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  1. Windows has a built in ability to make .ZIP files from folders. Simply go to your profile folder in Windows Explorer, then right click on the .android folder, and in your context menu that pops up, select Send to ad then from the menu that opens select Compressed (zipped) folder. See the screenshots: It will start adding the files, and when done, will create a file named .android.zip, which it will also allow you to rename if you choose to. Then you can delete the original folder. This will give you the ability to restore it if some application on your computer down the road complains that it cannot find the folder.
  2. I do - but I haven't received an email from them so I suppose I am good... Changing my pw just in case....even though it is already pretty strong. I do wish they supported 2 factor authentication - maybe with some nationwide pressure with tweets from https://twofactorauth.org/#banking (scroll to find state farm, or search at the top) maybe they might listen?
  3. I had not seen this behavior so I didn't know - and I've used Chrome for a long time, but I keep copying my existing profile directories manually - perhaps that's why it doesn't happen on my VMs. Yeah, you should have no issues removing that directory. You might try making a .ZIP archive (or else a full system backup if you have the capability to do so) first just in case it is something that an installed program needs - but other than that, go for it.
  4. Well, no, it's a remote possibility, but not necessarily that answer. Who is the manufacturer of the laptop, and what model number is it? I can do some research and see if this is a known thing to have installed on your model, or the possibility that it might have been a return after someone tried to use it for something like, say, Android Development....though this last possibility is almost surely not it because the folder appears explicitly in your user profile, which I'm assuming you set up when you first ran the laptop. So, either installed by the manufacturer, or by something else that is installed by the manufacturer, or installed by something that you installed - or something is not right.
  5. Not really sure how it got there. Only other possibilities I can think of are some sort of game that uses a virtual machine and runs a basic version of Android, or it came with the machine for whatever reason.
  6. I think I last linked this on the old forum, don't remember - but the only version of CCleaner I ever used was portable, and it was found at /ccleaner/builds Same thing with all of their products, except this browser thing - go to the product page (Recuva, Defraggler, etc.) and then append /builds to the end of the URL. Luckily they have not changed that. They used to have the portable version prominently displayed, and then they made the link minuscule to find when they started pushing the installer with the AdWare, and now the link is not on any of the webpages. But you can find it mentioned repeatedly in the forums, without having to register, just by searching for 'portable' on the forums. I've since given up on using CCleaner completely because I simply learned how to remove the stuff I wanted removed myself. Plus, I've had too many experiences (and seen many many more) where cleaning certain things, especially the registry, leads to all sorts of havoc, much like AdvancedSetup mentioned when trying to remove ObjectDock. Some were so insidious they took more than a month to manifest....
  7. Hey, Casper, I use the Android SDK for software development and that is the only time I've ever seen any sort of .android folder created - and it is usually in my user profile (C:\Users\{myusername}\.android). Is that where yours is? Have you let anyone else use thte machine ever, that may have had an Android device, to perhaps attempt to download some data from an Android-based device (most likely a cell phone, but also could be a tablet)? Or, also possible, have you ever let someone repair the laptop at a local shop, or a national service like Geek Squad? And is this the same laptop you mention in your signature, the one from Wal-Mart? One possibility is that it may have come preinstalled with the Android SDK (for whatever reason). Another may be that someone installed it (say if it was a store display model). Also, what are the files inside that folder? Don't try to run or open them, just list them here if you can.
  8. I manually checked the folder in my Google profile and it no longer is detected. Thanks @rakka
  9. That raises an interesting question (and if this has been covered before, my apologies): If I were to set that site as an exception, would the local exception be based upon domain or IP address? Because I would definitely not mind the single domain (full domain if possible) whitelisted, but obviously, I don't want the IP address excepted, only that one domain.
  10. I'm actually getting a similar report, but for a very different reason. I was backing up my Chrome profile in order to cleanly install Windows, and all apps therein, and I received an error about the MBGC extension. I allowed it as I was about to format that entire drive after making the backup, and I knew this was a FP. After a clean install, during restore of my Chrome profile it came up again - this time I got a screenshot: As you can see, I went ahead and told Defender to permanently ignore it. But, I'd rather it was not detected in the first place....
  11. Uh, GT-Truth? Th screenshot that you provided shows vsrevogroup.NET - and when I navigate to either of these URLs: hxxp://vsrevogroup.net/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html hxxp://vsrevogroup.net/browser_cleaner_history_cleaner.html On my Linux box, I see the following: At the top of the pages - both of them. Could this be tripping up your MB4Fx addon? I've also got 1.0.46 installed, but as I said this is a Linux box, so that is the only thing that stands out on those pages - other than that I have no issues downloading the files or viewing any of the pages at either domain. @1PW - Are you seeing the message about the Adobe Flash plugin? If not, could this be a possible cause of the problem?
  12. Question: Does it work (reliably) in a new profile in Quantum? Best bet would be to try just MB for Fx, then add uBlock and test, then add MBAE DLL injection to the new profile (if it is not automatic to all profiles) and test again.... Finally, add Enpass. This way you're not reinstalling Firefox, nor are you messing around with the current profile with all of your settings - you're just trying in a brand new profile, which you can later discard.
  13. I'm not staff, nor have I ever made a single penny from Malwarebytes - I've just been involved with using (and Beta testing their products) for a very, very long time. Let me also assure you that Kevin did not mean to hose your computer in any way, manner, fashion, or form. He is a very well respected (volunteer) member of the MB forum community who has tons of experience working with users to get their machines fixed. I'm sure that he will be able to get you to a safe, working system soon enough. You can take Porthos' an Advanced Setup's word on that.
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