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  1. I have created a helpdesk ticket for you. Please check your P M message here, as well as 2 emails sent to your personal email. I am marking this thread for closure, since this case needs deeper review & help. Sincerely.
  2. To your last point & as you likely know, business licensees have a entirely different product version than do home users. As far as home users with the regular Malwarebytes 3, the only places one sees mb3-setup-consumer- CU3.exe, mb3-setup-consumer- CU3 Feb24.exe , are here and only by virtue of seeing the Preview announcements here & then pulling down those. The names are strictly only for the Previews. The one marked with FEB24 being the most recent preview. When the release version is finalized, ( a) it will be announced here on the forum, (b) if you do not take any action to get any of these or when a newer update component package is finally approved for release, it would eventually be updated onto your machine along with a normal update run. (c) when we have a finalized release for a new build, that will be announced on this forum. I hope that clarifies things a bit. The 2 files with the "CU" in their names are previews for the consumer side. Business licensed version for those using Malwarebytes for business are a separate product, current version 1.80 If you use Malwabytes in business setting, please see check the business section I hope that helps. If you have a 3.0x version on your personal system, kindly provide me a summary of what is going on & what needs help, and run & provide this report. This tool will collect some information on the installation of Malwarebytes and create a report I need to review: Download mbam-check.exe and save it to your desktop from this link On Vista/Windows 7, 8, 10, Right-click on *mbam-check-* & select Run as Administrator & allow to Run when prompted by User Account Control. Reply YES when prompted to allow it to proceed. Do have patience while the tool runs. It may take a while, and will flash a command prompt window. It should then create a log file mb-CheckResult.txt on the DESKTOP You should attach the *mb-CheckResult.txt* file located on _*your desktop*_ so that I can review.
  3. Robert, Glad to know of your success. I'll go ahead and close this thread
  4. Thanks for sending the log. Please let me know whether you now have a good setup/install ? When you start Malwabytes, do you see on the Dashboard, a good overall status? Click Settings >> click About Tab. Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.75 Please do one adjustment in Malwarebytes. Click *Settings*. Click *Protection* tab & scroll down to *Scan options.* Be sure *Scan within archives* is set to OFF. Let me know if you need other help.
  5. Regarding licenses, do check your email. I sent you a message. ( just reply to it when you have the chance). Cheers
  6. Syrob. You won't lose any license rights. Lets handle that on the Helpdesk. Wait a few minutes and I will send you a message from there. Let me know if this machine is all set & good to go. Once that is done, we need to Close this thread.
  7. OK. Thanks. Just let me know after you finish the rest.
  8. Yes, if you wish. But if that runs into a hitch, just do all of the rest.
  9. ok. sorry for all the trouble. Pete's right, there were some extra characters in the link ( quite hard to spot)
  10. Closing this thread. OP has a brand new clean uninstall / re-install underway.
  11. Then, in that case. this needs a clean tool uninstall & then re-install. what you have now is a carry over from the old setup ( you did a install over the top of pre-existing). First, open Malwarebytes. Click My Account. Write down License key (s). Then click DEACTIVATE. Close the window. Use Control Panel & do a normal Uninstall for Malwarebytes. Next Next, download and save this cleanup tool from this link to either the Desktop or to the Downloads folder first Click the DOWNLOAD button and then save the file. Once saved, you will see a file named You then need to extract the content ( unzip) If you are unsure how to extract the contents of the .zip folder, please see this tutorial from Microsoft: You may double click on mb-clean.exe to start it. You will see a prompt by Windows control & you will see it is from Malwarebytes. Please click Yes to allow it to proceed and have it run. This will cleanup any old installation of Malwarebytes. When done, please use the Windows Start menu and do a Restart. Next, find where you saved the FEB24 setup file. Run the setup. Accept the EULA by selecting the choice & take all other default settings. After the setup has finsihed, do one Update run by clicking the circle icon on the far right pane of the Dashboard display ( Scan status area on far right) Then next click ACTIVATE on top bar and enter the License key (s) p.s. The mb-clean tool will generate a log file named mb-cleanresult.txt in the same location from which the tool was executed. Please locate this log and attach in your reply.
  12. Thanks for the report. It looks fine. Did you look at the Dashboard and did it have a green check showing, Your're protected ? you will see the following under Version Information on the About screen: Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.75 To access this information, launch Malwarebytes and go to *Settings* and click the *About* tab. The component details are located under the *Version Information*. TIP, Please do one adjustment in Malwarebytes. Click *Settings*. Click *Protection* tab & scroll down to *Scan options.* Be sure *Scan within archives* is set to OFF. I do see you had a old help ticket on our Helpdesk. are you ready to close that ticket ? ( assuming this is the same machine )