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  1. I've asked one of the resident Windows 10 Experts over at tenforums if it may be possible, using a conglomeration of 1 or more tutorials there, to grab the English 18329 Pro build and apply a language pack to it to get you to be able to install 18329 Pro PL-PL that you would basically make yourself. One other thought, though - you could still use the UUPDump site to download the previous build (18317) or any other build that *is* available for PL-PL at the Pro level and manually install from USB (which should have no problem being installed, IIRC), thereby fixing your MB3 protection until either M$ releases the Pro PL-PL build of 18329, or else releases a new build that has Pro PL-PL... Though that might also be an adventure in and of itself lol...
  2. Cool, I wasn't sure if it was the Beta or stable. Glad to know *both* are working much better with 18329 than they did with 18323. My desktop (the newest machine I have) is a original generation Core i7 965 EE based machine, whose BIOS was last Updated in 2011 as well. But I've upgraded just about every other component in it (same PSU since I built it in 2011, same case, and same KB - that's it lol). I'm still in the process of finishing up the clean install of 18329 on it, but I'm happy to know I can install either stable or Beta and have it working correctly.
  3. You can DL the files and make the .ISO yourself, and then mount the .ISO in Windows Explorer and run setup from there, performing essentially the exact same as the WU provided upgrade. See https://win10.guru/how-to-get-windows-insider-fast-ring-iso-for-latest-build/ for instructions, or you can PM me and I'll walk you through the steps. I've been using this site for a long time to make .ISOs and manually install upgrades instead of using WU because WU is, at best, unpredictable, and at worst, a complete nightmare. --- Clean installed, setting up drivers and apps, then making a Macrium backup and then will clean install the latest MB3 I have downloaded, and then see how it works.
  4. I will be clean installing Windows 18329 directly on my machine in the next several hours, and as soon as I get a direct link for the new 2831 build (MB 3.7.x) I'll clean install that as well onto that clean OS install and see how it goes.
  5. Others are also reporting the same. I'm clean installing 18329 tonight / tomorrow, we'll see how it goes.
  6. @Maurice Naggar I'm about to clean install 18329 on my machine this weekend, will give it a whirl and see how it goes. *Fingers crossed*
  7. I wholeheartedly agree. It's disconcerting, to say the least, that a manufacturer would put out a machine that isn't physically capable of even getting the OS system updates unless it is completely pristine, with nothing installed except what came on the machine OOB - and even then, it gets hanky. My friend and his wife installed absolutely nothing, but it had a trial version of Office, which they purchased - bingo, 1.6 GB less space. Sigh. I don't mind capitalism - but when you do anything for a buck, I get incensed. ^$ GB of EMMC would not have been that much more to pay for, and that would be sufficient unless a user decided to go crazy, which would then be on the user, not the manufacturer. Oh, and we're in the same business - that is my bread and butter.
  8. Although, these days it seems as if it is by the truckload....
  9. Ah, so when you upgrade, there is no Windows.old folder left on the machine and you are not able to use the built-in system procedure to revert to the previous build? (forgive me if you already know this, I don't have any knowledge as to your experience level with Windows). Have you looked at trying either of these methods (Options 1 and 2) to revert to the previous build: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4097-go-back-previous-version-windows-windows-10-a.html (I have a friend who, along with his wife, has a pair of ASUS 'laptops' (netbooks, really) with 32 GB EMMC on board - makes for havoc every time Windows wants to perform even normal upgrades, as it never has the required 8+ GB free....) If you cannot do that, I have a few other methods that you can try that may alleviate, if you desire to revert to a previous build (say 18312 or 18317). Feel free to PM me if you want more info, or even better, feel free to visit the tenforums site and ask there, where a lot more people than just me are around to be able to suggest options.
  10. Same here - after install, now 2 / 4 are working. A step in the correct direction
  11. WeTransfer link for my procmon-log: https://we.tl/t-c5YXkdZL2C
  12. I had a feeling it was something along those lines. The use of the .DLL and the appended string for the unattended setup caught the key in the Setup log. Not cool. I'd like to make a suggestion about the batch file - for files larger than 20 MB, I get the instructions, but the first time I clicked to have wetransfer open the batch file exited, thereby removing the instructions on how to send the file. Can you maybe add another pause (and / or prompt asking the user if he has successfully sent the file) before exiting out of the instructions (assuming you continue to use this batch file for other purposes, which it seems like you do)? After rebooting I ran it again, it gave me a whopping 100 MB file (I think because I also opened Firefox while the PM was running, trying to get ahead of the batch file). This time I copied the instruction and pasted them to a notepad window so I could read them and complete them correctly.... Interesting. Build 18323 already has some other issues - including a very slow loading of non-M$ / non-UWP apps because of a new service entry calls Windows Insider Service (wisvc) which is described as but which has never cause problems before. On this reboot, I had just disabled that service, and it did nothing to help with MB3 loading. Others are also experiencing GSODs and issues with audio (which I am not). But I can fully test anything that you guys want to suggest - I have Macrium backups already in place from before *and* after the upgrade to 18323.
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