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  1. Hello, Yes, it seems that it was a false positive. I've just checked Virus Total and it doesn't detect it as a threat anymore. Just in case, you can see VT report here. Thanks!
  2. Elisabeth

    ADW 7.1.1

    Hi! In order to add a exception that prevents a process from being closed on cleaning, go to Settings (1), then click on "Exceptions" (2) tab, and click on "Add exception" (3) button at the bottom. On the "Add Exclusion" dialog, select "Element" (4) and choose "Process name" (5) from the list. Finally, write the name of the process (i.e explorer.exe) (6) and click on "Ok" (7). See picture below: Hope this helps! Thanks
  3. Hi, By default, AdwCleaner doesn't remove but quarantine the elements, so the folder should be listed in the quarantine. Select it and click on "Restore" button to recover it. Also, can you share (or PM me) the scan and the log files? I want to know why that folder was removed, it seems to be a false possitive. Let me know if it works. Thanks!
  4. Elisabeth

    Win7 APPCRASH msvcrt.dll

    Hi @wodatpc, I need some more information to understand the origin of the issue: Is this crash systematic, or it's random? What are the steps to reproduce it? When does it crash? Is it in the scan process, in the cleaning process, after cleaning and before rebooting or after the system is rebooted? Or maybe, does it happen when the "We'd love your feedback" dialog is displayed? Thank you!
  5. Elisabeth

    AdwCleaner Translation

    Hi @kolanp, We are still adding new texts to version 7.2, so we'll send you the updated translations file once we've finished changing/adding texts. Thank you so much!
  6. Just to confirm, did you try to close it this way? :
  7. Hi, Can you please try to close it from the toolbar? Right click on the toolbar icon -> close. Let me know if it works. Thanks!
  8. Elisabeth

    Establish a fixed dimension for window

    Ok, we'll take note of it! Than you
  9. Elisabeth

    AdwCleaner Translation

    Hello @kolanp, Sorry about that, we changed some texts just before the release and we sent you an old version. I've updated the Korian tranlsations with your suggestions. Find attached current translation file (this time is the correct one, I promisse ), in case you want to change something. Thank you! Korean.zip
  10. Elisabeth

    Establish a fixed dimension for window

    Hello, May you suggest shorter texts for those buttons? We had the same issue for other languages and fix it by changing the text. Thank you!
  11. Elisabeth

    New Version False Positives?

    Hi, Yes, version 7.0 and 7.1 use the same db, but there was a bug in the code and Audissey Labs was being detected as a potential threat. This is fixed for version 7.1.1. We've also added for that version a "View scan Log" button in the bottom of the detected threats list so you can easily open the log. Thanks!
  12. Elisabeth

    Mistake in the Romanian translation

    Thanks Florinch, I've seen that we translate "threat" to "amenințăre" in some texts. How about translating "1 trei detected" to "1 amenințări detectate"?
  13. Can you share the scan log file please? Also please try the following: 1. Uninstall Chrome again 2. Remove this folders: C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome 3. Install Chrome again Chrome uninstaller keeps profile and extensions folders/files in the computer, and that's probably why you still have that extension installed.
  14. Hello SebastianIron, Please, follow the instructions in this post and scan&clean again. Chrome syncs history and preferences in the cloud, and after a clean, it downloads and installs the extension again. The post will help you disabling that sync. Let us know if it works!
  15. Elisabeth

    Mistake in the Romanian translation

    Thank you so much, we'll correct it for the upcoming version!

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