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  1. Always wanted to ride Shai-Hulud like freemans do ))
  2. Native music of my favorite faction in game.
  3. Music about how antivirus works )
  4. As a teenager, I already understand that we are under observation , the state and mega corporations are following our every move, thinking how to use us better and squeeze the maximum benefit out of us. I read about this application in wikipedia and found out that they was selling user information, but if this application reappeared in google and mozilla stores does it mean that this application has become safe, or does it mean that they are conspiring ?
  5. I just suggest make the designation of site security firstly, as it helps me personally to quickly find safe sites that are trustworthy.as well as reduce the likelihood of becoming infected with viruses, as Malwarebytes Browser Guard not an absolute defense. Is it hard to implement ?
  6. Is this application safe to use ? I used to have Avast online security but after recent events decided to find an alternative. I would be grateful if you tell me which application to determine the security of the site is better to use.
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