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  1. Per your request, we've removed your account.
  2. IPS Community Suite has been updated today to version See the original post for a link to the release notes.
  3. We just pushed a new version (8.1.3): Direct: @nukecad - let us know how it's working for you!
  4. We've got the build updated and it's with QA now. We're targeting the deployment of this new build within 24 hours. Again, if you're seeing this issue simply reboot your machine.
  5. We've figured this out. We're terminating "fontdrvhost" and that's causing the issues you're seeing. How to fix: reboot your system. We're working on an updated build and we'll publish that ASAP. Thanks again for the bug report!
  6. Hey @nukecad. We're still troubleshooting this one. We'll be in touch soon.
  7. With the 4.1.19 update, Malwarebytes Staff signatures were broken. To fix, please do the following: Go here: Remove old sig Paste: Press Ctrl + right-click on MB staff image, Edit image In the Link URL field, paste: Click update, then save This has been fixed. If you're still seeing this, force refresh the page.
  8. You're too fast!
  9. As you may have noticed, the forums was down for a few hours today. Just as many other sites and services around the net, our forums provider (Invision Power Services) was also affected by the Amazon AWS outage. Read more about the AWS outage and see AWS Service Health Dashboard here. We're back in business!
  10. Got it, thanks.
  11. @David H. Lipman from IPS... Which theme is the user using? What screen resolution are they viewing the site with? Which browser are they using?
  12. Thanks for this, @David H. Lipman. We've got a couple of items open with IPS around the editor and posting right now. We'll add this to discussion.
  13. The post is locked so we can more easily keep track of and respond to individual feedback. Feel free to start a new thread and post your 3.0.6 findings within the Malwarebytes 3.0 forum.
  14. Hello @Confuzzled. Yahoo!'s two-factor authentication (2FA) codes can come from (408) 610-4900 (voice) as well as 837-401 (text). The scammers most likely spoofed the (408) 610-4900 number in an attempt to make you think it was Yahoo! I'm not sure what the 2FA phone number was pre Dec 15, 2016. Today it's what I just shared.
  15. We're aware and working with IPS on this. No planned updates. We'll share more information once we hear back from IPS and have this resolved. Locking this one.