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  1. I mean scan report itself, not log file, in log I also see all options. I'm trying to understand why all the options are no longer visible in scan report that opens in malwarebytes version 4, although in version 3 they were all visible in scan report.
  2. in 3 version in scan eport in the end showed all scan options and you can see what is enabled and disabled, in 4 versions for some reason shows only memory, startup and file system. That's for sure, because I always check these options after a manual scan.
  3. This is of course very interesting but the message is clearly off topic. I wrote that I have all scan options enabled but it does not displayed in the report, I wanted to find out why.
  4. It’s normal that in the new version of scan report in Scan Options section shown that only 3 options enabled : Memory, File System and Startup although in the options I have enabled all options included rootkits ?
  5. Is it normal that in new scan report in scan option only 3 options visible : memory, startup and file system although I have everything turned on ?
  6. is the latest version of malwarebytes ? ( version number seems funny to me cuz like 404 error XD) And 1.0.718 is the latest Component package version ? I just installed applacation update, what's new in this version ?
  7. In my opinion it would be better if both buttons will be combined into one in About tab, either Check for updates (definitions) will be located on main menu. It is not very practical in my opinion that both buttons are in the settings in different places.
  8. And then a logical question arises, why do we need two buttons that perform the same function located in different places of settings ? I would understand if one of them were on the main page which would allow manual update without going into settings, however, this is not so.
  9. I thought this was an update of the program itself like application update, but then looked carefully and saw that applacation update located separately and this is probably what I need. Although it would be better to do as it was in the previous version so that the Check for updates button was in the main menu, in my opinion it would be more convenient. Thanks for the answer.
  10. Somebody knows how manually update Update Package Version in 4 version of Malwarebytes ? Previously, this could be done on the main menu of Malwarebytes by clicking on Check for updates, however in the new 4 version I did not find how to do it manually.
  11. I see, I also think that this is some kind of bug, but I wanted to hear the opinion of a person better versed in this matter. Thank you for your help.
  12. It was copy that have been in downloads folder, and I don't have word or other similiar programms on this computer, thats why I don't have this font in the first place and I had to download it. "or perhaps simply locating the process that has the system fonts loaded and terminating it so that it isn't locking the currently install fonts from being removed" - How can I do this ?
  13. And yes, to clarify I'm talking about the downloaded ttf file. I was able to easily remove the font in the control panel in the font section but not downloaded ttf file. Which is strange considering that VirusTotal and Malwarebytes don't see any threats in this file, and after removing of this file ADWCleaner and Malwarebytes scans don't detect any threats.
  14. No this is just font file that I download but then decided to remove as unnecessary, however, for some reason it was impossible because it was written that this file is used by the system although even in the registry there is no font file which I tried to remove, so I had to resort to the help of antivirus and delete it using quarantine. I checked URL and file itself with VirusTotal and Malwarebytes no threats were found.
  15. And a little remark, I'm still a schoolboy and I don’t know much especially regarding programming so please treat with understanding.
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