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  1. During what time did you do the reboot? After 3am on March 14, 2021, you should not have experienced the issue. Did you have Debug logging turned on?
  2. Malwarebytes Service restart should be sufficient. Bug is made worse due to DEBUG logging being enabled, which causes the excessive logging and memory consumption. It's a bug that got out and we will fix it and ensure it does not happen again.
  3. Greetings and thank you for using Malwarebytes! We treat the accessibility of our product highly and want to make sure it does not impose an additional burden on you. I followed what you said with one exception; when you say "prioritizes itself", I am not certain what you mean. What I suspect you are saying is that something is taking the focus from the desktop. What makes you think that Malwarebytes is doing that? Is something visually appearing on the screen that indicates Malwarebytes is taking focus away from the desktop? I look forward to hearing back from you and figuring out a solution.
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