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  1. Verified on work laptop with pages that were still exhibiting the issue that I did not reload (for further testing) as well as in old profile on my desktop - I cannot make it happen anymore. Marked TetonBob's reply as answer.
  2. Thanks for the heads up - my desktop installed that version this morning already. I'm still using the new profile, so I'll go back and try the old one in a few minutes.
  3. After reboot everything on the laptop still works perfectly fine. I told MB BG to go ahead to the NewEgg sites it was blocking, without marking them as 'safe' and the prompt did not appear again after reboot either.
  4. So far. I said that the cache clearing was optional, but if I closed the browser and opened it again, the error occurred again, so I did a cache clear and that seemed to fix it permanently. I'll test more and report back.
  5. A fix that seems to work is the following: Turn off web protection. (Optional) Clear your Firefox cache (see https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache ) Reload the page(s) with the issue After that you can turn on web protection and it should be fine. HTH
  6. Yup - I posted about it and submitted logs - TetonBob said they are now investigating.
  7. I created a new profile on my desktop and it doesn't occur there. On my laptop, disabling web protection and re-loading all pages seems to have fixed it, except now I'm getting a Browser Guard popup block on New Egg pages - I think that is unrelated, though.
  8. Q: Can you ask if they reverted the setting where using the "Mark all forums" link sent you back to the main forums page, or did that setting simply revert on the install of 4.5.3? Because I, for one, found that extremely helpful, since I use the notification bell to find posts I need to look at....
  9. OK, I've done some extensive testing, and here is what I've found, Bob: Firefox Nightly 83.0a1 (2020-09-23) (64-bit). Default profile, 2 different machines (extended testing performed on my work laptop, as I have made 0 changes since the MB update was passed). On my Desktop, I went ahead and created a new profile with same addons, and loaded same web pages, with respective logins as required, and nothing is broken in new profile. In old profile, if I disable web protection, and then reload every page that is having an issue connecting, the page loads perfectly fine. If I re-enable Web
  10. I will test more when I get back. Time for some dinner. To be clear: This is only occurring in an existing profile in Nightly and an existing profile in Firefox - in a new profile I created for Nightly it does not occur. And it does not occur in Chrome, Edge (Chromium), nor beta, developer or canary.
  11. Thanks for that - I was going to do that, but then I thought the issue was fixed, then I realized it was still occurring, and by that time I'd forgotten about a new post. mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. Same user reports unchecking ßeta and then using support tool to cleanly install 1.0.45 fixes the issue for him - so an issue somewhere with the ßeta only?
  13. I thought the updated UP would fix things - but it has not. In my existing profiles, using both Firefox Nightly, and Firefox (release build) I am getting the following, on multiple websites. And on the MB forums, this is what I see in the old profile: On a brand new profile (created using Firefox Nightly, with the same addons installed as in the existing one), I have no issues. And I am not the only one experiencing this, at least one other user (from 10F) reported the same behavior.
  14. Same for me, but the update package caused all sorts of havoc (as in breaking Firefox from viewing many, many site - including not letting me get to the MB forums in anything other than a text-only format). Fortunately, the newest UP 1.0.30308 seems to have (mostly) fixed that issue. I was surprised at the update notification, but did so after I completed my last conference call - other than that update package going bonkers, and now being fixed, everything else seemed to go well.
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