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  1. I see, I also think that this is some kind of bug, but I wanted to hear the opinion of a person better versed in this matter. Thank you for your help.
  2. It was copy that have been in downloads folder, and I don't have word or other similiar programms on this computer, thats why I don't have this font in the first place and I had to download it. "or perhaps simply locating the process that has the system fonts loaded and terminating it so that it isn't locking the currently install fonts from being removed" - How can I do this ?
  3. And yes, to clarify I'm talking about the downloaded ttf file. I was able to easily remove the font in the control panel in the font section but not downloaded ttf file. Which is strange considering that VirusTotal and Malwarebytes don't see any threats in this file, and after removing of this file ADWCleaner and Malwarebytes scans don't detect any threats.
  4. No this is just font file that I download but then decided to remove as unnecessary, however, for some reason it was impossible because it was written that this file is used by the system although even in the registry there is no font file which I tried to remove, so I had to resort to the help of antivirus and delete it using quarantine. I checked URL and file itself with VirusTotal and Malwarebytes no threats were found.
  5. And a little remark, I'm still a schoolboy and I don’t know much especially regarding programming so please treat with understanding.
  6. How to delete file that says in system use when you try to delete him ? Where can I see what files are used by system and make changes ?
  7. Now I understand, I had thought that I was doing something wrong but it turned out that this is not so. Thanks for explaining what's what.
  8. So it’s normal that when scanning is completed, it’s shown that only 1 file has beet scanned and this file is full ZIP archive ?
  9. I don’t quite understand how to manually scan ZIP files with Malwarebytes, I right click on the file and click scan however scan passes strange, firstly it goes too fast and secondly writes that only one file is scanned, is it normal or I do something wrong ?
  10. I just suggested a possible answer, however you're right, we have to wait until author wakes up)
  11. Perhaps the question was about does Malwarebytes have built-in firewall to protect network data.
  12. I have a question. Let's say there is a file that seems suspicious to me, however, it cannot be verified with VirusTotal due to too much volume and I'm not sure that Malwarebytes find something there. Is there a topic on the forum where you can provide a link to the file or the file itself for verification by other people ?
  13. I see, now it’s clear why there has not yet been a message about new version of Component package version. Thank you for explanation.
  14. So new Component Package Version 1.0.627 released ? Just don't see it in announcement tread.
  15. For the future, right click on the programm then click options and there you can find compatibility.
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