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  1. And working well on 15031 also.
  2. Sounds like a plan. I shold have this one later tonight.
  3. What version of Office? I have already been testing PowerPoint 2016 and it shows the same symptoms that you are describing. Turning off the protection for PowerPoint allows it to work. See
  4. Anything in particular you want me to try? I've got Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14986 in a VM with MB3 - should be pretty easy to test.
  5. MB 3 comes witha default scan set to run every day. Did you disable that scan?
  6. Samsung SSD Manager has just been updated to 5.0 which is fully Windows 10 compliant.
  7. Or how much any other program leaves behind, for that matter. I see minimal residual registry entries after an uninstall, but now that you've made it clear they are not using hte registry as much, it makes sense. Got a question that is not relevant to this thread, sending you a PM.
  8. I did it all again starting with the base x64 install of Office 365 Home Premium. PowerPoint 16.0.7426.1015 x64 = OK PowerPoint 16.0.7571.7063 x64 = Not OK PowerPoint 16.0.7628.1000 x64 = Not OK I'm attaching both logs again as this is a fresh copy of MB3 installed, and the previous log will (probably) no longer apply.
  9. I used the same VM to test uninstalling it, so I'm not sure if those logs are still there or not. I can reinstall Office and generate a new set of logs, give me some time.
  10. Much older versions than current. Whatever you do, I'd advse not updating Office - if you get to the versions I listed above, you might start having the same issues.
  11. re: editing posts - that comes after a certain number of posts. I use REgEditX to search the registry myself, so I will perform another uninstall and see what gets left over from that aspect.
  12. So, no version change.
  13. What version do you have installed, John?
  14. I beta tested the last version. When it was released I found no upgrade to the final version - it already was the final version. A comparison of the file from the Beta thread and the current download also show them to be the same installer.