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  1. Oh yes, because the people who designed the software and services are going to tell their users to disable them or alter the default settings. The above is obvious sarcasm.
  2. You never want to mess with the services unless instructed by an experienced technician. Disabling or altering the services puts you at risk for many ill effects. It's all a myth that people think really makes a change. Bottom line, leave them alone. There's a lot of myths that have been debunked, check out this list of known myths. Never disable or turn off System Restore either, it does valuable things such as making full registry backups and more.
  3. The code I provided above is all you need to reinstall Windows Defrag. And yes, it is a comma. You can als use Dial-a-fix to reinstall defrag. It's in the Tools section.
  4. Enter this code into your Run box: rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 C:\WINDOWS\inf\dfrg.infNext register the following DLLs: regsvr32 dfrgsnap.dllregsvr32 dfrgui.dll
  5. Yarr, methinks we be dealin' with a pirate here, mateys!
  6. Reset IE7's settings, you may be set to run through a proxy.
  7. Could do like most other anti-malware products, ask the user if they want to keep them or not. Leftovers on uninstalls are bad.
  8. Thinking out loud: Uninstall MBAM. Reboot. Run CCleaner and it's Issues cleaner until it tells you no issues found. Reboot and repeat step 3. Reboot and now install MBAM.
  9. vbalsgrid6.ocx is a third party component. It is not part of the MS VB6 runtimes. Reinstalling MBAM will put the file back and re-register it as well which should resolve the issue.
  10. I'm not getting errors here on IE7 or Fx3. Nor on any site that uses that type of Google Analytic code.
  11. I would not recommend using the Hosts file for blocking malware or advertisements. There's plenty of programs available that set up proper blocking like SpywareBlaster, IESpyAds, and even Spybot's Immunize.
  12. It would be wise to update this page with more information about those restrictions. Even the online store and EULA don't tell much about a tech license. In fact, I never knew about a tech license until I read your post since the store doesn't list anything about it either.
  13. Yeah automatically showing the results (or even show found items while scanning!) would be great.
  14. I fail to see what is so difficult to understand, the concept is very simple. He is a type of network administrator/technician who is running scans on approximately 200+ computers. Having to manually go from one computer to the next to start the scan Upon completion you have to manually go through and click to remove anything, if found, and then close the application. This is extremely time consuming for network technicians. Look at CCleaner. It has a /AUTO switch which allows the program to run and clean your drive automatically, even an optional setting to close the program when complete. What Greg is asking for is similar to that. A type of automation to run the scans, remove/quarantine the malware, generate the log and then close the program. It's very simple. Nice suggestion, Greg!
  15. Glad to hear you enjoyed this software Jeremy. I agree that it does an excellent job.
  16. Hi conrad, Please download my Anti-Malware Toolkit and get the Professional package. If you need help with the programs you can view the PC Cleanup guide which will help you configure the programs so you can get the most cleanup possible. When you've gone through all the steps please post a HijackThis log.
  17. You can read my article about PC Security
  18. I just recently read about 1&1 and how some hate their service. Link
  19. O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [indxStoreSvr_{79662E04-7C6C-4d9f-84C7-88D8A56B10AA}] "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\Lib\NMIndexStoreSvr.exe" ASO-616B5711-6DAE-4795-A05F-39A1E5104020 I'd say repair/reinstall Nero, then run a sfc /scannow
  20. They can spoof any username/email address. Check your sentbox in Yahoo to see if there are any emails you didn't send. I'm betting there aren't and you just got spoofed.
  21. The best and safest ones are SpywareBlaster (protection), SUPERAntiSpyware, Spybot S&D.
  22. I only ever use 800x600 on a client's machine where it's the default res, or in a VM.
  23. Is there currently a roadmap or a chart plotting the course, captain?
  24. Yeah there is a lot of wasted space that could be better used. Getting rid of the popup message boxes for updates and every other message would be nice. A statusbar at the bottom could contain a lot of that information. Updates could be moved into the Scanner area to make it more obvious that people should update. That would get rid of the Updates tab. Scanner area could use a few more options like scanning registry, memory, etc. More Tools could be merged with Settings. Thus you'd have your Tools & Settings and it would remove another tab. A menu bar would be nice. Instead of an About tab just have it under Help > About as a small popup form.
  25. Which is a shame, because the malware that RogueRemover found and removed was some that was in a tv advertisement (Finally Fast). So I can easily see that as being a threat since it's been advertised on tv in recent months.
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