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  1. Elisabeth

    possible A FP - need to look at it

    Hi @Gt-truth, I'm so sorry about this. I thought it could be fixed but this FP is in someway special and we can't remove it. We're actively working on rewamping the generic detections to add major improvements that include the ability for us to fix those issues in a more effective manner. Please exclude it for now and I'll keep you posted asap. Thanks
  2. Elisabeth

    Adwcleaner 7.2.4 stuck at loading modules

    Hi, Was output.txt file created?
  3. Elisabeth

    possible A FP - need to look at it

    Hi, So yes, it's a FP. It will be removed in the next version (7.2.5) that will be release very soon. Meanwhile, you can exclude it from the Scan Results panel (right click on the detection) or adding it as an exclusion in the Exclusions panel. Thank you!
  4. Elisabeth

    possible A FP - need to look at it

    Hi, Sorry, I should've be more specific.To create a registry export of the key please do the following: Click on Start and select Run or press the Windows Key+R on your keyboard In the Run box type regedit and press Enter or click on OK and click Yes if prompted by User Account Control Navigate to the following location by clicking the little arrows next to the appropriate folders to expand them: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\808fc302-3d01-59ce-8094-e0443a55877e Once there, right-click on the 808fc302-3d01-59ce-8094-e0443a55877e folder and select Export and then save the file to your desktop or another location where you will be able to find it easily and give it a name such as ExportedKey Locate the file and right-click on it and hover your mouse over Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder Attach the resulting ZIP folder you just created to your next reply. You can also PM me. Thank you!
  5. Elisabeth

    Adwcleaner 7.2.4 stuck at loading modules

    Hi @WalterTillner, We'll need more information. I've PM you. Thank you!
  6. Elisabeth

    possible A FP - need to look at it

    Hi! Can you share the content of HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\808fc302-3d01-59ce-8094-e0443a55877e registry key? Thanks!
  7. Elisabeth

    christos1 adware cleaner

    Hi, Can you share the content of those registry keys? You can PM me if you prefer. Thanks!
  8. Elisabeth

    False positive?

    Hi, Yes, it's a false possitive. It will be fixed in the next version. Thank you!
  9. Hi @florinch, What I mean is that it's not a bug but a expected behaviour from the design point of view of the application. Since some processes are killed during the celaning, we always recommend to reboot. And that's why you're always prompted with the message. However, conditional reboot is in our tasks list for future releases what means that the reboot will be requeriede only sometimes and not always as it is now. Meanwhile, instead of rebooting, you can close AdwCleaner from the taskbar and reopen it.
  10. Hi @florinch, Yes, it's the expected behaviour. "Restart now" mean that the system will be automatically restarted after the cleaning while "Restart Later" means that you have to click on "Restart" after the cleaning. It gives you the oportunity to close applications or processes before rebooting.
  11. Elisabeth

    stuck at loading modules

    Glad to hear that! Thank you
  12. Elisabeth

    stuck at loading modules

    Hello, Yes, it's a known bug that should be fixed in 7.2.4_beta, which you can download here. Can you try it and let us know if it works? Thanks!
  13. Elisabeth

    Need help removing "igfxmtc" virus

    Hi @Godsammit It's a known bug in version Last week we released a beta that fixes the crahs (7.2.4 beta). You can download it here. Sorry for the inconveniences. Thank you!
  14. Elisabeth

    Adware Cleaner version 7.2.3

    Okay. It will be fixed for verson 7.2.4. We'll try to release it as soon as possible. Thank you for your help!
  15. Elisabeth

    Adware Cleaner version 7.2.3

    Hi, Sorry for the inconveniences. Can you confirm please if the crash only occurs when the scanner hasn't detect anything and you run a basic repair? Thanks!

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