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  1. Thx updating to the latest version, in test seems to have solved the problem, however if i experiance more crap shutdowns of mbam i will let you all know. thx for your help dude.
  2. My computer must be tied down so tight mbam support tool is failing.
  3. When my computer goes in to sleep mode then i wake it, mbam has turned in to the free version, restarting the computer results in either mbam not starting or starting as the free version, the results of restarting or completely turning off the computer then starting up again yields the same random result, it starts again as the free version or completely fails to start. only a re-install solves the problem. .
  4. https://estore.malwarebytes.com/order/checkout.php?CART_ID=9a0cbbe4813e9c0a75da4c164f99325f if this is for real, how comes, no matter what country i choose the money is still the same, England, UK is not in the list of countrys. .
  5. OK derps, its been sometime now, it's refusing to start at computer start up. i can not find what is shutting it down. or preventing it from starting. i am using win~ 7 64 bit on a samsung S3511 if you have not found the answer and regardless of many hours of searching the hard drive, i can not find it. i have spent almost 120 hours looking through the registry, i can not find it. i am gonna reset this computer with a clean install after a hard drive clean. i wanna buy some useless stuff on EBay. .
  6. not the exact one, but the one i first got claimed it was adobe flash player.
  7. Here you go. eventually it get completely shut down, the icon goes from the taskbar and the services were shut down.
  8. I just made a system back up. i will go back there and try to recreate the situation and i will post a screen shot.
  9. I keep mbae icon on my task bar as i do with mbam and my anti virus system. for an instant visual of what is going on. it went off as soon as the fake flash update came up.
  10. Yes it certainly did. it happened as i was flicking through the pages. pop ups were occurring then suddenly bang, Off it went. then the fake adobe flash update came up.
  11. perhaps it should be added to the malicious website list.
  12. I stumbled upon this website. http://www.suryadewa.com/ going through the site a new tab opened in firefox. Malwarebytes anti exploit Turned Off (presumably by a script running on the site) then i got a message that Flash player was out of date and i should update it. obviously i got out of there and emptied all my temp folders and checked my app data folders, luckily i have found nothing that should not be there. full scan with mbam and herd protect found nothing. i just thought you should all know about it (mbam a~e~) getting turned off.
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