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  1. @andis59 thank you for the details!! That really helps a lot. Anyways, those are files processed by our heuristic machine learning engine.
  2. @andis59 can you post a log file or scan report from Avira? This looks like it's a false positive of some of our files that use a GUID for the filename, but seeing their logs/reports would help to be sure on that.
  3. That's really strange. I will take a look at the logs and try to see what happened. In the meantime, I have placed the image in your post that you had issues with.
  4. AlexSmith

    Forum Slow and Errors

    Thanks for posting this. We saw it too but It seems to have fixed itself already.
  5. @OutOfMyDepth I am sorry to hear you had issues getting support. I have messaged our team of helpers to get you some assistance.
  6. AlexSmith

    'invisible image' viruses

    Okay, we can look in to them when you get back. I know last time we asked for logs in June your PC was not available for a few days too. Odd coincidence I am sure, so please make sure to follow up so we can help you. So can you see their PC? Do you think you know who the attacker is?
  7. AlexSmith

    'invisible image' viruses

    Wow. That doesn't sound good at all. So are you watching this happen in real time when they do this? Where are they copying the files to? What kinds of files are being stolen? Any chance you can get me some logs on the PC this is happening on? Gather Logs with the Malwarebytes Support Tool Download the Malwarebytes Support Tool from here: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mbst Locate the executable file "mb-support-x.x.x.xxx.exe" and double-click to launch the application. Place a check mark next to Accept License Agreement by clicking the box then click Next. Click Advanced Options then click Gather Logs Wait for the gathering process to complete (which will place mbst-grab-results.zip on your Desktop) then click OK to close Attach the mbst-grab-results.zip on your desktop to your reply.
  8. AlexSmith

    'invisible image' viruses

    What specifically do they do? When does it occur? Do you have any screenshots or videos showing this behavior that you can share?
  9. AlexSmith

    'invisible image' viruses

    @SpencerPcGamer you have posted about this a few times on our Forums. Can you share any details on the exact symptoms you are encountering?
  10. AlexSmith not working on XP

    Thanks for the confirmation. The Windows XP issue was not resolved with This is still a known issue that our teams are working on.
  11. IPS Community Suite was updated this morning to version 4.3.5. Please see the original post above for additional details.
  12. AlexSmith

    Activation without internet

    @anewname the version you are using requires an active internet connection for things like updates and activation. This requirement is called out in the System Requirements for the product: https://www.malwarebytes.com/premium/#tech-specs
  13. AlexSmith

    Activation without internet

    @anewname it seems like you have special environment and deployment needs. Malwarebytes for Windows, which you appear to be using according to the logs, is a consumer and non-managed SMB product that isn't designed to in the specialized situation you describe. Would you like me to get you connected with a member of our business team for a better solution for your enterprise like Malwarebytes Endpoint Security?
  14. @grahamperrin Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I looked via the Admin panel and I see the image files you attached are assigned to your profile and assigned to that topic, but like you mention they are not visible in the topic itself unless you attempt to Edit it then you see them as attachments in the Editor but not in the topic itself. That's just super strange since the Forums software is hard coded to display the attachments even you remove the previews from the body content editor. We will have to forward this to IPS to look deeper in to it. On an interesting note, I have attempted to recreate this issue with a new topic and have so far been unable to do so. I tried attaching images to a new topic and tried doing it by placing placeholder content first then adding via an edit. In both instances, the attachments worked fine. So this issue is strange for sure.
  15. @grahamperrin sorry for the delay in a follow up. I'm going to help get this issue looked in to. Just to make sure I have this correct, the problem you encountered is that you attempted to attach 4 images in an initial post, but the end result was the post had none of the images you attached correct? Did you by chance get any error message at all?

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