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  1. Having MBAM installed twice (VMware Workstation) and on host. The status of both: current. On Host it is v.3.3.1 and the one on VMware Workstation is v.3.1.2 How to have that version updated? Yes, it pretty much sounds as a newbie question, but normally I don't need to worry about it, so I don't know. Thanks.
  2. Ah, right! I just noticed (version history), there were no releases between 3.06 and 3.1x latter being released only 3 days ago. I wrongly assumed there might have been one or two releases in between which then would have been bypassing me. Sorry for the confusion... ahum.. =
  3. Thanks, have just downloaded mb3-setup-consumer- and intend to install it shortly. MB didn't warn me about a version update - I checked settings just now and 'Notify me whenfull version updates are available' is enabled. =
  4. Probably I haven't tagged and/or overlooking something... Is there a way to get a notification once there is a program update? Other applications either automatically update, or show some pop-up telling me about a newer version. Coincidentally discovered that v3.1 has been released whereas I was still at 3.0x Thanks. =
  5. Up front... Sorry for saying so, I don't want to be disrespectful to the developers and all folks at Malwarebytes, but after trying v3.x a while ago, I noticed my pc was slowing done a bit and also I got this pop-up each time after booting. Frankly, I forgot what it was. Personally, I felt/assumed that v3 might still include some minor bugs, which would be sorted out/fixed over coming months. Until then v2.x was fine. The other day v2 could not be updated anymore(?) and I was more or less 'forced' to install v3.x which I did, using v.3.06. v3.06 reported that Real Time Protection wa
  6. Would recommend to add a separate topic: how to install in case of an existing v2 install. Just a few lines will do. Should I first uninstall v2 or will v3 detect an existing v2 and overwrite that? Thanks =
  7. About deleting attachments, I agree with you on that: the things how it has been set now, is that you can delete individual attachments. Only point I wanted to make is that a newcomer may quickly overlook the buttons, well, at least I did: normally there is no need to delete an attachment, so one does not pay attention to the existence. Maybe colorize the button (red for delete). Anyway... I know now :-) Thanks for the feedback. = p.s. as for resizing, I've looked up another forum where a post looks like this. when clicking on the medium sized image, it will be displayed fu
  8. FWIW = Fault bucket , type 0 Event Name: AppHangXProcB1 Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: P2: P3: P4: P5: P6: P7: P8: P9: P10: Attached files: \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WER65A1.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml These files may be available here: Analysis symbol: Rechecking for solution: 0 Report ID: 7428b5d0-cf35-11e6-a6bd-40e230e21227 Report Status: 8192 Hashed bucket: = The program mbam.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was dosed. To see if more informatio
  9. As the title says: how to create a task that only scans once at first boot of the pc. On reboot: assume it will scan at each and every reboot, which is not necessary. Once: probably not an option Daily maybe? Is that at 1st boot only? Reason for this is that I usually switch on my pc and then continue to do a number of other things before getting back to my pc. This way, the pc may run (update) tasks or whatever. Am considering to add running MBAM also be a task. Thanks. = =
  10. When inserting an image, it will show in 'full size'. When inserting multiple images, the thread gets way too big. That's to say, from my point of view. A more 'elegant' way would be to have the images inserted as thumbnails, or as medium sized images. Once a user -optionally- clicks on it, it will then resize to 100%. AFAIK currently there is no method to do that? Or am I overlooking an option..?? btw I wanted to delete an attachment and initially did not find the delete button... I was about the close the thread posting and start all over, then I discovered the tiny recyc
  11. The taskbar button shows a 'Protection disabled' warning. AFAIK all protections are active(?) so the button is a bit confusing. I have also installed MBAM on a VM, the same issue there. Relaunching Windows solves this, i.e. the protection disabled warning disappears after a reboot. It's a minor thing, I know, but maybe this should also be fixed in the next release? Or am I the only one now ? = =
  12. It strikes me that doing a search here, takes a lllong time (30-40 seconds or so) and then ends up in an error like the below. I tried this a few times. Something wrong? = ERROR The request could not be satisfied. CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection. Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront) Request ID: 40aUGFQ9hJBqBn 9ZDaOSOwz27pVifDV60Lh9aVIrERVKxZVZh5I4A== =
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