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  1. @Ether thanks for the candid feedback on the changes to the UX with managing exclusions/allowed items (known as the Allow List on 4.x). I will make sure this is shared with the Malwarebytes for Windows product team. As far as the Forums registration feedback goes, we utilize several technologies to prevent spam accounts due to the overwhelming amount of spam attacks security site forums get. Sometimes this can lead to some email addresses to be denied for use during registration based on multiple criteria. I'll share your specific feedback with our other Admins to see if adjustments need to be made to prevent negative experiences like you mention. As far as the URL you mention, that's one of the content servers used by the Invision Community Suite which is who provides our Forums system. Sorry if this made you feel insecure.
  2. Welcome to Techbench!! You can now access the private area of the Forums
  3. @Benoit no problem on the assistance. Since you are a Techbench member, you also have access to the Malwarebytes Toolset on top of just MBBR. If you need help with those at all, feel free to post in the private Techbench area or contact me directly. More than happy to assist or even provide a technical demo.
  4. @corke excellent question that I can help answer. Malwarebytes 4 supports using your existing license and won't modify your current expiration date. Think of Malwarebytes 4 as simply the new Malwarebytes. It handles licenses just like 3.x did. As far as the free trial goes, that simply means one can trial the Premium features if they want to without an existing premium license. Its optional and up to the user.
  5. @Benoit I also noticed you are part of a company that is a Malwarebytes Techbench partner and have updated your Forums account to have access to exclusive private areas of the Forums.
  6. You can download the latest MBBR release from here: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mbbr
  7. @1PW thanks for reporting the issue and confirming things were back to normal. We were actually able to contact IPS a little bit after you posted but all the Admins were away when the responded a couple hours later that it had been resolved. @exile360 it was not an update from what we can see, but IPS did not share any details on what caused the issue.
  8. That's for sure an option. I will let the Admins know about that too in case it's the best option to go towards.
  9. @David H. Lipman thanks for reporting this. We can report the BBCode issue to IPS to see if it can be resolved. Just to be transparent, IPS has informed us in the past that BBCode is a "legacy format" that they only provide basic functionality for. Also, thank you for the reminder on IPS release notes updates. I will bring this up to the other Admins to ensure this is updated going forward.
  10. @ramrocval I can help get your Forums account updated with access to the private areas. If you didn't know, you can always email the Techbench team if you need help with your membership benefits or the newsletter at techbench@malwarebytes.com
  11. @onphiya CJ - I'm going to send you a quick email and help out here. This is a super strange issue for sure.
  12. @munkey I have separated your post so it can get dedicated support from the community experts. To help get the ball rolling quicker, I recommend following the directions posted in the sticky topic here:
  13. Getting some dump files will help the BSOD experts a ton. Follow the directions here:
  14. Thanks for posting this. Those are all legit and not an issue, so stick with working with Ron on digging in to other areas to resolve. Here are the technical specifics in case you or anyone else is wondering... The WinSxS ones with 10.0.17134.1 in the path are the versions that shipped with your OS and the ones with 10.0.17134.556 in the path are updated ones from the January Cumulative Update KB4480976: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4480976/windows-10-update-kb4480976 The ones in System32 and SysWoW64 are just hard links to the WinSxS 10.0.17134.556 versions.
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