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  1. good info your giving out,take care and all the bet.

  2. deff put some hard work into the forum,best wishes.

  3. nice catch on the clam windows wot score card;needed a laugh,not to well today and that did make me laugh a bit.

  4. poping in to bump your rating as you deff work hard enough.

  5. great unstallier list,and its seems to be getting even better.

    must say ive used it allreay to help someone,good list.

    guessed you wouldnt mind as thats what its there for.


  6. i was popoing in to bump your ratings as your work hard at helping others,best wishes.

  7. props on the work you do.

  8. i cant find the post again where you linked about win patrol but i did have a darn good laugh at where the link said at one point "occainaly i recive a informaitive e.mail saying somthing is wrong" thats it nothing else..:lol: got a good attiude and are very helpful btw...best wishes.

  9. freindly and helpfull.

    i tip my hat to you.

  10. right on the money about webroot.

  11. A very smart young man! He will go far in computers~dito.

    your knollage is very imperssive,so glad you use it to help,and not hinder,may you live a long happy life.

  12. thanks for the info,i asked on many forms over the years yet nothing,props on providing some info

  13. On the spot with PC HELP in All areas!

  14. love the ducks thread

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