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  1. Easy one first. DXDIAG attached. If I could simply resize vertically that would solve it. MBAM is not respecting space already allocated. DxDiag.txt
  2. MBAM UI sizing is too large and not vertically resizable. The bottom of the UI is cutoff by the taskbar and not visible. I have to use 150% scaling due to eyesight issues. MBAM 4.9 is not like this. Windows 22631.3155. Attached- with and without taskbar active.
  3. Me, too, to all of the above. AND it's also blocking gmail, and MSN News.
  4. latest 4.5.5 out today seems to be a bit confused! 😁 How can I be protected and not and do a great job but be careful? 🤣 Maybe just late in the day and my eyes are tired.
  5. I wasn't quite sure what to title this, so change as you wish. On the "About" page, the center column and data has a header of "Update Package Version". Time and again, for years now, I and others have had to explain to users and other members of the Forum I am on (Tenforums.com) that this is the Definitions Package, not a software package update. If the heading could be changed to Definitions Package Version or similar, it would eliminate the confusion. An example that just happened recently. _____________________________________________________________________ New updated MBAM ....just got it The component package did change in this example and triggered a restart. But the Update package version was thought to be the cause. Thanks for considering.
  6. FWIW... now on CP 1.0.1119 (Beta), and Pen Testing is still on separate tab inside Advanced.
  7. https://www.tenforums.com/antivirus-firewalls-system-security/4469-latest-version-malwarebytes-post2084207.html#post2084207
  8. Mine is here: Not here: 4.2.3 Beta I and others have this. Still others have it on main Settings screen. 😕
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