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Webpage refreshing on its own?


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For the last few days, when ever I go to my outlook inbox for the first time after opening the browser, not 5 seconds after opening an email, the whole site refreshes, as if I hit the refresh button, even though I have not done that. I was wondering if anyone had any idea the cause of this. I have spent the last 4 hours using google trying to figure it out.


I have yet to find anything about this issue. I even went so far as to try and post in the outlook forums that Microsoft provides but they are a mess to navigate.


I am using firefox 24 with noscript and adblock plus, that being said the outlook site, well live.com site is allowed completely via noscript.



EDIT:  I did just come across a page on the microsoft forums from 2 years ago, on firefox 4 stating this issue, but it was never answered on what the  cause was.




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It could be that some sites such as mail sites just refresh on there own. They do this so that they can refresh the page to see if any new email has come in, read or deleted and such.

Maybe, but the thing is, I am not at the inbox when this does it, I am IN an email, actually reading the email, and the webpage refreshes, as if I hit the refresh button or F5, and it only does it the first time the browser is opened.

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Yes, this has been around forever now and surprised you're only now noticing it. I've never bothered to try and track down the real cause myself I've basically sort of gotten used to it I suppose.

This is the first time I have ever had this issue, it's not a big deal really, it's just annoying as all hell. Hence why I asked if anyone had any idea.

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