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endpoint and another antivirus?


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Greetings :)

Yes, you absolutely may if you wish to.  In fact, approximately half of our paid users are currently running Malwarebytes without an additional antivirus.  That said, we continue to design our products to be fully compatible with antivirus and other protection/security software products in realtime should you choose to add more layers to your system's security configuration.  In fact, if you still want an AV but don't want to pay for it (assuming you are currently using a paid antivirus) you may simply remove your current AV and install Microsoft Security Essentials which is Microsoft's own free lightweight basic antivirus solution.  The two run quite well together in realtime without conflicts.  There are also several other free AVs available from other vendors such as Avast!, Avira, AVG, Bitdefender, Sophos and at least a few others if you want additional options.

The final choice is of course up to you, however even if you choose not to use an antivirus any more and use Malwarebytes alone, we are confident that the protection it provides is sufficient to keep your systems and data safe from online threats and attacks thanks to all of the layers of protection built into Malwarebytes 3 including our longstanding best in class malware protection which uses heuristics and threat signatures to target known and unknown malware executables that try to run in memory, our web protection which blocks known malicious websites and servers known to host malware, exploits, scams, phishing and other malicious content, our exploit protection which uses several layers of behavior based exploit defense and detection technologies to stop exploits before they can compromise your system or your software and/or load malware onto your system, our anti-ransomware protection which uses behavior based rules and heuristics signatures to target both known and unknown ransomware, as well as our brand new advanced anomaly detection technology which uses heuristics algorithms to detect new unknown 0-day malware files and processes.  On top of that of course we also provide our scanning and remediation engine which has its own definitions, malware signatures and heuristics to detect and clean any threat and detect signs and components of infection, including not only malware files, registry data, folders and processes, but also system changes that may be the result of a present or past infection or attack.  We are constantly working to enhance our technologies further with each release and we publish signature updates multiple times daily (usually 10 or more per day) in order to stay on top of the latest known and unknown malware threats on the web.

I hope that I've sufficiently answered your questions but if not, please let us know and don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else.

Thanks :) 

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Isn't it risky saying this can replace AV software when the other threads in this forum have MB staff suggesting turning off the broken portions of the software?

Let's say I follow exile360's advice and remove my other AV software.

Then let's say I follow KDawg's advice and turn off self-protection module.

Then let's say my entire network gets encrypted from Ransomware through the machine that has self-protection turned off.

Who is liable for the downtime? The recovery costs? The possibility of no backups and the company becoming insolvent?


Is that on the admins shoulders that decided MWAB EPP was good enough to keep their network safe? Should he be fired for trusting something said in this forum? Should MB be held accountable for damages? It's the admins job to make sure the network is safe, they can only trust what the company tells them, so if MB tells admins that this absolutely can replace AV software, and then a feature doesn't work properly and a company loses millions of dollars in lost business and downtime, who is at fault?

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Just read the End-User Agreement, if an admin can prove that the software was faulty and that led to an incursion, MB is only required to repay any subscription fees paid in the last 12 months. So hopefully nobody signs up for the multiple-year service agreement considering MB liability expires after the first year.

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Personal opinion:

I will probably ALWAYS run a malware product and a AV product.  A reputable AV product is good at AV.  That is their largest focus.  Malwarebytes has helped me out more times than I can count in the past, which is the only reason I'm willing to fight through these growing pains, but they are really good at scanning for malware.  That is their focus.  While I understand that you "could" stop with another AV and run malwarebytes, as an IT Manager, I won't.  ESPECIALLY right now until things become more stable with the software.

Hope that helps mwbusr.

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