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  1. I did not get any logs at time, I was just trying to get it up and running. I did have it happen on my computer this morning too at time of scheduled scan. I agree 35% is not wild by any means, and I have yet to be able to explain it, but I've had Malwarebytes do that to me multiple times under various conditions. on multiple PCs. It can range from 12%-40% and the PC acts like it's at 99%. As soon as I kill the process, everything is hunky dory. This is the ONLY program in 25 years of IT work that I have ever seen that happen with. Rob
  2. This morning I came in to 2 computers (so far) that where came to complete grind. Very slow and unresponsive at times. I was able to get task manager up and running after a few minutes and saw 35% CPU usage taken up steadily by the Malwarebytes service. Killed the process and the computer was good. No more issues. Restarted teh service and it still seems to be working. Just wanted to let people know that you may want to have people reboot. Rob
  3. Who is deciding what gets released in each months updates? Other than stability improvements, none of the updates in the last 6+ months have had any new features that I care about. I really want to see when things were scanned last, easily, without having to click on every client. This way I know easily when things aren't working. I want systems to scan if they missed a scan time. I have a whole long list that I've sent in before about all of my wish-list items, but those 2 things are truly the only things I care about and I consider fairly important, as others have asked for it too. Rob
  4. I lied. One more thing as it's related. 5.) If we are making changes to the Enspoints page to be able to show more columns, PLEASE keep the header and everything above it (Display number, groups, Add, etc) frozen as you scroll. Rob
  5. The top priorities to me to see in future releases: 1.) Continue with rollouts that don't require user intervention (for me, so far so good past couple releases) 2.) Seeing What versions things are without having to click on them. 3.) Seeing the last time the system was scanned on the endpoint screen 4.) Having the system scan if it missed a scheduled scan. I know there is more, but as far as I see, those are the easiest (other than maybe #4) to implement. You obviously already have the data, are already showing the data, it's just a matter of showing it somewhere else too. @djacobson I'm glad you are back. Hope all is well. I have been thinking over the last month or so that communication is failing again. It appears you are the only one doing anything with the forums. Kdawg chimes in occasionally, but I definitely noticed that communication was lacking again. I was losing faith. Now I know why.
  6. What can we do to get that MUCH higher on the list. I've been looking for that for almost a year.
  7. I agree they need to do a better job of letting us know. Like maybe the email system they setup over a month ago, but in the meantime this is where I look. https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/business/content?filterID=contentstatus[published]~category[endpoint-protection]
  8. I have a machine that has not reported since 2/22/2018 at 4:01pm. Services are running. PC has access to internet. Restarted the computer. I have a lot of laptops that go on and offline. How do I know when things are working and when they aren't? Rob
  9. I had a couple machines that were acting stupid last week. MWAB showed around 200MB usage. For giggles, I killed the process, and wham, PC acting just fine again. Process started back up and I have not seen it again.
  10. It's nice that the version is there as of the last update, but when is it going to be a sortable column in the endpoint list. I do not want to have to click on each client one at a time to see who has what version. Rob
  11. Is there any update on when the definition version will be available to view in teh list with the endpoints? Rob
  12. The solution I came up with was: Open task manager, Kill Malwarebytes service Open services, set Malwarebytes Service to disable. Kill the process again in task manager. start the service again, remembering to reset the startup type to disabled again. This will prevent the service from restarting without you wanting it to. Watch the task manager. If memory usage climbs too fast, or climbs over 500MB, kill it again. Restart service. right click, start scan, wait as long as you feel comfortable while watching task manager and how much memory it uses. Stop the scan, try to nicely stop the service and restart it. May have to bounce the service a couple more times until the update get downloaded. Once the download gets updated the service seems to only take up around 250MB and stops climbing. That's how you know it took and you never have to restart the machine and you don't have to deal with uninstalling the software. Now, I am very happy with how far the company has come with it's open communication and appreciate the email I received explaining what happened. However, I agree, a better testing should be done before it's pushed. I am torn on whether to try this "one more time", however, this is 2.5 strikes. If I do decide to give it another chance, it is most definitely the last. I don't want this to turn into a bitching fest, and am not bashing the company, but they do need to understand how serious I am about it all.
  13. MBAMService just crashed 26 of my servers. All high memory usage. I had to work through getting them back online, disabling the service, then killing the process. This is the only way I could get it to stop crashing the servers. If you killed the process it would restart and take all the memory again. I mean ALL of it. I've had software with memory leaks before, but I've never seen anything literally leave 50MB of 64GB before. I will be removing this from all my servers and will not be reinstalling as I just spent 3 hours on my Saturday trying to get things functional again. Rob
  14. Can you fix it from the cloud end if the PC can't connect to the internet to get the update?
  15. After you give it a static IP just so it can get on the internet again. That is a perfect example that I spoke of a few months ago why I need the option to be able to add exceptions and do "things" at the PC. Having a "slave only" application sounds nice, but never works out appropriately. I was fortunate that my remote office has enough guys that can connect to their phones long enough for me to remote in and "fix" these machines.
  16. Now we've all been bitching a bit in the past, but I want to say @djacobson that I appreciate the MUCH improved communication, so thank you.
  17. So, when I make a change to something, I have a test environment that I deploy it to first. Then I deploy "global". It might be a good idea for Malwarebytes to at least consider please.
  18. Ditto. Every machine online right now, and the calls are coming in.
  19. Could we get a post on this forum? That would probably reach the most of us.
  20. Pretty sure I never saw that Communicating stuff like this WITHOUT us having to go looking for anything would probably squelch 90% of our bitching. As I've been saying since day one, it's the lack of communication that frustrates me the most. Problems will occur, but as long as I hear about it and WHY, then I'm normally ok about it.
  21. Personal opinion: I will probably ALWAYS run a malware product and a AV product. A reputable AV product is good at AV. That is their largest focus. Malwarebytes has helped me out more times than I can count in the past, which is the only reason I'm willing to fight through these growing pains, but they are really good at scanning for malware. That is their focus. While I understand that you "could" stop with another AV and run malwarebytes, as an IT Manager, I won't. ESPECIALLY right now until things become more stable with the software. Hope that helps mwbusr.
  22. I get that it could be self replicating, but wouldn't it get picked up in another scan then? I'm deleting from the original "infection".
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