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  1. Elisabeth

    Possible SearchScopes False Positive

    Hi, Can you share or PM me the content of HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{AA9A4890-4262-4441-8977-E2FFCBFB706C} . A screenshoot should be enough for the moment. Thanks!
  2. Elisabeth

    I want to remove malware

    My answer here:
  3. Elisabeth

    I can't open malwarebytes.com

    Hi, Firs of all, I would suggest to access your computer in "Safe mode with networking". If you need assistence on how to do it, please let me know and I'll guide you through it step by step. Then try this: 1. Try to download malwarebytes from here. 2. If it doesn't work, download AdwCleaner from here and launch it. Once it's opened, click on the "Try Malwarebytes Premium" orange button on the top right corner. Then click on "Download&Install" and wait until Malwarebytes is installed. Let me know if any of these worked.
  4. Hi, Can you share the scan log file again? There might've been an error while loading it since I can't download it. Thank you!
  5. Elisabeth

    This app can't run on your PC

    Hi, What do you mean by "Can't unisntall"? AdwCleaner is a portable software what means that it's not installed in your system. Do you get any error message when you try to open it? Or it doesn't open at all? Which AdwCleaner version are you in? I see that you're running an old (very old) Malwarebytes version in your computer. Is there any reason for that? The latest malwarebytes software is much more powerful and you'll be up to date with the latest database definitions, which would increase your protection. It has also a free version to run it on demand. You can find more information about the new version here. Thanks!
  6. Hello, You can go and remove those, it's safe.
  7. Elisabeth

    Still Getting Search Scopes PUP

    Hello, I can't find any post in this Forum related to the registry entry. Can you give me more about the PUP? Or can you share a screenshot with the content of that registry key? Thanks!
  8. Elisabeth

    adw 7.2.2 false positive?

    Hi @Mumio, Correct me if I'm wrong, but the issue with iTunesHelper seems to be fixed since it's not present in you last scan log. What I see on it is a bunch of new detected registry entries. It's a known bug, you may want to read this post to know more about it since there are other users facing that exact same issue. Thanks!
  9. Elisabeth


    Hi, If you downloaded AdwCleaner from the official Malwarebytes website, then the detection is just a coincidence
  10. Elisabeth

    Applications closing without consent

    Hi, You can download and install Malwarebytes from AdwClenaer. Open AdwCleaner, click on the orange button at the top right corner “Try Malwarebytes Premium” and then click again on “Download & Install”. Malwarebytes will automatically download and install on your system. Then you may open it and scan.
  11. Elisabeth

    How To Uninstall Pooki Start Menu

    Please, can you try to install Malwarebytes from AdwCleaner?
  12. Elisabeth

    False Positive?

    Yes, in this case ask is a FP and we’ll fix it for version 7.2.2. Thanks for your help!
  13. Elisabeth

    False Positive?

    Yes, you’re right. Let me investigate it more in deep and I’ll get back to you soon. AdwClenaer puts it in quarantine. Thanks!
  14. Elisabeth

    False Positive?

    Ok so it’s not an FP. ”suggested url” and “url” vales contain an ask url, which means that you’ve been infected at some point with ask toolbar. You can read a detailed description here: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/pup-optional-ask/ You’re good to remove it
  15. Elisabeth

    False Positive?

    Follow these steps: 1. Press win+r keys to open “Run” dialog. 2. Write regedit and press Enter. Registry window will open 3. Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{AFBCB7E0-F91A-4951-9F31-58FEE57A25C4} (each \ is a child folder in the tree). 4. Share the content of {AFBCB7E0-F91A-4951-9F31-58FEE57A25C4}. A screenshot is fine for the moment.

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