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Odd Black Screen in I.E.


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Hi all -

I have been asking aound for any ideas on why my XP SP3 will "at times" look like this Randomly.

It is only the Online Screen (so not the Right click open screen area and select Properties)


All other "boxes" like Notepad etc look "normal" at all times, it is just the Online one.


This may not occur for a week and pop up 2 or 3 logins the next week or so, or AM is OK but PM is "Blacked out" 

The boxes (Tools / Favorites / File / Etc) are all there and only show as outlines as you mouse over them.

No infection seems to make this, it is more like a setting that is going on and off at total random.


The site is also not related, as you see a Bleep.Comp site, but today it is when I clicked here that I have the screen.

WOT is normally shown also, but not while the screen looks like this (WOT still works) ...

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Have you tried doing an IE reset?

Have you tried running a full chkdsk?

Have you tried running TFC ?

Have you tried to update your video card drivers ?


Thanks - All done as part of routine, since this is so random and not always there.

Sorry it came out so large, but was meant to be Thumbnail size .......

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OK -

Since the last time I posted this, I have now had my first Black Header come back .......


I researched a bit after the fix I posted, and the solutions were all the same.

This seemed to be very common in XP / I.E.8 combinations for years. But it forgot it may "return".


I saw a minor mention of this, when I was looking around, so I will reset it.

Now I can see how long this lasts this time ...........


Regards all -

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