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  1. Staff said yesterday that by Monday they would have reviewed the Zip files from all of us, and have some answers. It's a weekend. Now be patient and wait for the results. Running the "download" does not in itself fix anything, just an info gathering process.
  2. Just got the second one this morning. Here's the Zip! ☺️ mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Will post the grab if second occurs. Only had so far about 4:30 today.
  4. Just received this popup after resuming from sleep. What does it mean? I thought it may have been a delayed notification, but when signing into the forum, there were none. Thanks,
  5. I may have been pre-mature in reporting the latest Beta fixed the issue. It's back. I've made no changes that would affect it, other than normal daily use. I, also, had tried all the delayed-auto mods, as posted several weeks ago, and got the same results as Atrus. The issue still persists, even with the latest Beta. FWIW, also has exact same symptoms on any Insider version, current being 18329. And on a second 1809 dual-booted on same machine.
  6. P.S. - I restarted 3 times, just to be sure! πŸ˜‰
  7. I'm happy to report the latest Beta just installed today has corrected the sign-on lag issue. It was not explicitly stated in the release notes, but I read between the lines. Thanks for your efforts.
  8. @LiquidTension Last chore completed. The clean boot scenario. 1) With all user services disabled except MalwareBytes, and all Task Manager Startup Items disabled, the result was the same.... short 2 second delay for Login Box. After PIN entry, "Welcome", "Waiting on User Profile Service", "Preparing Windows" - 12 seconds to Desktop. 2) As an extra step, after putting everything back to normal, I set the MalwareBytes service to Automatic (Delayed Start), removed the 15 second delay in Protection setting, and rebooted. Instant Login box, and <2 seconds to Desktop. MBAM took forever to initialize (expected), but came up normal. It did seem to mess up the Defender icon in the Task Bar, though. Icon was invisible, but empty space was showing text on hover-over, and was clickable. May be just a fluke this time, though never have seen that before. All exclusions are in both MBAM and Defender. IMO, lot of things pointing to the MBAM service itself. That's just a S.W.A.G. πŸ˜‰ Hope to hear back..... f14tomcat
  9. Here are the fresh logs. Run with component update 1.0.519. Also took the option to clean install MBAM. (real fast startup with MBAM uninstalled). Will do the clean boot next. mbst-clean-results.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. I will try those steps as time permits. Fast startup is off, no hiberfil.sys. Setting delay to 15 seconds does work, that is my current workaround. Don't understand changing that time, 15 is as low as it will go. I will get a fresh set of logs when I can. Would like to mention at this point that I just received the new component package, 1.0.519, and I tested with it. Removing the 15 second delay and rebooting produced exactly the same lag results, no change whatsoever.
  11. I have entered all the exclusions per your posts and docs. For MBAM and Defender. Turned off the 15 second delay. Just to be sure, shutdown, disconnected power, and bled the capacitors with the power button. πŸ˜‰ Powered up and booted. 2 seconds delay getting login box, followed by 12 seconds of "Welcome", "Waiting for User Profile Service", "Preparing Windows", etc. Same as before, nothing changed. Set 15 second realtime delay and rebooted. Instant login box. <1 second to desktop. I will keep the exclusions in place for their other benefits, but they appear to not have made a difference with this issue. I posted a while back my profile link on Tenforums if you need to see the hardware config. Jerry (Porthos) can easily get to it. I'll wait for any response ans help. Thanks.
  12. OK, I will give it a try, although it's not my preferred way of getting it fixed. Hope you understand. Just so I can get it right the first time, would you mind posting the exact entries? Would be helpful. I know the mechanics of doing it. Thanks.
  13. No, Jerry, I have not. Never had the need to exclude one from the other. All has run fine for a long time, until this 1.0.508 update. I'd hate to think I'd have to resort to a workaround as a permanent solution. Something changed to cause this. Delaying the Ransomware component 15 seconds at startup is my current workaround. I and others do have this issue, it's real. I sincerely hope that after a month it has not been simply shelved with no activity. I have supplied everything asked for. I do not know what else to do except keep asking for a progress report.
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