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Fake malwarebytes


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has anyone heard of a fake malwarebytes app/program ?

my old dad just asked for help with this program called malewarebytes that is holding his computer to ransom,

i i know for a fact , this is not you but.

i have not yet had time to install everything on his computer  apart from basic anti virus protection,

Malwarebytes  (yours) has not yet been installed.

so i presume it must be a fake program.

a little yes or no from you lot might help in the restoration of his comp.

also this info might help you.




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I have not heard of one, but that does not mean it does not exist.

Perhaps providing a screen shot of the app here so we can take a look?

i am not able to take a look till saturday but as soon as i do,

i will send in my findings.

thanks for a virtually instant answer.

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Does my real pro mbam detect the fake?


If there are files associated with what's classed as a "Rogue" then rest assured, BornSlippy is on top of it and has submitted the files for detection.


As for Virus Total URL lineups, that is NOT a real indicator.  A site that deals with fraud may NOT be classed as a "malicious URL".  For example, I deal with many Job Fraud sites.  None will show up on Virus Total as while Job Frauds may be deemed malicious, it is not characterized as malicious in the realm of malware foisting and vulnerability exploitation in the computer sense.  In the Human sense it is Social Engineering and that is the Human Exploit but it is too subtle for malware related software scanners to throw up a Red Flag on such a site on Virus Total.


Some examples of Job Fraud web sites...



www.shippinglink.us, www.shippinglink.be, www.shippinglinks.net, etc



Work-at-Home Scams

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seems my old dad was trying to get malwarebytes,

but ended up with Dream Aquarium and some desktop help garbage plus the ask toolbar.


running the real malwarebytes chameleon

it managed to remove virtually everything (123 items),

i ran ADWCleaner to grab the rest.


job done.


Thanks all.

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