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  1. For future references, try running a tracert in your command prompt to see if there's an issue along the way to the server.
  2. No problems with the speed of the forums here, either.
  3. You know noknojon, now that you mention it. You made me wonder about my own posts. Appx. 4,800 on Lunarsoft (Join date for my forum is 05 Sep 2005, but I had also used others before that). Just over 3,000 on the first forum I ever joined (join date reads 27-January 2004). So... At that rate, it'll be the year 2020 before I hit 5,000 posts here. .
  4. Funny, I just had some José Olé mini-tacos for lunch. They were good.
  5. When does the workload stop piling up?

  6. When does the workload stop piling up?

  7. On the note of VirusTotal, if you like to upload samples try out Rightload.
  8. Shy, the forums are going to be hammered for about a week due to the new skin which is more spider-friendly. There will be a lot of re-indexing and updating of pages which in turns increases work for the forums.
  9. For what it's worth, the default IP.Board theme works fine. A majority of the issues are related to the custom theme.
  10. If I recall correctly, it was something that was sparsely used.
  11. Notes got removed a while back. If you want an answer, search the IPS Community about it.
  12. Bug - Messenger is REALLY FUBAR. Looks like a bad skin bug. http://www.lunarsoft...1-12_230119.png Also, favicon needs updating. Currently using IP.Board stock favicon. There's also something between Replace and Undo, and Redo and Copy that should not be there. That's also a skin bug.
  13. Liking that Mamwarebytes is now on 3.2!

  14. Yes, there's a new mobile skin. Yay this is 3.2! AdvancedSetup, there's a button on the top left that says Toggle editing mode. That allows you to see the raw BBCode, etc. Which would let you see the behavior of indent is now this: [indent=1]xxx[/indent]
  15. Upgrading to 3.2.3 finally? I hope so.
  16. Tarun

    EA's Spore

    Backup your game related stuff and reinstall it? Just hope it's not on Origin. :\
  17. I think it should be yyyy instead of yy for clarity sake.
  18. I've been keeping track of all of this. Here's a list on Lunarsoft of aftershocks from the Virginia 2011 5.8 earthquake
  19. Oh look, a picture from the quake that occurred in 2010.
  20. ^ That should be in another topic, to be honest. It's offtopic and nowhere near the area where the topic of this quake occurred. I've been closely following the quake since it happened and there've been a lot of aftershocks. I've not felt a single one yet despite the strongest being a 4.5. Thus far we've had the main 5.8 quake, and as for aftershocks: 2.8, 2.2, 4.2, 3.4, 2.5, 4.5, 2.3, 2.4.
  21. 4.2 aftershock at 8:04 PM. Schools are canceled/closed tomorrow. HAHA this is funny.
  22. I heard one person got hurt. Hit their head cause they tried to dive for cover in a high school lol.
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