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  1. Tarun


    To block ads and more, I'd recommend uBlock Origin. It goes above and beyond what AdBlock Plus does.
  2. Tarun

    false positive - veryfast

    The site never clearly describes what the software is doing or how it's doing it. "PCs are slow by design" - seriously? You are seriously trying to market your software by saying that a PC is slow by design? That is the most absurd thing I've read all day. PC "optimizers" (game "boosters", RAM optimizers/cleaners, register optimizers/cleaners, etc.) do more harm than good to any computer system. They advertise that they can do all of these wondrous things that will make your computer run so much better, faster, and be more responsive. When in fact they stop services that are running for a good reason (leave services alone!), try to "defrag" your RAM, and many other unnecessary things that degrade your computers performance instead of optimizing it. As @Zynthesist has said and I fully agree with, this is indeed a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). I would immediately uninstall this "Fast!" software from any computer I'd work on.
  3. Try clearing your cache, etc. Also try In Private browsing to see if the problem happens there too.
  4. Tarun

    Best Registry/ file cleaner?

    Mark Russinovich (works with Microsoft, former Systernals - did things like Autoruns, Process Explorer, etc.) has also said to avoid registry cleaners. If you try to clean the registry you're worrying about a minuscule amount of data cleanup. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/markrussinovich/2005/10/02/registry-junk-a-windows-fact-of-life/
  5. Tarun

    eliminating my antivirus

    I believe an important question here is, what antivirus are you currently using?
  6. Tarun

    Malwarebytes 3.0 lite

    Perhaps the addition of a message to suppress the warning notifications that alerts are disabled would be sufficient?
  7. Tarun

    Malwarebytes 3.0 lite

    That doesn't really give any reasons as to why you feel this way. Also, my question was to Francois Blais before the topic got merged into this one. Is simply turning it off not sufficient enough? Bear with me, I'm trying to understand your point of view with this. Seeing as drive space is no longer an issue in this day and age.
  8. Tarun

    Malwarebytes 3.0 lite

    Why is it that you do not want anti-ransomware or anti-exploit? Trying to get more information to see your reasons behind wanting this.
  9. Tarun

    Need option to install without anti ransom

    I understand that they're separate products. I'm not a reseller for either product either, however I've tried Hitman Pro (and their other products in the past) when testing anti-malware software. Malwarebytes truly is the better, superior product. Always caught more and made it much easier to remove things. I also understand your position on these things as we all have our own preferences.
  10. Tarun

    Need option to install without anti ransom

    You'd honestly be better off selling Malwarebytes rather than Hitman Pro. Malwarebytes gives a far better bang for your buck and is far more efficient in malware detection/removal.
  11. Tarun

    Say goodbye to MS-DOS command prompt

    Using a DOS emulator to try and use command prompt commands could be dangerous. Especially if they remove integration which they may very well do. Powershell scripting isn't so bad. I've been converting a couple of my often used batches and testing them. It's pretty easy so far.
  12. Tarun

    Say goodbye to MS-DOS command prompt

    This is something that has been ten years in the making. Now it's almost here, looking forward to this.

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