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I am very disappointed in MalwareBytes detection!

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Hello I post malware to you here:



And also posted this:



This was almost 2 weeks ago and MalwareBytes still do not detect this malware!

MalwareBytes seems to be bad in detecting malware, so I will not recommend it anymore.

It is hard to trust this product now. I also mailed support about it and got no response!

Very poor support and product!


The samples are detected by most popular antiviruses:





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It seems you don't understand what Malwarebytes is and what it defends against. Malwarebytes is NOT an antivirus. Malwarebytes does not keep items in its database that are not "in the wild" and are old. Malwarebytes is meant to run along side to catch what the AV misses. Since most AV programs catch this you would already have been protected.


Im sure staff will add to this and correct me if im wrong.

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Porthos is correct in his assertion. 


However it can be noted that initially there were no detections on Virus Total and Today there are 30/54 detections, excluding Malwarebytes, and it has been two weeks.  Thus, at this point, your concerns are valid.


I can also say I have seen MUCH WORSE with Trend Micro.  I have submitted samples to them and 6~8 weeks went by for the submitted, and tested malicious, files and they remained undetected.  It was only after I brought my concerns to them I was provided a "handler" where my submissions were evaluated and detected within 72 hours.  Thus I understand the situation fully.


All I can say is we'll have to bring this to the attention of Malwarebytes' Malware Researchers for an "informed" response.


Is two weeks a proper time frame or can one expect a longer submission to detection rate ?

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  • Staff



It's not really "malware" though, it's just a custom made tool that wipes your data (after asking you a few times if you really want to do this), so normally, users won't run this anyway if not needed, only in cases if they want to wipe their data (although there are better methods for this) ;-)

In either way, thanks for the heads up - and as Atribune already said, detection for this will be in next database update.

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