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  1. If it's emails not from Malwarebytes, they're spoofed. Report them to SpamCop. I haven't seen a single one of those emails. Also, it's not as simple as you would think. There's spam prevention software that can be added on top of IPS' anti-spam. Though I don't see these topics appearing on the forums. If I ever do, I use the Report feature.
  2. If utf8mb4 had been done in the database, emojis are now supported.
  3. I'm sure this news will interest several here. https://invisionpower.com/news/new-in-4112-post-preview-r968/
  4. All it does is have a popup at the bottom right letting you know about who replies to you in whichever topic you've been quoted in or have followed. Saying not to receive any alerts/notifications works fine here.
  5. I've had a support ticket in for it in the past - it's an editor issue.
  6. John, for me now I see all of them with a line. It makes no sense.
  7. That's what I want to know. Why did that one look fine? Now it doesn't... @David H. Lipman - Why are you still avoiding the question? You're complaining about a problem and not providing any information that would be valuable in debunking and resolving the issue... Complaining does not fix issues. Information that lets people look into issues is beneficial.
  8. That's how I see it as well. Alex was kind enough to try and fix it which got rid of the excess lines. Sadly, it has to be fixed in the database. :\
  9. It actually can depending on if he's running out of date software. I've seen this over on another site where I moderate. People on out of date, legacy, unsupported Operating Systems and Browsers were having a ton of issues. Did you notice in his videos it looks like the Classic Windows shell? That's why I believe this information is relevant. Additonally, @AlexSmith was talking with me via PM about the oddities in my signature. It can be browser specific, it seems. However, it's also inconsistent. If you look in John's screenshot you'll see my signature looks fine. Yet after that it has the white line again.
  10. @David H. Lipman - Still you are avoiding answering my question. Why? This is the third time I'm having to ask. What is your OS? Browser? What pages are these errors? Additionally, have you cleared your cache and even cookies?
  11. 4.1.11 is out. Hope it fixes a lot of things. The Editor got an update too.
  12. For what it's worth, the screenshot I posted was done here on this site. How is it that David cannot cut/copy/paste after highlighting text, yet I'm able to with no issues? Same group which means same permissions. I'm still waiting to hear what OS, browser, etc David is using. From what I've seen in the videos I have a suspicion as to what the issue could be.
  13. John, that's because the href tags were empty, like so. <a href="">Link</a>
  14. I'm not having the issues you're talking of... Such as this one: Perhaps you should post what OS, browser, and even what pages you're encountering these issues on so the staff can further look into it.
  15. Just because there are some bugs/issues with the editor does not mean the forum software as a whole is a "lemon". If I remember right, BBCode has become deprecated too. There is a Source button for the editor but therein lies the problem. It allows html, and that can be seen as a risk.
  16. Alex is correct. The only way on previous IP Forums (in my experiences on multiple IP Forums) was to do the following: [indent][indent][indent]Indentception[/indent][/indent][/indent]
  17. I see it as... <a target="_blank" href="https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/MS16-039" rel="external nofollow noopener noreferrer">https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/MS16-039</a> In reference to the original post that references another thread... It looks like a failed copy paste for the most part. Almost all the links don't work except for the bottom ones.
  18. Interesting. Yeah, you shouldn't be able to reply. Or it should make a new PM. Signature is a bug with the editor. I've got a bug issue open in their tracker. They went to fix it once. But it's still here. Has been for a while. :\
  19. Seems quite noticeable to me? I see your name faded in comparison to mine. The same happens in large group conversations.
  20. @Firefox, I've sent you a test PM that you can delete so I can show you the differences in appearance.
  21. That's not a bug. It's just a matter of how the skin/theme has changed.
  22. It's not really the forum software, I would think. The issue seems to be more with the proxy. I don't run a proxy (CloudFlare which is used here) on my forums/website at Lunarsoft and don't have this issue.
  23. It looks like part of the problem is due to the Cloudflare proxy? https://forums.malwarebytes.org/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%2F%2Fd2wqgvap25i10a.cloudfront.net%2Fmonthly_2016_03%2Ffirefoxsig-resized.jpg.0cef2a2d57cf8cf73b2de8752cb27913.jpg&amp;key=e41d527d7556ce08d2abfdde42ed1af40e002ed601f47c04aa267650deb3bb04
  24. It almost sounds like the forum tasks may be running in the background. It would help @John L. Galt if you can post the time frames you experience this issue. This will allow the administrators to check the tasks (Last Run) and perhaps set up a cron to run them if they haven't already done so.
  25. Aura has pointed out your issue exactly. Upload it to imgur (make an account too, it's worth it to be able to go back and remove old images), upload your signature, then edit it here and be sure to link to the https version. Reason I say to link to the https version is that it's a bit nicer to see that everything on a page is secure, versus a warning due to images linked via http. (I need to do the same thing myself.)
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