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    How do you prevent PUPs?

  2. David H. Lipman

    How do you prevent PUPs?

    Just visiting a web site will not install a standalone application. However, there are web sites that offer Add-Ons and Plug-Ins to Browsers. They too may be PUPs. Don't allow un-vetted web sites to install Browser Add-Ons and Plug-Ins.
  3. David H. Lipman

    How do you prevent PUPs?

    The quantity is undefined. Thus I can only provide a generality. Potentially Unwanted Software ( PUP ) is usually placed on a system via the Bundling process. You download Program A but it bundles Program B and Program C with it so when you install Program A the others are also installed. You have to make a conscious effort to not install Program B and Program C.
  4. David H. Lipman

    How do you prevent PUPs?

    Avoid software that bundles other software. If a particular software does bundle, never accept the default installation options. Choose the Advanced installation option and deselect the added, bundled, software.
  5. David H. Lipman

    protection of network share on a NAS

    The Retail version is not designed for that. That is a Business version construct. Since databases are not a PE executable, its a moot point because MBAM does not target database files, media files, documents, text files, etc.
  6. David H. Lipman

    What are you watching ?

  7. David H. Lipman

    Forum Editor issues with WMV attachments

    This appears to be partially fixed. After an attachment is made and the post is Submitted, the WMV is treated as an attachment. However if you choose to place the WMV ( or other media object ) into the body of the Post, the Editor tries to render the media file creating a Media Player. That then makes using the editor, unusable. catwake-up.wmv
  8. Posting a MWV has now become cumbersome. Before the latest Forum update, one could just attach a WMV and place the attacment, as an attachment, anywhere in the body ofthe post. Now if one places the WMV attachment anywhere in the body it takes a while and tries to embed a content player and play the content and fouls up the ability to edit the Body of the post . Even if I go back and try to edit the post, the Editor fouls-up. The Editor Creates the content player area that does not come-up. It only displays a content playing toolbar. It makes editing the Post very problematic. When the post is made, the attachment shows as an attachment. There is no reason why a content player should be shown while in the Editor while a completed post does not show a content player but shows the attachment. I created a demonstration video of the above but dealing with the Editor was such a a PITA that I had to place it in a ZIP and attach the ZIP file instead. Demonstration.zip
  9. David H. Lipman

    Walmart Gift Card Pop Up

    Clear the cache of the browser and look at your browsing habits and what sites you visit that lead to such malvertisements. As a type of advertisement it is not something you have that you can get rid of. Its like driving down a particular road that has lots of billboards that you find are annoying so you drive a different route.
  10. David H. Lipman

    Walmart Gift Card Pop Up

    This isn't malware related. Its an advertisement than leans towards being a scam. This is is type of malicious advertisement ( aka; malvertisement ) and is not caused by software on your PC. It is an artifact of browsing the Internet Today. While you are browsing the internet, you may hit a malvertiser URL ( a URL that almost certainly will redirect one to a malvertisement ) and thus experience this type of scam.
  11. David H. Lipman


  12. David H. Lipman

    Email notification URL's are dead.

    I think the way to "fix it" is give the Forum Member the ability to choose Plain Text or HTML emails.
  13. David H. Lipman

    Email notification URL's are dead.

    That may be an artifact by the email client converting Email HTML to Plain Text and not due to how the email is sent.
  14. David H. Lipman

    Microsoft Finally Begins Testing Windows Updates

    Late to the party but, but better late than never. Thanks @Firefox
  15. David H. Lipman

    My Account stolen hackers!

    You can't ! Once data is out there, there is little or no control over it. You can however enter your email address(es) in the following site and it will check to see if that email address was part of a known breach. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ " they hacked 100 billion people " Since there are only 6 ~ 7 ~7.7 Billion Humans on planet Earth, and a percentage do not even use the Internet or any Internet connected devices, that's an exaggeration to say the least.
  16. David H. Lipman

    Malicious emails

    The entity may have bought, bartered and/or traded the data and they were subsequently hacked. For example the SpamLists.
  17. David H. Lipman

    Malicious emails

    Because it is not malware. This is purely a scam and they send those emails out en masse hoping one or two bite at the bait. Just delete the email and then change your email password to a new Strong Password just to make sure. Additionally, you can enter your email address(es) in the following site and it will check to see if that email address was part of a known breach. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Please reference: ----------------- MyOnlinesecurity - attempted-blackmail-scam-watching-porn BleepingComputers - Beware of Extortion Scams Stating They Have Video of You on Adult Sites Malwarebytes' Blog - Sextortion emails: They’re probably not watching you Malwarebytes Forum sample thread - Got strange threating email.
  18. David H. Lipman

    Computer freezes

    Reference: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2028504/windows-kernel-event-id-41-error-the-system-has-rebooted-without-clean
  19. David H. Lipman

    What are you listening to?

