat protection. However, that aside, the Windows defender service IS running. You should also be able to run a manual on-demand scan of Windows Defender antivirus by using Powershell. Start a Elevated Powershell command prompt-window. On the Windows taskbar, on the Search box, type in powershell Wait and look for the resul
  6. Let's see if you can do this and get a good screen-shot of the result. Copy and Paste this into a Command Prompt powershell get-mppreference Press Enter-key Iy takes a few seconds and then there should be a screen full of information. Can you grab a picture ?
  7. Tell me please. Normally, do you use the regular Command prompt ? ( or is yours set to use Powershell ? BUT I tell you that the screenshot you relayed of the Command prompt run "looked" like it worked. Tell me, which are you most familiar with, Command prompt ? or Powershell ?
  8. It does look to me that the special run has completed. Look real good on the Desktop for the file myprefs.txt That is the one we need to see.
  9. Give this a try ( assuming that your Windows 10 Settings are the normal default) to get to a ELEVATED Command Prompt To Get the elevated command prompt, press Windows-key + X key and then selected Command prompt ( Admin )
  10. Thanks for the reports. Just hold on. I now think it is a situation of a registry value that is specific to Microsoft Defender that effectively prevents the dis[lay. Just hold on with me here. I would very much like to gather a different report about the Defender preference, by using a Elevated Command prompt. What follows is a first step to have Windows 10 show all files and folder. Do not let this spook you out. There is a how-to at Tenforums. Use either option one or two or three https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/7078-turn-off-show-all-folders-windows-10-navigation
  11. Hello. I have to say, that the situation here seems odd. Let us collect 2 different reports. [ 1 ] Please download RogueKiller (x64) using the link below. → http://download.adlice.com/api?action=download&app=roguekiller&type=x64 Save the file first, Close any running programs that you started on your own ( if any). Please disconnect any USB or external drives from the computer before you run this scan! Double-click RogueKillerx64.exe to run the program. Follow the prompts. If a browser window opens, close the window. In th
  12. Thank you for the Fixlog. That run is a good run. Now then, please go real slow and let's not rush. Take your time. First, when Windows restarts, it takes time before all is loaded. And then, normally, it is not expected to have a visual notice about Microsoft Defender antivirus service. On the window titled "seguranca do windows" ( which in English means Windows Security ) you should click on the button that is marked "Abrir a seguranca do windows" and after that, see the new display on the window that follows.
  13. You inquired Answer, No. As to There is no need to rush to do any of that. Adwcleaner you may keep and use on-demand to check for adwares. It is not a "installed" program. It is free-standing executable program to find adwares & P U P ( potentially unwanted programs). It is free to use, It's presence does not conflict. Malwarebytes for Windows is very handy. I suggest you keep it installed. I would just suggest one adjustment. Start Malwarebytes. Click Settings ( gear ) icon. Next, lets make real sure that Malwarebytes does NOT register with Windows
  14. also, how to do a Windows Defender Offline scan Help protect my PC with Microsoft Defender Offline
  15. Hello. To add a bit more. This link is to an article at Tenforums on the many ways to do scans with the Windows 10 Windows Defender ( a.k.a. Microsoft Defender Antivirus). That includes how to do a right-click-context scan when in Windows File Explorer. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/84796-how-scan-windows-defender-antivirus-windows-10-a.html Cheers.
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