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  1. @ daledoc : naaaa ... yer not too old ... find an "old" comp , slap in a used HDD and load "mint13 w/MATE desktop" . i just got done having a go-around with a laptop that was updated via the "sneaky dl" and in place install . the system was borked after a couple of days ... "roll back" was more like ; roll-over-and-play-dead-for-keeps . i agree ... with MS performing yet another act of seemingly self-destructive tendencies , ya gotta wonder what's in the water at MS in redmond . because , surely , what are the chances of hiring all of the students from mrs.bensons' third grade special nee
  2. agreed ; wilder and feldman are both great actors and comedians ... there are very few that could take their place ... especially today . gotta give mel brooks credit for being a great writer and and director and comedian .
  3. the old adage is apropos : "too many cooks spoil the broth"
  4. in keeping with the theme of this thread (might have to move it) . this is a bit lengthy but it is a little history to show how and why things happen to certain (!?) users : i worked on a friend's laptop about a year ago (brand new machine) ... it had W8.1 with "classic shell" plus a real AV/AM . she moved to another state and all has been ok with the machine until very recently . she called me and was agitated/excited ... it seems that the machine had crashed and as she needed the machine for her work , she elected to have a guy on her end check it out . he was having trouble with *something*
  5. make and model of comp ? do you have another known good stick of RAM that you could put in place of the current one ? give it a try ... not certain without further tests , however : occasionally bad ram will cause errors to be written to the hdd the hdd is going south the MBR is damaged in/by one way or another (ie : possibly by infection) one of the others here can chime in with further information .
  6. "Just do a web search of the KB###### string and you'll quickly discover if any are related to the Windows 10/telemetry fiasco." i suppose that "fiasco" is a word ... i can certainly think of a couple of others with more verve .
  7. cool ... in the first picture , did anyone notice the "grounding strap" running from the lighting rod on top of the gold leaf covered statue to the bottom of the picture ? in the picture of the opera , i can make out the license plate number of the car , it is impressive what that sony is capable of .
  8. "Windows 10 Fail Update ..." and that is what i read the title as the first time around .
  9. also ... it is against the TOS of this website to disseminate information about such activities .
  10. just curious ... wasn't there an *issue* with IOLO and "system mechanic" > also ... i have had optical drives that would play dvds but would fail burning a cd (plus other sundry issues) ... checked the firmware update and software ... no go . the fix was to replace the optical drive ... 25 bucks and it was a done deal .
  11. i agree ... drop the coinage and buy a SSD (samsung ssds are proven with a good track record) . clone the original drive , and then wipe/format the original after you have proven that all the "stuff " made it over from the original drive . use the hdd as/for data/file storage ... move the non-essential data files (say : videos and photos) by copying them over and then , after verifying that the files are correct , delete the originals . this will free up space on the ssd . don't think twice ... get a decent graphics card (does not have to cost 200 bucks) . this will free up cpu cycles and
  12. "Also my younger brother uses my "rig" to play his games, said that my PC had 100 ping when playing online (I go Ethernet) and then any game he plays the servers say I have 1500 ping." this may indicate that your comp is to "slow" (aka : not enough crunch power) to run games as involved as *doom* and others . other than that , your statement is not clear in its meaning ... information is missing and as such , any comments would only be wild guesses . the first part of your statement may be a cause for your problems (and concern) ... if your younger brother has downloaded any malicious soft
  13. howdy ... are you certain that it is a FF problem ? no problems here .
  14. in addition ... it is the policy of these forums to avoid any promotion or *hawking* of any specific antivirus .
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