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  1. Copy it from the Dial-a-fix directory into your System32 folder.
  2. Few things I'd try out: Dial-a-fix - In Tools do sfc /purge then sfc /scannow. After that close tools, click the green checkmark and click Go. Should that not resolve it, try this; it resets all perms and settings to OOBE defaults: secedit /configure /cfg "%windir%\security\templates\setup security.inf" /db ss.sdb /overwrite
  3. I'd have it in my sig. It's like a badge of honor in my opinion. Wear it with pride.
  4. Show off that badge in your sig dude.
  5. This may be up your alley: http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/PC_Security
  6. If blocker.dll is there, next to nothing will run due to it's behavior of only allowing certain files. This file only allows a predetermined ~53 programs to run on the computer. The file is located in C:\Windows\System32\blocker.dll. I've read that renaming the dll to blocker.dll.old and rebooting is said to work, but many things may not be able to run still.
  7. Your best bet would be to ditch Norton and get a better antivirus such as avast.
  8. Thanks everyone, so far it's been really awesome.
  9. Also try to post the dump. If you need help catching the BSOD you can refer to http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Creating_me..._dumps#Crashing
  10. Tarun


    Be sure to play every day and you'll level in no time, refer your friends in battles too!
  11. Tarun


    Can you beat me? - http://tarun.mybrute.com - I don't play anymore.
  12. On the forums where I'm an admin, super mod or mod, you would have been banned for this due to the spamlike nature of the post.
  13. I wonder if the server renames uploaded files. If not, archives could be split into parts.
  14. You need to re-enable System Restore, it helps you fall back to a safe point should you ever encounter any problems.
  15. I just tackled this. Renaming mbam.exe to mam.exe works just fine. After that it will remove some files but encounter an error, so rename it back to mbam.exe and you can also run SUPERAntispyware after this to completely remove the infection.
  16. Yeah I agree exile, I'm on Vista now and it took about a week before I warmed up to it. Everything works just fine and the majority of bashers have not used Vista longer than a week or two.
  17. Tarun


    Autoruns is awesome. I trust it more than any other third party app.
  18. Glad you guys added it per my suggestion.
  19. You installed it when you installed Digsby (IM client). Just uninstall it via Addons.
  20. If you're getting CRC errors you don't want to run chkdsk. Read this article on Data Recovery and start backing up your media. It sounds like your hard drive is failing. Also, Microsoft would never say anything along the lines of, "oh well so sorry".
  21. Considering how heuristics are made to detect all kinds of new malware it makes perfect sense that recurring false positives occur. Many AV applications try to use new detection algorithms in order to stay ahead. They change all the time and as such they can often detect some legit files falsely. They really don't have much control over it but will try to fix things as soon as possible. You can even see it with MBAM and how it has had false positives before. Bruce quickly corrects them as does Marcin, but they can still recur. So are you saying that once they fix the issues, despite advancing the technology of MBAM it should never happen again and as such you are also criticizing the dynamic duo?
  22. Oh please. Overreact much? It's a false positive and it's not the first time a company has made a false positive. Both jotti and VirusTotal report it's clean. Doesn't take long to check into these things.
  23. Sounds like a permission problem.
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