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  1. @Uptech first off, sorry for the delay on our side of things. We apparently didn't get a notification that your purchase had been made (so thanks for letting us know so we can dig in to why that failed). Anyways, your account manager Nam will be getting you all processed shortly. Look for an email update from him soon. In the meantime, I have already updated your Forums account so you have access to the private Techbench, Toolset, and Incubation Labs areas of the Forums. If you need anything else, just let us know.
  2. First off, welcome to Techbench and welcome to the Forums!! I am on that team and specifically am the Technical Product Manager for the Malwarebytes Toolset. Let me check with your account manager and see what's up.
  3. Here are some tunes I have been listening too lately...
  4. @Hoppynm I have updated your Forums account so you can access the private Techbench and Toolset areas of the Forums. With it being the weekend, the rest of your Techbench and Toolset benefits will be processed on Monday. Congrats on joining the Techbench program!
  5. IPS Community Suite 4.4.1 was pushed to our site today March 5, 2019. You can check the details for this release here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/187177-forums-update-ips-community-suite-441
  6. @ktechno1 your Forums account has been updated. You now have access to the private Techbench and Toolset areas of the Forums. I'll send you a PM with a direct link.
  7. Great question. When a new thread/topic is created in the Malwarebytes 3 section, the first reply will be from the Malwarebytes bot. This will not happen if the post is moved from another section of the Forums to the Malwarebytes 3 section. In the linked example, the thread was moved from another location. Hope that clears things up.
  8. @Taffy1812 what you describe is a caching feature of the editor. When it happens, there should be a link near the bottom of the editor to clear the cache.
  9. @lmacri thanks for the additional example!! I looked in to that thread and the Malwarebytes specific log files were archived/removed as part of general cleanup of old support log files that we recently started doing . So what you are experiencing is to be expected for a 200+ day old thread with some of the recent changes we have made around attachments and log files. Hope that helps clarify things.
  10. @lmacri can you share any examples of the older threads where you could not download your old files? It's possible they have been archived/removed depending on what file they are, where it was posted, and how long ago. So far, the one posted in here was your OP, which you mentioned actually worked, and a thread where you were not the OP. I want to make sure we are aware of any issues where things aren't working properly. Especially if we need to get IPS (our Forums host) working on a fix for it. Update on the thread you linked to where you said staff was not properly informed, I looked at it and the recent posts with a correct Box link actually came from our staff. The older links that did not work are from posts before this was in place. In any event, I am going through and updating that thread to prevent confusion going forward.
  11. Great questions. It is a recent change that applies to particular areas of the Forums where requests for support and logs commonly occur. I'll take a look at your example post, but that might be an oversight with permissions on the particular section you posted in. Are there other examples where you cannot download your own posted content? As far as Malwarebytes Staff goes, we did inform them but like anything new it may take people a little bit of time to adjust to change. I'll make sure to follow up on the example you showed me.
  12. @lmacri sorry for the issues you have been encountering here. The below should help get you all squared away. The Malwarebytes_2.1.8_SSE2_Hotfix.zip attachment can be directly downloaded from our Box system here: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/0fy8i5slox1z1pld8cq05dxglsfdpq82 As far as not being able to download log files goes, that is due to limited access rights/permissions as @exile360 and @David H. Lipman mentioned. Only authorized users groups (e.g. Staff, Experts, Trusted Advisors, etc.) and the original poster can download log attachments in applicable areas of the Forums.
  13. Thanks @1PW for the shout out!! @Gaurav27 great questions and feedback!! As @1PW mentioned, we do have portable versions of Malwarebytes available. Here is a quick overview of them: Malwarebytes Toolset - This is an exclusive product for our partners in the computer repair industry that are part of the Malwarebytes Techbench program (more details here). The Malwarebytes Toolset is a portable all-in-one utility designed to help technicians diagnose, remediate, and repair Windows PCs. Specifically on the Malwarebytes portable side of things, it includes the Malwarebytes Portable Scanner (a portable GUI version of Malwarebytes 3.x) and an advanced portable CLI version of Malwarebytes called Malwarebytes Breach Remediation (v2.x and v3.x - more in just a moment) Malwarebytes Breach Remediation - This is an advanced portable CLI based product designed for our business and enterprise users. It's included with Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, Malwarebytes Incident Response, and Malwarebytes Endpoint Security. You can find out more about those business products here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/business As far as a bootable version of Malwarebytes goes, we are working on something but aren't ready to share those details just yet.
  14. Pretty much this. For example, what you can do from an offline environment is manually provide the WU package file (generally a *.cab file) and apply to the offline OS installation using DISM.
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