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  1. I wasn't quite sure what to title this, so change as you wish. On the "About" page, the center column and data has a header of "Update Package Version". Time and again, for years now, I and others have had to explain to users and other members of the Forum I am on (Tenforums.com) that this is the Definitions Package, not a software package update. If the heading could be changed to Definitions Package Version or similar, it would eliminate the confusion. An example that just happened recently. _____________________________________________________________________ New updated MBAM ....just got it The component package did change in this example and triggered a restart. But the Update package version was thought to be the cause. Thanks for considering.
  2. FWIW... now on CP 1.0.1119 (Beta), and Pen Testing is still on separate tab inside Advanced.
  3. https://www.tenforums.com/antivirus-firewalls-system-security/4469-latest-version-malwarebytes-post2084207.html#post2084207
  4. Mine is here: Not here: 4.2.3 Beta I and others have this. Still others have it on main Settings screen. πŸ˜•
  5. Thanks John for posting all the info and Tetonbob for the update. I've just gone back to non-beta in the interim via the Support Tool. Easy to get back on Beta when a fix is ready.
  6. Same. Either individually or Delete All. Goes thru the motions, sound, confirmations, no delete.
  7. Only had 2 "update" cycles, friend of mine had 4. Had the toast popup twice. Seemed to install ok, but I did a system restart just to be sure.... I have it playing in tandem with Defender and wanted to make sure it still would. Ran scans, all seems ok. Is there any advice from MBAM as to what to do, if anything, if you've already updated to 4.2?
  8. My Beta first updated to 4.0.3 public, with the "Beta" remove from main page. Then a check for updates went to 4.0.4, same component package, "Beata " not on main page.
  9. The following was intentionally done, but I wonder if it could happen naturally also. I started a Defender quick scan, immediately followed by an MBAM threat scan. I was not surprised by the results. All chugged along nicely, until MBAM got to the memory scan. Impossible to know where Defender was at that point. All displays froze, MBAM elapsed still running. A few seconds later, all froze. No mouse, no KB, nothing. Watched the i/o light while it created a multi gig dump file. No BSOD screen. Everything just stopped. 1 tap on the power button did an immediate shutdown. Booted back up fine, with the expected Kernel Power errors. Even though each had exclusions for the other, they are exclusions of the app objects themselves, not what they may have a lock on at the time. I suspect, from past experience with BSOD and MBAM 3.8.3, it was a DPC_WATCHDOG violation.... a timeout of a locked object request or a timed-out IRQ. If Defender was running a scheduled scan, and MBAM started a scheduled scan also, or vice-versa, I suspect this might occur. A system freeze. Unless the scheduling code was smart enough to sense another AV scan had been started, and wait. I don't know those details, so just a S.W.A.G. I did a full MR image prior (just in case......), so I was back up clean in 2 minutes. Just wanted to post my experiment.
  10. @LiquidTension.... Re fonts. It's the size, but it's also, importantly, the font type. The combination of small and low contrast makes it rough to see. Old eyes here, so strain is a factor. Pipe dream hope: Dark theme? πŸ˜‰
  11. Actually, John, it bumped up a few seconds. I turned off heuristics (called AI now) to test, and time fell back close 3.8.3. Re-enabled and went back up to 1:15+ vs 50-55 seconds. Not a huge difference in the scope of things. Maybe it just takes time to "learn". May have to clean install, to rule all that out, AFTER deactivating license since I understand the Support Tool (formerly MBAM Clean) doesn't work with the beta. Adding the exceptions back is not an issue, a minute or two to do.
  12. Decided to try this out. Installed fine (overlay, not clean). As noted, it's a different UI, takes a little while to figure out what's where, and why! Don't care for the micro-font, old eyes have trouble reading small characters like that. Maybe that's change. Don't care for the animations, toy-like to me. Just IMO. Takes a bit longer to do the same manual scan. All machines will be different, but 3.8.3 normal scan time here was 50-55 seconds. Now 1:10+. Now, the one discovery I made after peeling back every option and it's details. If you have any Exclusions set up in 3.8.3, don't expect to find them in b4.0 where you would normally look. Because that option is not there anymore, not there labeled as "Exclusions" like before. You need to go into Detection History, where all the Quarantined items will be, if any. Your exclusions, the ones you manually made, will be under Allowed List. I guess the assumption at MBAM is exclusions are only after they have been detected, and you choose to allow them anyway. This is not always the case. MBAM themselves recommends in their forum to add Exclusions for Defender, and supplies a complete list. How accurate all that is for this Beta, I do not know. They were retained when I installed b4.0. MBAM link for recommended exclusions: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/200162-exclusions-for-windows-defender-users/ In any case, until and if this is changed, here is where to look. You can still add/remove Exclusions. This is a link to a post I made on Tenforums.com with this same info. A fellow member there suggested I post here, also. https://www.tenforums.com/antivirus-firewalls-system-security/4469-latest-version-malwarebytes-post1708472.html#post1708472 Hope this helps.
  13. Just received this popup after resuming from sleep. What does it mean? I thought it may have been a delayed notification, but when signing into the forum, there were none. Thanks,
  14. I may have been pre-mature in reporting the latest Beta fixed the issue. It's back. I've made no changes that would affect it, other than normal daily use. I, also, had tried all the delayed-auto mods, as posted several weeks ago, and got the same results as Atrus. The issue still persists, even with the latest Beta. FWIW, also has exact same symptoms on any Insider version, current being 18329. And on a second 1809 dual-booted on same machine.
  15. I'm happy to report the latest Beta just installed today has corrected the sign-on lag issue. It was not explicitly stated in the release notes, but I read between the lines. Thanks for your efforts.
  16. @LiquidTension Last chore completed. The clean boot scenario. 1) With all user services disabled except MalwareBytes, and all Task Manager Startup Items disabled, the result was the same.... short 2 second delay for Login Box. After PIN entry, "Welcome", "Waiting on User Profile Service", "Preparing Windows" - 12 seconds to Desktop. 2) As an extra step, after putting everything back to normal, I set the MalwareBytes service to Automatic (Delayed Start), removed the 15 second delay in Protection setting, and rebooted. Instant Login box, and <2 seconds to Desktop. MBAM took forever to initialize (expected), but came up normal. It did seem to mess up the Defender icon in the Task Bar, though. Icon was invisible, but empty space was showing text on hover-over, and was clickable. May be just a fluke this time, though never have seen that before. All exclusions are in both MBAM and Defender. IMO, lot of things pointing to the MBAM service itself. That's just a S.W.A.G. πŸ˜‰ Hope to hear back..... f14tomcat
  17. Here are the fresh logs. Run with component update 1.0.519. Also took the option to clean install MBAM. (real fast startup with MBAM uninstalled). Will do the clean boot next. mbst-clean-results.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  18. I will try those steps as time permits. Fast startup is off, no hiberfil.sys. Setting delay to 15 seconds does work, that is my current workaround. Don't understand changing that time, 15 is as low as it will go. I will get a fresh set of logs when I can. Would like to mention at this point that I just received the new component package, 1.0.519, and I tested with it. Removing the 15 second delay and rebooting produced exactly the same lag results, no change whatsoever.
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