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  1. That's definitely the source. I think it was mentioned on another forum I go to/moderate, but not really sure. Thanks for that link though, very helpful!
  2. I believe that part of the issue is because Pale Moon is based upon a Legacy (Such as Firefox 2x) segment of Firefox code. I've been looking for where I saw it mentioned that the Pale Moon dev was unhappy with it's current state and that they need to make a new branch in order to get the new standards and everything. This may have been worded differently, though.
  3. Passed along information on how to find this and enable it. Glad to see it's enabled now.
  4. Looks good, very functional. Edit: The tabs at the top can be reordered also. I would think the Malwarebytes tab should be on the leftmost part.
  5. Items such as location, gender, etc are missing a space after the colon.
  6. Thanks a bunch @msherwood, appreciate it. Sidenote: My signature display is a bug with the IPS software. It happens on my site, another site using IPS 4.x, and here of course. Here's a link to the bug post in case you're interested.
  7. Next time, let me know if you need more. I run IPS software on Lunarsoft too and am rather familiar with the workings and such.
  8. This could be because there are some behind the scenes tasks running that have yet to fix everything. However, that may not be the case.
  9. No. BBCode tags are automatically converted when you post. BBCode is also deprecated from what I've heard/read.
  10. I apologize for my delay in replying. Had something come up in life. I would go ahead and run AdwCleaner and see what all it finds and removes. You can also post the log it generates.
  11. Yeah I'd recommend posting a HijackThis log. Also found this: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6057-YLBN-1660 I have also seen AdwCleaner recommended though I've never used it. I'd look into it first before using it. If anyone else wants to chime in about it I would appreciate it.
  12. Java is well known for being very easy to exploit. To update it, you can simply go to the Java download page here. Gamers need it for Minecraft mainly, aside from that there's not much else you may need it for. Since you're still having issues you may want to give my PC Cleanup guide a try. Because you're still finding infections I'd recommend doing full scans. You'll also want to post Malwarebytes logs when the scans finish.
  13. Are you using the Steam Client Beta? I ask because of this: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamClientBeta#announcements/detail/231150996259270560 Steam is an Internet-based digital distribution service. It does in fact use a browser based on Chromium. If you check your Task Manger you will see steamwebhelper.exe - this is used for the store, community pages, overlay and anything where you have to render a website through Steam and Steam's overlay. Try running a Full Scan with Malwarebytes to ensure the infections have been removed. Your Logitech software is out of date and it you may need to update your Java. If you don't use Java just remove it.
  14. He's unable to apply, you cannot use eBay. Requirements: Must "own" domain (no parked domains)Applicant's email domain should match the website domainWebsite content should be related to malware, computers, software, or internetFree of spyware, toolbar downloads, malware, and spam
  15. I will definitely say overkill that looks to be borderline paranoia (no offense). Also, Comodo products are not trustworthy in all honesty. In the past they issued signed security certificates to known malware distributors. I believe there was also reports of them allowing known malware through their firewall. So that's definitely not security due to questionable practices.
  16. I hope that Pando Media "Booster" is added to the PUP list. I've had to remove this from so many systems it's disgusting. All of those who had problems were surprised to learn it was because of Pando eating their bandwidth, making simple Internet tasks very troublesome.
  17. Been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2.

  18. HijackThis is a standalone executable. You can simply delete it (which will move it to the Recycle Bin).
  19. Oh cool. Thanks for sharing. If people prefer cats, there's the Kitten Cam too.
  20. Wait, is the first post a cat's mind or the average redditor's mind?
  21. Recovering and cleaning up from the storms in the Northeast. We had several downed trees and I had a battery backup take a hit.
  22. Cnet/Download.com has been serving up malware with a majority of their downloads. I completely avoid that site and recommend others do the same. If you want a nice monitor dimmer (or one that adjusts over time as the day progresses) check out F.lux.
  23. Question 1 needs a "None" option for those who don't use Linux, Mac, iPhone or Android.
  24. Do not, ever use a Norton or Symantec product. The only decent product they have is SymNRT. I concur with what some have said, Spybot isn't really any good anymore. It used to be nice but now it's very dated and lagging behind.
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