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  1. Blocking .WS sites as scam

    We’ve removed your site. You see this with our next update coming later today. Thanks for letting us know about it!
  2. Blocking .WS sites as scam

    We’re looking into this. Be back in a bit with clarification.
  3. Thanks for letting us know about this, @geekGirl999! What @exile360 said is correct. I've locked the thread and put up messaging on where users can get help.
  4. IMPORTANT: Web Blocking / RAM Usage

    We will be locking this thread as we're starting to see unrelated posts happening. If you're in need of assistance, please check out the following: For assistance on how to recover for home users, click here For assistance on how to recover for for corporate users, click here For assistance on an issue unrelated to the Web Blocking / RAM Usage, click here to start a new topic
  5. Thanks for letting us know. I'll message you directly to get more details about your inquiry and where we missed on it.
  6. Yeah, it's a really unique and special place. Enjoyed Santiago and especially the areas around Sculpture Park Museum and Metropolitan Park. You bet!
  7. You bet! Spent some time in Santiago and then much further south between Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine. Beside the amazing hike to Mirador Base Las Torres, I absolutely loved the small town of Puerto Natales. A seemingly endless amount of ridiculously tasty food there! You close to any of these areas?
  8. @kramdish - I just sent your rep an email. Expect a follow-up from them shortly. @alicias - something's up with your lead and how it's getting routed (or not) here. Check your PMs and I'll help ya for now.
  9. hahaha no way! I actually thought of you when I read your username but didn't think it was actually you.
  10. Okay, cool. You in Chile too like @kramdish? Was down there a few months back and absolutely loved it!
  11. Hello! Thanks for sticking with us. We're a bit backed up now. @vbarytskyy is waiting on the name of the reps being assigned to you two. If you don't hear anything by today, ping me here or directly.
  12. ANSWERED Malwarebytes FAQ translation

    Let us check and see if we have something already. Presume you want it in Finnish? @AlexSmith @celee - can you check on this?
  13. February 2018 Password Leaks

    Thanks for sharing and letting us know. What's referenced here is the Malwarebytes Forums breach that happened in Nov 2014. We addressed it very quickly back then by 1) informing users, 2) sending out password resets and 3) adjusting our hosting environment. This breach did not affect any other Malwarebytes products or systems.
  14. PM threads - Return to the beginning

    They haven't given a date yet. Yes, we submit almost all bugs reported and do so within the day or week they come up.