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  1. I did not get any logs at time, I was just trying to get it up and running. I did have it happen on my computer this morning too at time of scheduled scan. I agree 35% is not wild by any means, and I have yet to be able to explain it, but I've had Malwarebytes do that to me multiple times under various conditions. on multiple PCs. It can range from 12%-40% and the PC acts like it's at 99%. As soon as I kill the process, everything is hunky dory. This is the ONLY program in 25 years of IT work that I have ever seen that happen with. Rob
  2. This morning I came in to 2 computers (so far) that where came to complete grind. Very slow and unresponsive at times. I was able to get task manager up and running after a few minutes and saw 35% CPU usage taken up steadily by the Malwarebytes service. Killed the process and the computer was good. No more issues. Restarted teh service and it still seems to be working. Just wanted to let people know that you may want to have people reboot. Rob
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