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  1. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    I was expecting that. I just got home so I am just now downloading it onto my desktop and laptop. After that come the VMs.
  2. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    Devin, Am I to understand that this scenario is occurring only on pre-existing installs of MB 3 with newer Windows IP builds, or is this also possible with new installs of MB 3 on new Windows IP builds? My offer to test in a VM would have been with a new MB 3 install, but I can easily expand testing to including scenarios where I have CU installed with the current MB 3 and then start updating to the latest IP builds to see if it occurs there, but Soozy has already shown that it does. I suspect you're already doing all of this in-house, but if you need more testing, let me know
  3. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    I'll try throwing it as a new install on a VM running 16179 and see if I can replicate the issue.
  4. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    Makes sense. I'm betting that the 1.0.103 component is looking for a specific build of defender, which has probably changed with the new IP builds....
  5. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    So, it seems to be relegated to IP builds only?
  6. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    True. I was thinking one thing in my head and typing another. I meant to say the first IP after CU, which I already have on my machine as well. That's what I get for not making sure my brain was in gear before engaging my fingers lol.
  7. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    Did you install MB 3 after updating to CU? I'm wondering if CU, rather, turned Defender back on and MB3 decided not to interfere....
  8. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    from 15063 to 16170? awesome. Thanks!
  9. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    I have no issues on my physical laptop with 16170 and MB 3 either. I'm going to test a bit further in a VM here shortly, should have no issues with that either, but to make things a bit simpler, on the laptop I actually disabled MB 3 before initiating the WU check for the new IP build. So, I can only (currently) say that MB 3 has no issues running on 16170, but not whether or not it poses an issue when running during the update itself (I'm guessing it won't, as Micro$oft has streamlined the update process really well, to the point now that, with my nice fat downpipe, I'm up and running in less than 40 minutes from the time I initiate the WU check on my desktop, which is running dual gigabit Ethernet wired connections, and in under an hour on my laptop, which is running wirelessly on a 5 GHz 803.11 N connection. I've currently opted out of running MB 3 on my desktop, which is a glorified gaming machine as well as the host for my VMs (not concurrently, of course :p). For a while there, there was simply too much getting in the way, and now , well, I do all my stuff with bit-by-bit images ready to restore in case anything gets in the way. So, the laptop keeps MB3 running as well as 2 test VMs, whereas this machine does not.
  10. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    But it relates to the exact same behavior, with an explanation on why it occurs, and how to fix it so MB 3 doesn't force Windows to disable Defender. The same still applies now.
  11. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    Then perhaps you should go back and read this topic from December.
  12. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    MB is not hijacking anything, Defender has changed with the way it interacts with other software. This change is programmed by Microsoft, not Malwarebytes. Furthermore, if you were to install MB 3 on a clean system running build 15048 or newer (and maybe older, might be as far back as 15025) it would ask you about disabling Defender - but when you already have MB 3 installed, it doesn't ask, it just disabled, and that is due to Microsoft's coding, not any (new or old) coding in MB 3. This is a relatively recent change, and if you want I can find the exact Insider Preview build that it started happening on over at
  13. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    I haven't had any issues recently with MB 3 and Edge at all. Currently on Build 15061 (released yesterday). No issues discernible.
  14. Micr$oft Edge & Insider Preview Build WIN10

    And working well on 15031 also.
  15. Windows 10 bash?

    Sounds like a plan. I shold have this one later tonight.