  20. David H. Lipman

    Just a Lot of Questions

    [A] Not much you can do there. Microsoft is too overbearing and their hubris causes problems for their customers that use the MS OS'. I recently had created a REG file to negate the Windows Edge preview. I applied it to someone's PC who doesn't like it and weeks later, it was undone by a MS Update. It will mean I will have to create a StartUp script to load the REG file each time the user Logs into their profile. [K] Put down the Smart Phone. Think about replacing it with a simple Cell Phone or not use one at all. You need to find and read articles from reputable and authoritative sources on computer Best Practices for safety. Ask questions here ( just not super compounded multi-subject ones ). Join Bleeping Computers and ask there as well and read informative articles. I also suggest not using the devices you have just to use them. Instead of using a XBox, go for a Bike Ride or go Fishing, Jogging, Skateboarding or some other outdoor activity where you commune with nature and/or physically commune with other people ( face-to-face ) . When you use the Device, do it with purpose and need. Not for Social Networking. They are not real. You want to talk to a person. See their face. Read the facial expressions and see their hand gesticulations and body language. It is part of the Human Psyche which is not there in the virtual world and can not be simulated. So when you use your PC, do it to create and manage a budget spreadsheet or write a poem or communique. Do it with real purpose. Performing Research is purpose. It is now proven that technology has been deliberately created to control the user to use the technology more than needed. The end user is no longer a customer or client, they are now a commodity. This creates the anxiety that you are experiencing and it is for that you have to conscientiously separate from them.
  21. David H. Lipman

    Just a Lot of Questions

    [A] It all depends of what the Application [ app ] is. There may be settings to Enable/Disable functionality or actual removal. Safe Hex - Is a terminology coined many years ago that loosely defines one's actions, interactions and non-actions in relationship to one's safe use of a computer. It is a play on words summoning up the thoughts of "safe Sex" and how the practice mitigates unwanted pregnancies and STDs. In this case "Hex" which is a shortened form of the terminology "hexadecimal" which is a Base16 numbering system associated with computing. Its all about actions and non-actions for safe computing, for example Not clicking on every link that comes in front of you. Deleting spam Using Critical Thought and questioning everything that is put in front of you; Corroborating provided information and using authoritative sources Some may be combined. Inaction and acceptance leads to complacency and threat exposure. Reference: https://www.techsupportalert.com/safe-hex-safe-computing-practices.htm [G] Examples are Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird. I personally use Pegasus Mail. The Email provider will tell you what settings to use that involve specific TCP Port numbers and the enabling of SSL/TLS linked with a Strong Password. [H] These settings vary amongst all the models of Routers and Modem+Routers and even within a given Brand such as; ActionTec, Motorola/ARRIS, D-Link, CISCO, etc. This is done on the Router. Yes, blocking TCP/IP ports on the Router is done for ALL IP addresses. The range I provided is for SMB and NetBIOS over IP as there is NO reason why there should be LAN exposure of these protocols to the Internet.
  22. David H. Lipman

    Just a Lot of Questions

    My G-d ! LOL [A] Should I be disabling things that I don't need / wish I didn't have that could be invading privacy, such as the Windows Store and Cortana? Yes Should I have a Microsoft Account enabled and synced on Windows? No Is it a bad idea to have the sync on when it comes to said account? If you are worried about privacy - Yes. Besides antivirus, disk cleanup, uninstalling unused software, etc., what's the best way to keep the PC clean and protected? Practice Safe Hex and make sure ALL software is updated and properly maintained. Is it bad to have old data on the PC from things like old games and software? What's the best way to remove it? No Which is the safest solution to keeping a computer secure locally: PIN, Password, or Picture Password? Strong Password When it comes to PCs in general, is it safer to build it or to buy it pre-built to avoid bloatware, built-in adware, etc.? If you have the knowledge and ability, build it yourself. Is Bluetooth safe to use on PC? Yes. Just disable its presence so it is not "discoverable". Note the max. distance of BlueTooth is 30'. Using Bluetooth with headphones / headset, is it possible for trojans / spyware to intercept what I'm listening to / who I'm talking to? No [G] Email Client, not Webmail and use a Strong Password. For the most part, just opening an email does not infect ones computer. That would take Exploit code to be embedded in the email. While possible, not too much and its possibility is greatly lessened by the use of an Email Client and keeping the PC software up-to-date. [H] a. SOHO Router advice Disable acceptance of ICMP Pings Change the Default Router password using a Strong Password Use a Strong WiFi password on WPA2 using AES encryption Disable Remote Management Is the Router Firmware up-to-date ? Specifically set Firewall rules to BLOCK; TCP and UDP ports 135 ~ 139 and 445 b. Proxy - A system that sits on two networks. When you use that proxy, the network data that flows through a specified TCP Port(s) will be routed through one side of that device network and come out the other side of the Proxy's network. Thus the traffic through that TCP Port or TCP Ports will appear to come from the secondary side of that Proxy and will appear to be from that Proxy. VPN - Is an encrypted tunnel where all the traffic from your PC ( or in the case of a VPN Router, the Router's traffic ) will travel though that tunnel and will Exit through a different network. c. Wired Ethernet will always be safer than Radio traffic which in essence, Wifi is. [J] Use an external Hard Disk. Then YOU have control over YOUR data. Do NOT store YOUR DATA online for reasons of; security, availability, access, speed of access, etc [K] Paranoia is just another word for heightened sense of Situational Awareness. One should have a "healthy" level of paranoia. You should not be "worried", per se, but you should understand what technology brings to the table as well as its benefits and detriments. The more you understand the better you are able to protect yourself. If you are not sure, don't use it. Always - ask questions ! Each one of these topics should have been its own topic. There is so much here that one can't write a monologue on each subject matter. Each subject matter should be expressed singularly and discussed at-length. Then when that topic has basically run its course, start a new thread for the new subject matter and discussing it at-length until it too has run its course. Thus compartmentalizing each subject matter and allowing for all the information to be readily soaked-in ( digested ).
  23. David H. Lipman

    Finacenews email phishing scam.

    I understand.

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