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  1. Thanks! I just verified this has been fixed already.
  2. Hi, This is a false positive indeed where I believe this has been fixed already. However, I would like to have the Bandizip.exe file that it detected. So please unquarantine, then reboot and zip and attach this file here. Also, it might be a good idea to add C:\Program Files\Bandizip\Bandizip.exe to your exclusions and update to our latest version of Malwarebytes as well: Thanks!!
  3. Hi, Fixing FPs aren't program dependent, but the 3.1 version has an improved methodology to prevent Ransomware FPs. As for the exploit protection, try to reboot once again and see if that helps. Note, the exploit protection might appear to show as disabled in the User Interface while it's only a delay there and it's actually enabled. In either way, if still the same issue, I suggest you report this here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/41-malwarebytes-3/ Note - seems for some, the uninstall and reinstall of MB3 also worked.
  4. Hi, This has been fixed already. Also, please update to Malwarebytes 3.1 as it has fixed an issue, so similar FPs won't happen anymore. (Note, these are still generic detections, so an occassional FP is always possible, that's why it's always a good idea to add the filepath to exclusions) Thanks!
  5. Hi, Please install latest version of Malwarebytes: Then reboot. Let me know if that solved your problem. As a sidenote - "It seems that MB has hidden the Outlook program as when I look in the files there" - if you can no longer find outlook, please look under quarantine if it's listed there and unquarantine it. A reboot is also required. In case it's not there, please look here in order to reinstall Outlook: https://support.office.com/en-ie/article/Download-and-install-or-reinstall-Office-365-or-Office-2016-on-a-PC-or-Mac-4414eaaf-0478-48be-9c42-23adc4716658 As a sidenote, if Malwarebytes didn't give an alert at all, or whatsoever, it might be possible another program is interfering as well - Please see here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2669244/-windows-cannot-access-the-specified-device,-path,-or-file-error-when-you-try-to-install,-update-or-start-a-program-or-file We have seen this behavior a few times on machines after updates, while Malwarebytes wasn't even installed at all. So if any other AV or protection program running, please disable as well to see if that works. A good idea might be to temporary log in into your Outlook Web Access and also look if there are any suspicious mails with attachements and delete them + delete them from your recyclebin there as well, as - especially with this ransomware cyberattack we started to see since thursday (which was mainly spread via an infected attachement), I can see additional protection might interfere here as well.
  6. Yes, it will auto-upgrade after a prompt, unless you have disabled to have full version updates. Note, the upgrades are metered, so you won't get it immediately. So, you can either upgrade manually (just install latest version on top), or wait till you get the upgrade prompt.
  7. Thanks. This has now been fixed.
  8. Hi Thorsten, I strongly suggest you update to Malwarebytes as this has bugfixes, so this won't be detected anymore: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/200634-malwarebytes-31-now-available/ Thanks!
  9. Hi, It should have only been a warning, and your C:\Program Files (x86)\FastStone Image Viewer\FSViewer.exe hasn't been deleted, only the process killed, for safety sake as it triggered the behavior detection. It might be a good idea to add the file to exclusions though. Make sure you exclude it for the antiransomware (option 1).
  10. Hi, Can you please zip and attach the MBAMSERVICE.LOG present in the C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs\ folder? This so we can have a look why it was detected and also fix it. Thanks!
  11. Hi, This has been fixed last week already.
  12. Thanks for your kind words
  13. Hmm, if you get an error 52, then this probably means that the driver isn't signed. Seems like some have problems with this (which is totally unrelated with Malwarebytes): https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/68i7ps/help_code_52_unsigned_bluetooth_driver/ This must also have been the reason why Mbam flagged it as unknown rootkit driver. Any way you can install an older driver again for it?
  14. Thanks. Yes, it's mainly because the servers it connects to, which we block, causes this additional trigger (behavior) for the file. In this case, it hasn't deleted the Garrysmod (hl2.exe), but only killed the active process, for safety sake. I'm sure you understand this reasoning. That's why, in your case, the best solution is to add that folder to exclusions for detection by Antiransomware.
  15. Thanks, it should be Ok now. Thanks for reporting and the files!