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  1. Yeah, it was really surprising when it happened too.
  2. As of this post, this link on Malwarebytes loads 1.46. There's also an affiliate link that loaded 1.50 last I checked. I won't post that link but if you need it I can PM it.
  3. When are the links on malwarebytes.org going to be updated? (And I don't mean to offsite mirrors either)
  4. All HKey Current User are moved to HKey Local Machine in the registry. Not sure why things are still being saved to the registry, as much of Windows programming wants to get away from it.
  5. Saw this on another forum I frequent and felt I should pass it along as many of this community may know of her as well. Karen died in her sleep on Tuesday, 12 April. Here is a link to the obituary that appeared in the Tulsa World: http://www.tulsaworld.com/ourlives/article.aspx?subjectid=426&articleid=20110415_Ob_obsl_7911942&archive=yes RIP
  6. There is a bug that requires a php file to be patched/edited, and as such it has been temporarily disabled.
  7. Might be worth posting a screenshot next time.
  8. Firefox here. Using Firefox 4 x64 nightly in fact. Chrome, looked at once, never again. Especially after that huge EULA mess they had with how if you use their browser to post anything (blog, news, forum post, etc.) they could use it and say it's their own. Forget it. So I'm happily continuing with Firefox, using Adblock Plus paired with rick752's (RIP) EasyList* (whitelisting favorite/frequent sites), Tab Mix Plus, and DownThemAll (and a few other addons for website work like Firebug and Web Developer). I don't touch NoScript. I find it far too paranoid and annoying for my tastes. *Avoid Fanboy's list, else you'll have tons of broken images on tons of websites.
  9. Surprised to see IP.Board 3 finally here on Malwarebytes. :)

  10. Seems the problem is on your end, Anonymosity. Tested in Firefox and IE8 with no issues at all.
  11. I recommend it on my website and in my Anti-Malware Toolkit to users. Often it can pick up what scanners can leave behind or miss.
  12. It has been suggested many times that they re-enable the "Report" feature/button here so posts can be reported properly. Though it has not been re-enabled because it causes "more work for the team". 3.x has a report center which makes things a lot easier. No idea why they've waited all this time to upgrade, but 3.1 is out June 1st so these forums may finally be upgraded then.
  13. Tarun

    If you use Comodo

    http://blogs.technet.com/markrussinovich/a...ct-of-life.aspx On Comodo Firewall: I quit using it when I won a lifetime Outpost Pro Firewall license. I haven't been happier. I already had trust issues with Comodo since they were issuing security certificates to known malware sites. If they allow that, just imagine them recommending a malware application as "safe to trust" in their firewall.
  14. I just encountered this issue on a PC I was working on. Same thing basically. I'll see about getting this moved and letting the devs know about this.
  15. You could upload your minidump from C:\Windows\Minidump and the source of the issue can be pinpointed.
  16. People who want to update bookmarks easier should check out AM-Deadlink
  17. You might want to toss Spinrite and read the following: http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Data_Recovery
  18. Uninstall and then reinstall them. You may need to .NET Cleanup Utility.
  19. I recommend Foxit. Faster, lighter, just works better overall.
  20. Recommend close + thread rename.
  21. Sun's Java 6 u15 is out, has been for a few days.
  22. Good move Mona, that's the correct way to clean out old system restore points. Safe, no risk.
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