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  1. Latest single from Hands Like Houses:
  2. Malwarebytes acquired Binisoft in 2018. Details here: https://press.malwarebytes.com/2018/05/24/malwarebytes-acquires-binisoft-to-expand-security-offering-and-global-footprint/ More info on the product including a call out on what may cause compatibility issues can be found on the product's website here: https://www.binisoft.org/wfc
  3. I loved Heroes. I agree the first two season were likely the best. I liked how the 5th season ended and was hopeful on where it would go next, but I think it was too late to save.
  4. I haven't gotten past episode one - it didn't click with me right away. I love sci-fi, so I likely just need to give it another chance like I did The Expanse.
  5. Nice!! I finished season 4 last week. I have been slowly bingeing the show for about a month or so. I had stopped watching it for almost a year then just started up again and got super hooked.
  6. Super late to posting in this thread, but man I cannot wait until the next season of The Expanse is out. Such a great series.
  7. @exile360 love seeing some Slipknot action in here!! Their latest album is really good too!! Here's some stuff I have been playing on repeat recently: Salves' latest Bury a Lie coming from their yet unannounced new album... Dance Gavin Dance's latest single Prisoner from their upcoming album Afterburner... Drink About It from Issues of their latest Beautiful Oblivion... and last but not least, Blue-Eyes White Yeti by I Met a Yeti...
  8. You can reset your password here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/lostpassword
  9. Unfortunately our Support site is down again due to continued issues with Jive and one of their data centers. Here is the latest from Jive on the situation:
  10. Jive has provided us the following update:
  11. Jive has provided us with the following update:
  12. We are currently experiencing an issue with the Malwarebytes Support website due to a wide spread outage with Jive (the platform that drives our support site). Jive has provided us with the following information on the issue: As soon as we get additional information or confirmation that things are back up, a member of our staff will follow up in this topic.
  13. @siliconman01 there is currently a widespread issue with Jive (the platform that runs our support site). Here is a quote from Jive on this issue. The issue you were encountering was occurring right before all of Jive went down (we were actually testing/verifying the issue - so thank you for posting it), so it's likely related. We can't be sure though until Jive is back up. As soon as we get confirmation that things are back up, a member of our staff will follow up via the following official topic:
  14. I am going to DM you my email. Please forward your renewal order and the emails you sent to the Techbench account and I can get this resolved.
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