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  1. Just to let you know, people have been complaining about this issue to MalwareBytes for over a year, you can check some of my old posts if they haven't been deleted. Either they don't care, or enough people aren't submitting tickets for them to figure it out and fix it, but this problem plagued our machines for the entire length of our subscription. Not one of the many updates they pushed out fixed it, in a few cases the updates actually broke the software requiring us to reinstall on dozens of machines. Good luck, but don't hold your breath.
  2. Any hints at what you've moved to? We've been using another AV software in the background so I don't have to rely on MWB, took awhile to configure each to ignore the other one. But MWB is getting pretty bad, anytime a user tells me their computer is slow I check process explorer and sure enough MWB is stuck at 25%-50% and hundreds of Megs if not gigs of memory. Kill th process and everything is better instantly. It's too bad the home premium version is so great and the corporate version completely s***s the bed.
  3. This fix is expected late 2017 or early 2018 at the latest. I don't think I will be renewing my subscription in September.
  4. You must be new here. I've been here since August using endpoint protection and this is just par for the course. Very few bug fixes, very few feature requests added. But hey, if you've got a mac you can subject all your macs to this software now. It's only got about 20 new bugs to go along with all the old ones.
  5. Well luckily anti-malware software isn't really one of this companies strengths...
  6. I still have widespread issues with this, still hard to tell which machines are updated properly so I'm manually checking each endpoint still. Users have reported that browsing their computer and the network is impossible until they end process on mbam service, then everything is fine.
  7. I'm confused here, I said I was waiting for this to show up on the Endpoint Overview screen, to which you replied it's there, you just have to click on the endpoint to see it? That feature has always been part of the endpoint overview, I've been requesting that it be added as afield under the Endpoint Overview screen where all the endpoints are listed. I still do not see it there nor any way to add it to that screen. Clicking through hundreds of computers to check their versions is obviously a lot slower than having it as a realtime list under endpoints.
  8. Do you have a public list of things to be implemented and things on the wishlist?
  9. Great! Can you add filter controls to show the various database/engine versions on this screen as well? I like that I can get that information from the CSV report but it would be a little easier to use if it was just available under endpoints. Then I could see in real-time my updates to the system.
  10. Was there any good cause or justification for removing Windows versions from the Endpoint List? Do we just not need to know which of our machines are running XP/7/8/10?
  11. The update email last week mentioned 5 known issues with MAC endpoint protection so I'm sure there are unknown issues as well. Honestly given the performance over the last 6 months, would you want to test a brand new version of this on your MAC systems?
  12. Interesting, I haven't seen that link before. I wonder if you can subscribe to it and get notified of anything that gets posted. The information in the topic about yesterdays update is the same information that was included in the email.
  13. They did send out an email on Monday telling us this was coming, they didn't mention it breaking anything though. A nice feature they have finally added in is Database versions for the asset report. You can dump all your asset information into an excel file, then filter out the duplicate endpoints (it puts in a separate endpoint record for each piece of software installed) and what you will be left with is just your endpoints with their versions of databases. You can hide the unrelevant columns and go from there. That being said, I am slightly concerned that across 81 endpoints, I have 17 different Protection Update Versions. At least now I can check these relatively quickly.
  14. To be fair, this time I did receive notification on Monday, March 5th that they would be pushing out an update lastnight at 8pm EST. Looks like most of the improvements were adding Mac functionality, also introduced 5 known issues with Macs.
  15. Yeah I noticed that too, all the machines still run the Endpoint Agent Tray, just the icon is missing. Systems still running better. I'll take it for now.
  16. Agreed, I've had almost no complaints about endpoints since I've turned it off, and the complaints I do get are usually Adobe memory related now.
  17. I don't have one handy but I think there is a sticky in the forum that points to release information. It says to go here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/business But that just asks you to signup to yet another site, apparently neither the malwarebytes forums login nor the malwarebytes cloud login is good for the support website. I haven't bothered to signup a third account to this website, that seems excessive.
  18. Yeah at first I thought that was a good way to determine if endpoints were being properly protected, but then I found you had to actually hover over the icon to see if you had "Malwarebytes" or "Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection", the icon popup would say different things depending on how much of Malwarebytes got loaded properly. And even then the "Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection" doesn't guarantee it's working, just that it looks like its working.
  19. I've made the request multiple times that that information is available on the Endpoints screen, both the latest builds listed at the top and the ability to show what version each endpoint is running without having to click on them. I've been told repeatedly it is coming in the 'next' version upgrade.
  20. I did disable it and have had fewer reports of people complaining about slow machines. I haven't been able to specifically identify a successful case, but since nobody used the function and it was apparently detrimental to some, I removed it. I suppose if you have end users that need to frequently scan things you could create a separate profile for them with it enabled.
  21. Click on an endpoint, in the bottom right corner is a button called "Related Tasks" under there you can schedule a "Check for Protection Updates" This can also be done if you go to the Endpoints overview screen, click the blank checkbox in the top left to select all your endpoints, then click on Actions and under there "Check for Protection Updates" You can also schedule scans in this area. Looks like you already found this, and found that it doesn't do anything.
  22. I noticed this across most of my endpoints as well, it took some time before I could find two with matching version numbers. I scheduled a protection update to see if that helped. Haven't checked back since.
  23. Just for the tray icon!?! Crazyness, I'm going to turn that off right now, end users never perform their own scans anyway.
  24. Do you mean you turned off the option for endpoints to have the tray-icon and the high-ram usage went away?
  25. Oh. So they did push out another update without notifying us? I guess that DOES explain all the problems I've been having this week. I think they fixed it so that MWAB doesn't show up as the culprit anymore, just 100% CPU and memory used, but nothing actually using it.
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