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  1. @snelly66 When you are selecting the rootkit scan option, use CLICK action to set that to on. ( dont use the slide action).
  2. Hi Deucy14,. I understand that the matter relates to a licensing issue. Please know that this community, this forum cannot assist with that. The thing to do is to have a help ticket with our Support Please go to this link https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/contactsupport/pages/home-support Provide the detail and submit the ticket. Sincerely,
  3. Hi, You indicate that Windows 7 is hanging. See about uninstalling KB4493472 then see if things return to normal..
  4. p.s. I am showing Update package version 1.0.10112
  5. Just as an aside, I am not getting any block on the main front page pcmag.com Be real sure that you do a Update run on the Dashboard screen of Malwarebytes. Be very sure it is all up to date. If you still get a block notice, close all web browsers, then Exit out of Malwarebytes. Restart it after a bit, then restart the browser. My understanding is that there was a false positive in the past day or so; but should have been cleared up via a database update. If you still get a block notice, it would be great to have the full URL link. Thanks,
  6. Welcome aboard. Do you by chance have a specific link at CNN where this happens , or even a different site. a Link would help. as would running the report mentioned by the auto-responder ( above). Cheers,
  7. On the completion of a scheduled scan run, there is a small notification on the Windows notification area & that will auto-close itself after a few seconds. ( that is shown in the preceding post). From the description saying "in the middle of the main" screen, I would imagine it is likely to be one like this here. This may appear when Malwarebytes is manually started & the last operation was the scheduled Scan job. In that situation, to exit the info-display, just press the Close X area ( in blue highlight in this sample) to go ahead with what you need to do in the program.
  8. Welcome aboard, Jaclyn, Since you did manage to make this thread-post, I am presuming what is involved is not about the forum login. You did mention something about "account". ( Just please do not mention your actual account information or keys, or email address as we go along, here.). It would help to know just what the Email message was providing as the "login link". My guess would be that this relates to the Malwarebytes MyAccount portal. That "MyAccount" sign-in would need you to provide the Email address you used when making your Malwarebytes license subscription. ( I am presuming you have a Premium subscription). In addition, you need to use the password you would have set at purchase time. If you do not recall it, you can request a password reset Email. ( there is a blue link for that purpose on the page). This is the login link to the MyAccount front page This article gives a overall summary of what you can do on MyAccount, Manage subscriptions in My Account This article is in case you need a password reset, Forgot password for My Account
  9. Hello, Have you entered the Premium license on the Android device ? see the help article Activate Malwarebytes Premium on Andoid device
  10. Good morning. Greetings. Just wanted to comment on the MS article. It appears to be for the enterprise / corporate environments that have Microsoft 365 Security "portfolio" & or Microsoft Intune and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. and those business entities who opt in via the TVM preview. plus some other clues ( in the MS article) that this is for the enterprise "Extending support for our endpoint protection platform" There are several references to "endpoints". At least, the Engadget artilce did mention "business" and "IT admins" by way of describing the audience. All this is just to say, it's not applicable to everyday Mac home customers.
  11. @pops6927 which web browser is this ON? Please press and hold the CTRL key on keyboard & then tap W key That will close the tab-window. Repeat as many times as needed. You just need to check the Preferences on that web browser Settings section, to reset the Start page etc on it. In the meantime, you can use a different web browser. Q: Did you attempt some kind of internet speed test?
  12. You do have a support ticket. Please stick with that. Thank you.
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