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MBAM freeze the PC

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used by my Adaptec 1225SA e-sata card

acronis image done

Adaptec Storage manager uninstalled - reboot -...

2 Quick runs

- the first one freeze at 0/0

- the second freeze on zipfldr.dll

As I have installed ESET on this PC since I have uninstalled Norton, is it any thing particular to do with Eset.

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  • Staff

Ok, one last option here. Uninstall Acronis True Image then reboot and see if it still freezes. Do not delete any of your backups though, and make sure that you have your license info and product key saved in a safe place so that you can reinstall it when we're done testing.

If needed you can download the latest version of Acronis True Image here.

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  • Staff

I suspect its drivers and/or background service that monitors the state of the hard drive could be interfering with MBAM's driver which is used during scans, thus causing the freezing issue. It is not very likely to be the cause, but it is the last on my long list of suspects.

And yes, you can still restore a disk image as long as you have the bootable Acronis CD :) .

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  • Staff
Thanks a lot for the help you provided.

You're very welcome :) .

Could you tell me how the contact will be establish with the developers?

I have posted in a hidden area about this topic and they should reply either via a personal message or directly to this topic. Please do keep in mind that they are very busy so it may take a while, but I'm sure they will take a look and try to help.

Am I clear enought in my english explanations?

Yes, your explanations have been perfectly clear :) .

Have a good day.

Thank you, you also :) .

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  • Root Admin

Hello Lecopi,

Let's try some Malware scanning. Please start a NEW post in the HJT forum: http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showforum=7

Then let them know about your post here and that AdvancedSetup has asked for some scans to verify that there is no Malware present on the system.


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Yes, most likely you do since the versions of the files have changed since you reinstalled MBAM. Your AV will only exclude those particular versions, if they change, it won't exclude them any more unless you tell it to.

:) Not to contradict what you are saying exile360, but I have not heard of this, I always assumed it went by file name exclusion and not the version of the file. I always have set the excluded files on my AV and forget about it. I never go and update it again, and it seems to continue to exclude them. Why would an AV company make you go in there and check your exclusions every time there is an update?

Am I missing something? By all means correct me if I am wrong.... :)

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