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  1. Mark Russinovich (works with Microsoft, former Systernals - did things like Autoruns, Process Explorer, etc.) has also said to avoid registry cleaners. If you try to clean the registry you're worrying about a minuscule amount of data cleanup. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/markrussinovich/2005/10/02/registry-junk-a-windows-fact-of-life/
  2. I believe an important question here is, what antivirus are you currently using?
  3. Perhaps the addition of a message to suppress the warning notifications that alerts are disabled would be sufficient?
  4. That doesn't really give any reasons as to why you feel this way. Also, my question was to Francois Blais before the topic got merged into this one. Is simply turning it off not sufficient enough? Bear with me, I'm trying to understand your point of view with this. Seeing as drive space is no longer an issue in this day and age.
  5. Why is it that you do not want anti-ransomware or anti-exploit? Trying to get more information to see your reasons behind wanting this.
  6. I understand that they're separate products. I'm not a reseller for either product either, however I've tried Hitman Pro (and their other products in the past) when testing anti-malware software. Malwarebytes truly is the better, superior product. Always caught more and made it much easier to remove things. I also understand your position on these things as we all have our own preferences.
  7. You'd honestly be better off selling Malwarebytes rather than Hitman Pro. Malwarebytes gives a far better bang for your buck and is far more efficient in malware detection/removal.
  8. Using a DOS emulator to try and use command prompt commands could be dangerous. Especially if they remove integration which they may very well do. Powershell scripting isn't so bad. I've been converting a couple of my often used batches and testing them. It's pretty easy so far.
  9. This is something that has been ten years in the making. Now it's almost here, looking forward to this.
  10. Hover the post, to the right is "Report Post". Click that link and you can report it to the moderation team as spam.
  11. Not an issue with Firefox (47.0 x64): I'd flush the cache, and even check Cleartype settings.
  12. Now I remember, it's another software (MyBB) I use for my guild that has a Thank You/Like plugin that allows you to choose what forums you want to disable it on. Really surprised it's not a part of the IPS software.
  13. I thought you could pick and choose what forums to enable this on but I may be mistaken. If you cannot, I'm surprised that's not an integrated feature yet. You can set it to be strictly an upvote, up/downvote, or Like. For example, on my forums you can see the Like setup on my forum post here on Lunarsoft.
  14. For what it's worth, you can make it so that reputation is only allowed in the positive manner.
  15. Thanks Alex, much appreciated! I will say, that is a lot of startups. And wmic doesn't output all of the startups either. StartUpLite may be useful. Nothing in the list appears to have any potential effect on your downloads... though... I see Spark. Is that Apache Spark? And I'm guessing GetSmile is for a Messenger you use?
  16. It could be UAC, it's been a while since I had to work in Safe Mode. I cannot really recall if UAC works there or not. I think it does but i could be wrong. Something worth trying it getting an output of your startup programs. Open a Command Prompt as an Admin and enter the following code: wmic startup get caption,command > C:\startup.txt That will output your startups into a text document that you can share with us with an easy copy/paste. Also, thanks for all the information on this issue you're having.
  17. Have you tried it using In-Private mode with toolbars and extensions disabled? No hardware firewall, what about a software firewall (worth asking since your signature mentions Watchguard firewall)? Also, have you tried booting into Safe Mode with Networking and seeing if the issue is reproducible there? The reason I ask about this is because it will stop any anti-virus, firewall, and pretty much any other non-Microsoft software from running which might be causing this issue. Something has to be in common here, and I'm very interested to find out what it could be. Hope we can get this resolved for you.
  18. No, you can never assume anything. You may or may not be familiar with what Jerry Belson said about assuming things. I also know that a majority of techs have sense enough to Google for the solution to problems they encounter. However, none of this excuses your poor behavior. I'm sorry that you're having this problem but you really should be nicer to people who are responding to your request for help. You've been rude to @Porthos as well which is completely uncalled for. I've seen this issue in Firefox before. Where a blank tab would open for any file type download. Since the issue is in IE, that is why it was suggested to go under Advanced and Reset your IE settings. However the Firefox issue was a simple fix that you can see here. Upon doing some light Google-fu, it is also said that this can be a problem with a slow network. If you're running a proxy, check the settings there and make sure everything is configured. Using a software firewall? Try removing IE and allowing a new rule to be created. @mrdodrop - You said you're having this issue in Firefox. Have you tried clicking the Hamburger (weird that most call it this...) icon/menu, clicking on the Help question mark, going to Troubleshooting Information, and clicking Reset Firefox? This will backup your addons and such to a folder on the desktop, yet retain your bookmarks and such while giving you a clean profile to work with. I personally find it nicer to do this as opposed to simply uninstalling and reinstalling. If you have questions on how that works, there's a nice explanation here.
