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  1. msherwood

    Impossible to Reach Support?

    Thanks for the quick call. Figured out it was routed incorrectly due to the company's splitting. So we never got a notice that you need something. Watch for an email in the next few minutes.
  2. msherwood

    Impossible to Reach Support?

    Sorry to hear this, @BotenRedWolf. Sending you a direct email now.
  3. Hi @changingtide. Checking on this and will be back in touch shortly. Edit: someone from Support will be reaching out to you shortly.
  4. Please do! Thanks for your support!
  5. @SunGirl - please ignore the post with the "1-855" Malwarebytes support number. It was a spam post and is not legit. @nasdaq will be able to help you.
  6. msherwood

    Need help to check my PC

    @Agus - please ignore the post with the "1-855" Malwarebytes support number. It was a spam post and is not legit. @nasdaq will be able to help you.
  7. Hi @cc123! You're most likely fine. Make sure you're using unique and complex passwords on all of your accounts. Also, use two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever possible and a password manager. Take a look over here at this post:
  8. msherwood

    Signing up is painful

    Hi and welcome to the forums, @xolobi96! Thanks for your feedback. The flow limitation is on the IPS platform side; we can share your feedback with them. On the reCAPTCHA, that's a step we must require as it helps keep the spam down as we get a grip of it.
  9. msherwood

    Great Chat Support

    Thanks for sharing this! @PhilStophas been given a proper "Atta Boy" by our team here!
  10. Great to hear! Thanks for checking and staying on top of this one.
  11. It was our understanding that this one (and some of the other longer standing ones) may be fixed in the 4.3.x update. We haven't moved to that and are working on a deployment plan. We're targeting to be on 4.3.x within this month.
  12. msherwood

    Possible Fraudulent

    Hi @LouisAZ. Unfortunately, the company you worked with is not us and they are running a scam. Our official support team doesn't offer chat on the weekends (you can see options here). Wanted to share this ASAP so you know what's up. As far as your machine and what's going on, hang tight and one of our community members here will jump in and help you. Please make sure you complete the steps above as those will help us serve you better.
  13. msherwood

    Firefox blocker is blocking MB forum

    Dev team is reviewing this. I removed your link.

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