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  1. Have you tried restarting your computer? How about uninstalling everything and rebooting a half dozen times and running our custom uninstall script? Have you tried restarting your computer? Can I suggest upgrading to Windows 10 and reinstalling everything from scratch? Maybe try a Mac next time?
  2. Four of my endpoints just found this to be Malware. Search brought me to the home software forum here where someone indicated it was a false-positive. Don't forget to update your corporate version to include this. Looks like all my endpoints are finding it, first four were just the ones done their scans first. Hopefully it's not important as it's being quarantined on all my endpoints.
  3. If it's the other thread I asked this question in in November then their answer was end of Q4. I'm guessing that's either end of Q1 or end of Q2 now.
  4. If you had to install the .net framework you will need to reboot before it shows up.
  5. Any ETA of when we will be able to add our own columns to the endpoint screen or at least when you will add database versions to it so I don't have to click on every single PC to find out what database version they are at?
  6. So you paid tens of thousands to beta test for them. Don't think you'll be reimbursed for your time they've wasted either.
  7. I'm guessing this is the first time this has happened to you with this software? This will be the 3rd or 4th "accidentally testing something in the production environment requiring endusers to reinstall everything" since October. If this sort of thing is a severe risk to your career I would suggest using ANYTHING other than this software as it is NOT ready for public usage/deployment. Unless your users are understanding that they may occasionally not be able to use their computer for a day or two at a time. Luckily, if your system is infected while your protection modules are disabled while they try to work out what they screwed up, they will refund you up to 12 months of subscription fees! So your client may lose everything and your IT support company goes insolvent, but at least you'll get that sweet sweet refund money.
  8. This is most of the complaints on here. They decided to rush this into production and deployment before they even finished the UI and features list let-alone work out the bugs. AND THEY'RE CHARGING PEOPLE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO BETA TEST THIS FOR THEM!
  9. This has to be about the 4th or 5th time they have recommended I uninstall their software from every PC (~125 spreadout across North America and parts of Europe) and then reinstall the software. I haven't had to do it yet this month so I don't know if I still have to run the suite of uninstall tools to remove it. Last time I had to wipe computers I needed to run their mb_clean to get this off the computer. If the solution this time is to uninstall the software, this will be the last time I uninstall the software.
  10. It's so quick and easy! Just like the fixes MalwareBytes suggests! So far Malwarebytes has cost my company more time and resources just trying to keep this software limping along and not killing our workstations than the original problem that prompted the installation of this software. I feel a better solution is just a proper backup and let the hackers run roughshod over the network, at least then I'm not paying for the pleasure of being told to go spend a couple hundred hours fixing the problem the solution has introduced.
  11. Yes, unfortunately most often the solution to the problem with this software is to just remove it. This was a semi-workable solution when it was only installed on one of my machines. Now that I'm up to 125 machines I'm about ready for a refund.
  12. Do we have to do this on ALL of our machines? Can't you guys test this stuff in some sort of test-environment? Since the start of October every time there is something wrong on my network it's MalwareBytes "accidentally" pushed out an upgrade that took down a large portion of our network and the "quick" fix is that I have to go to every machine (which now are running slow as molasses) and run a couple commands? I am REALLY getting tired of this, managing MalwareBytes on my network is becoming a full time job.
  13. Offline Clients still not fixed

    I find the online/offline to be intermittent. Does it report being online recently or not since you installed the software?
  14. Correct. For awhile I also couldn't get the tray icon to appear on Windows XP but after doing an unrelated repair/install on the Windows XP machine it appeared.
  15. Interested in this, at least one of my Windows XP boxes does this.