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  1. @ramrocval I can help get your Forums account updated with access to the private areas. If you didn't know, you can always email the Techbench team if you need help with your membership benefits or the newsletter at techbench@malwarebytes.com
  2. @onphiya CJ - I'm going to send you a quick email and help out here. This is a super strange issue for sure.
  3. @munkey I have separated your post so it can get dedicated support from the community experts. To help get the ball rolling quicker, I recommend following the directions posted in the sticky topic here:
  4. Getting some dump files will help the BSOD experts a ton. Follow the directions here:
  5. Thanks for posting this. Those are all legit and not an issue, so stick with working with Ron on digging in to other areas to resolve. Here are the technical specifics in case you or anyone else is wondering... The WinSxS ones with 10.0.17134.1 in the path are the versions that shipped with your OS and the ones with 10.0.17134.556 in the path are updated ones from the January Cumulative Update KB4480976: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4480976/windows-10-update-kb4480976 The ones in System32 and SysWoW64 are just hard links to the WinSxS 10.0.17134.556 versions.
  6. At first glance, this does not look like malware but actually rather normal. When you starting digging under the hood of Windows internals, things can get very complex. There are multiple legit instances of svchost.exe that will return if you do a search due to how Windows stores and services/updates critical OS files. Plus, you'll have versions for native 64-bit (amd64) and native 32-bit (wow64). For example, the instances in the WinSxS folders (aka the Windows Component Based Servicing Store) are the original versions in their component package folder. Your going to have the two architecture versions plus multiple releases depending on Windows Updates that are installed. The ones in the System32 and SysWoW64 folders are actually just NTFS hard links to "current version" ones stored in WinSxS. If you want to get a true second set of eyes on it, get us the full path to all instances (the full WinSxS path is very useful). If possible, the SHA-1 or MD5 hash of those files would be helpful too.
  7. This specific symptom along with the posted error message confirms the issue is being caused by something related directly to your PC, your network, your ISP, or the Microsoft Windows Defender SmartScreen service. Moving this to General Windows PC Help, but getting some log files uploaded would help our community assist in discovering what's going on.
  8. @Nightwatch66 this false positive should be fixed with our latest definitions. Please update Malwarebytes on this system and you should be good to go. Sorry for any confusion or issues this caused.
  9. @ktechno1 I like the idea, especially for unmanaged small business clients (or small-sized lightly-managed in some cases) that you and other Techbench partners work with. I'll connect with @exile360 to bubble it up to the greater Malwarebytes product team. With that being said, @exile360 does bring up some good points that you can get this functionality today with our new Malwarebytes OneView console and the Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection. Both of these are options to you via your Techbench partnership, just hit up your account manager for details.
  10. No problem. Glad to assist. Indeed. lots of good info there!! Thanks for the assist @1PW
  11. Hi @ryasa!! I can get you taken care of. It's because your Forums account does not have access to the private Techbench area of the Forums. I'm guessing you missed the call out in the newsletter on how to get access. Don't worry though, I got you all taken care of now.
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