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  1. What exactly happened that caused this apparently widespread issue? I also had the malicious websote protection disabled and it failed to update yesterday. Was it simply a bad update or something else?
  2. I don't think I could work for them. Pretty sure its in San Fransisco, based on about two minutes of searching, but I'm on my PC and I don't click a lot of random websites. When I get on my Android I'll find its exact location.
  3. Find out where they use red and gold last generation Toyota Prius taxis with blue writing on the side. That's the city. Then look for the construction in the area using Google earth, to find a large enough road(appears to be a six lane elevated road) with buildings being built. Then use street view to find the exact location.
  4. So Flash and Silverlight are both protected in the free and premium versions? I just want to be sure, because neither is listed in the shields on my premium version.
  5. So it will basically analyze the behavior for exploit techniques etc.? And why doesn't it show Flash as being protected anymore? Is that included in the browser level protection or do I have to add a custom shield? It also doesn't show AcroRd32.exe or Acrobat.exe as being shielded, although I have premium. Sometimes the shielded applications drop to 0 when I open a PDF in Internet Explorer too. And one more question, I know it says in the known conflicts that it's not currently compatible with EMET, but I have EMET 4.1 Update 1 installed and just have the simexecflow mitigation disabled for IE. I've also had to remove the EMET mitigations for Acrobat.exe and AcroRd32.exe. Will having EMET and MBAE at the same time cause a problem other than making things not function sometimes? Will it reduce the protection of either program to have them both on at the same time?
  6. I just added TeamSpeak3 64 bit client and Ventrilo to my custom shields. It says they shield and unshield when I open and close the applications, but I'm curious, how does it "know" what to do to shield these applications?
  7. I think i know what shes talking about. Only occasionally happens with mbam 2 with early start self protection enabled. Its the "duh dun" of windows "device disconnect" or "device connect" i think. Idk why it does it to me either.
  8. I dont buy prebuilts because most of them are cheap junk. Good ones like Maingear, Digital Storm or Origin are a lot more expensive than one i can build myself. If you put Windows 7 on your current PC how is that not putting money in Microsofts hands?
  9. If your computer is too slow to browse the internet, it might be time for a new one. If you need help building a new computer, feel free to ask. Something with 2GB of RAM is likely to be ancient and not worth upgrading. What are the rest of your specs?
  10. Isnt CCleaner more dangerous than just using Windows Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter and Autoruns?
  11. No problem. I constantly have to get people to change that silly default setting so they can use ventrilo. Drives me crazy that its set up like that by default in Windows 7 and 8. Same thing with graphics drivers and in game settings. The default settings are almost always wrong If you need help with either of those feel free to ask.
  12. I would guess that the legit tools used in this forum(Adwcleaner, JRT, and stuff like that) might even remove junk "utilities" like those as PUPs. Not gonna install the junk to test it personally!
  13. Right click speaker icon. Recording devices. Go to the communications tab. Set it to "do nothing". By default its settoreduce volume by 80%. If you got skype or other voice programs on make sure you disable their auto speaker and mic adjustment settings as well.
  14. Is that what that one malware discovered in 2012 that used forged certificates did?
  15. Several hundred objects and keys on a bunch of my friends PCs. Usually its only in the tens of objects lol. Personally got hit with Alureon in 2012. Trashed the HDD and started over as soon as it happened. Pretty sure it was a drive by from an ad on a legit forum.
  16. I know the processes are legit but i dont know why they ran. I know Windows update has been used to deliver malware before. Not sure about the definition updates for MSE.
  17. I know i could ask on microsoft answers but they never seem to give actual answers. I have MSE on one machine and i updated the definitions as usual. However when i did it took an extra long time and i saw wicainventory.exe running as it installed. Never seen that before. Queryappblock.exe also ran around the same time. Both signatures were microsoft and the MD5s of the processes(at least as presented for inspection) seemed to be legit. I just have no idea why theyd run with one MSE update but not all. Any idea why this would occur? Sophisticated back door disguised as MSE definitions? Ive heard of disguised Windows Updates being used to deliver malware but not MSE.
  18. I have 4.1.2 and its scanning a lot more often as well. The intervals arent even either. I have it set to scan daily, after update and after reboot. There were no updates or reboots happening when its been scanning at weird intervals.
  19. Cant edit: I know there are listings of sites and services compromised specifically by heartbleed as well as those compromised by other means. Im asking in general how they assemble a database of stuff thats been compromised. Its got to be something more than the company disclosing the info voluntarily right?
  20. Avira mobile for Android and iOS now has an identity secutiry thing that tells you if your email or any of your contacts have been pwned too. Im not sure how they determine this but the one contact it told me was "breached" got phished on a Steam account attached to that email. Anyone know how these "have i been pwned" services really make their databases?
  21. Im not disputing the fact that there are legitimate keyloggers out there. There are also legal remote access tools that people use for remote tech support, and are also misused by malicious actors. http://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/please-help-me-analyze-this-command-i-found-in-run-box-on-pc.363570/ As you can see some things flag that some dont. RMS is supposedly a legit Russian Teamviewer like application. People have apparently been using it as a covertly installed RAT. Its not hard to imagine someone misusing a legitimate keylogger like that. What i am saying is that a person who buys a home version of antimalware software and is the administrator of that machine has no reason to consider a keylogger from those perspectives and shouldnt have to worry about them being whitelisted because they might be used legitimately in SOME cases that DONT apply to them. Especially since a home PC user would need admin rights to install or modify antimalware software. The employer or parent spying on their employee or kid would also easily be able to allow the program in the list of excluded files in their antimalware software and still use their legitimate keylogger for their legitimate purposes. Therefore it seems logical to me that a good antimalware solution would at least flag it as a PUP on the home version. An employee or a kid who is being spied on wouldnt be the administrator of the computer and therefore wouldnt be able to modify the exclusions or detect it. For enterprise deployments it would be easy to whitelist them in the enterprise version of the software separately from the he verson. Especially since the home version isnt intended or licensed for enterprise deployments. I dont really see a gray area here at all. If im a home user and admin i would want to know if someone installed a RAT or keylogger even if it could be used legitimately in situations that dont apply to a home user who is the admin of that PC.
  22. If theyre whitelisted what would tip someone off that theyre being keylogged?
  23. Thats kind of scary actually because im sure legal keyloggers could be misused and possibly installed without the users knowledge. What would be the best defense against that sort of situation?
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