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  1. Hi! I made a scan with the latest version of Adwcleaner 7.1.0 and i dont know if the result are false positives it's: PUP.Optional.InfoG HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Classes\INETCTLS.INET PUP.Optional.InfoG HKLM\Software\Classes\INETCTLS.INET What you think? The only thing i found about INETCTLS.INET is 1: Microsoft Internet Transfer Control 2: an object (InetCtls.Inet) that permits to get a page from another site
  2. Well, since my last post ( august 2017 ) the quarantine content still not appear on the window, is it difficult to fix? ( i'm not mocking you )
  3. Hi! I just use the last version of AdwCleaner and after deleted element and reboot i have nothing in the quarantine section like is suppose to be as i read on tooslib.net "Each deleted element including registry entries and those on reboot are saved in quarantine and can be restored if needed." it's not the case here why? i have windows vista Stéphane
  4. Sorry! i did not know the clean boot state! So i tried it! Msconfig + services + Hide all microsoft services + Disable all the rest and guest what? The pc freeze again...it freeze only when i exit the hibernate mode!
  5. Well! i much prefer stopping here! I am going to always close malwarebytes before going to the hibernate mode and re-start it when i exit the hibernate mode! A bit annoying but not too much... Sometimes weird things happen on windows... Thank you very much Kevin for your help and your times! What's the procedure? Delfix?
  6. Before you sent your last message i uninstalled microsoft security essentiel and later i exit the hibernate mode and my pc freeze again! If it work in the safe mode boot mode what are you going to do after? Do you want i test in safe mode in minimal and with networking?
  7. I excluded all those process and my pc still freeze when i exit the hibernate mode and i use the built in Windows Firewall! Strange... I think i am going to uninstalled Microsoft security essentiel and running only Malwarebytes just to see! Because i think two anti malware running at the same time is not good!
  8. Thank's for the link! i followed the procedure for microsoft security essentiel so i exclude these process on it: mbam.exe mbamdor.exe mbampt.exe mbamscheduler.exe mbamservice.exe But i don't found one of the process they said ( mbamgui.exe ) ????? I test and i comeback to you within 2 days!
  9. Unfortunately, my pc freeze again! I exit the hibernate mode this morning and my pc started running slower like molasses and then freeze! The thing i can do is running mbam with realtime protection feature only when my pc is running and when i go to the hibernate mode i close it! Or i can use mbam without anti virus just to see if the problem come from my anti virus? Anyway the last time my anti virus caught something is april 8 2014...
  10. Did you see some bad things on those rapport logs? The only issue i had was that freeze thing with the realtime protection! I am going to test a few days to see! I comeback to you soon! Thank's again sir!
  11. Here is the Malicious Software Removal Tool log: PS: After the Junkware Removal Tool clean process, my microsoft security essentiel logo on my tray bar bottom screen disappear so how i can retrieve this? I am going to try again malwarebytes with the real protection feature to see if everythings is ok! mrt.log
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