  19. Considering you've said nothing about having tried that, you should know that in the tech field we cannot assume anything. You do want help with this issue that you're having on your end, don't you?
  20. Try going into IE's Options > Advanced tab > Reset... Be sure to apply a check to Delete personal settings.
  21. Amazonaws is Amazon's cloud. Basically, a CDN. Everything works fine here too, same behavior on Firefox x64 47.0 and IE 11.
  22. Looked at Splash, good if you use it on a LAN. If you use it to remotely help people you have to pay. For some that's rather useless. :/
  23. Looking at the signup process now, I see something that would be a quality change that would help stop the spam.
  24. Sadly Dave, that is completely incorrect. I'm sorry you feel that way about this forum software. I'd appreciate it if you could stop with the negative tone towards the forum software, it seems to be in a majority of your posts that I see anymore. What Ron has said is true by a majority - it's due to the popularity. My website is nowhere near as popular as Malwarebytes, and it is rarely hit by spam on the forums. Another that I moderate on is rather popular, though I believe they have their anti-spam configured in a much better fashion and they too are rarely hit by spam. @AdvancedSetup I'm curious how and what all is configured here for the IPS Spam Service. I may also contact @msherwood about it too, as I'd love to help out if possible.
  25. This has been going on for a while now, a few weeks I believe. Teamviewer completely denies that anything is wrong. A few links: Official statement blaming user's passwords - archive.is snapshot Support Twitter account with user interactions - [Mirror of some] [canned replies] [in case they take them down] , archive.is snapshot of some Twitter account, seems to be empty - archive.is snapshot Facebook page with people's posts - archive.is snapshot TV threatening writers to change articles - archive.is snapshot The /r/teamviewer megathread The Register article on the issue - They are getting canned replies too. archive.is snapshot Inquisitr article on the issue - archive.is snapshot CloudPro article on the issue - archive.is snapshot TV still denies a breach even with this thread linked . - archive.is snapshot Some support: Check if your TV Account was hacked into Check your logs! If you had someone connect to your machines, they may have ran a browser password sniffer program Security practices in case you still want/need to use TV Hack survey Alternatives: Name Free or Paid Trial available Aimed at Home or Enterprise users Open Source For Unattended Remote Desktop or Remote Assistance Notes LogMeIn Paid Yes Enterprise No Both Now non-free, and had a bad reputation since "Microsoft Support" phone scammers used it. Some suggest that a long time ago it had bad support. Chrome Remote Desktop Free -- Home The browser part of it Both Needs Chrome to be running? Remmina Free -- Both Yes Unattended RD Linux and Unix only. RealVNC Paid and Free* Yes Both Current version is not Unattended RD *Free only for non-commercial use. TightVNC Free -- Both Yes* Unattended RD *Source code for commercial use requires a license UltraVNC Free -- Both Yes* Unattended RD ultravnc.com is not their site, squatted by RealVNC. *Sourceforge link MS Remote Desktop Connection Free* -- Enterprise No Unattended RD** Windows built-in. *Home versions of Windows only connect to other machines, not connected to. **Disables the computer from being used while an RD connection is running. The user may interrupt it. GotoMyPC Paid Yes Enterprise No Unattended RD -- ScreenConnect Paid Yes Enterprise No Both -- Bomgar Paid Yes Enterprise No Both -- Ammyy Admin Paid and Free* No Both No Unattended RD Also had a bad reputation for tech support scammers using it. *Free for non-commercial use. AnyDesk Paid and Free* No Both No Unattended RD -- Jump Desktop Paid No Enterprise No Unattended RD Only an RDP+VNC client, needs a server. Android, OSX, iOS only. NoMachine Paid and Free* Yes Both No Unattended RD *Free for non-commercial use. Licensing is per CPU-cores. SplashTop Paid and Free* Yes Both No Both *Free for non-commercial use. Notes: Apps that I listed as non-open source may have open source components. Other remote desktop software on Wikipedia Edit nth: Added some more alternatives, adblock warning at UVNC, also thanks for the gold kind stranger! Edit nth+1: TV looks like now threatening publications and writers. Edit nth+2: Thanks for the second gold, kind anonymous stranger! Added a comparison page suggested in the comments. Also added an another TV reply. Edit nth+3: Have had an another alternative suggested. Three gildings, thank you! Edit nth+4: I got some PMs that suspiciously sounded like advertisements, I only added only the bigger alternatives. Added some details on alternatives, tell me if I got anything wrong. Added lots of snapshots in case someone takes the originals down. Thanks for everyone's support! Edit nth+5: Added some links for help. https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/4m7ay6/teamviewer_has_been_hacked_they_are_denying/
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