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  1. reading it over again and your reply I guess that's fair enough. its not like i payed cash for somthing that works well enough and no dout it will only get better it's a useful tool to keep in the tool box tbh. - i had no idea the null addy had such benfits. Thanks. cheers for taking your free time to reply btw. Hopefully your day will be a good one
  2. I was using the term hosts file very loosely rather than more complicated title. Pretty sure exile knew that. that aside thanks for the input. Anyways that aside exile. few things related really. just a discussion not a rant don't think after all these years I would sundally ( sure that's spelt wrong ) start ranting rather than learning anyways. The program that causeing the issue is I take is spyblaster not spybot . Alought by the sounds of it spybot if it added somthing ad adaware couldn't determine would be flagged also. i can't get totally onboard with the flaging it's not the fact that the entries are being flagged it's more the name there being flagged is pups and the program responsible for the flagging you can't really call a pup. the program makes the entries and the entries are then flagged witch in essence is saying spyblaster it's self is a pup. you know as I do years ago that's all most folks had to help protect them bar anti virus programs and they wernt what they are today and things have moved on and spybots not great calling them both pups as could happen seems almost like a kick in the face for all the good they did do. I mean spyblaster thou how could that be deemed a pup as said the program makes the entries even if your not flaging spyblaster it's self the entries lead back to the program that made them I take it you understand what I am getting at. reading on I see your still useing hosts man witch I much would love to have back on my system. i thought it had been abandoned obviously not by the sounds of it. Soon as use it I lose conection to the net ( dns errors with or without the two above programs removed ) and have to run hoops to get things working again,thinking about it I never had a problem on my last device. guess I should hop over there and see if there a fix. All the best in good faith mbyuser
  3. could I ask whats the status of AdwCleaner the detections are still appearing,not concerned and I know its really is no big issue,just interested.
  4. sure advancedsetup will be along soon. in the mean time have you any scheduled tasks you set up there a option to wake from sleep you may have ticked however thats only the first thing to check as there are other ways like remotely waking it up from another device so; have you created any tasks recently and unknowingly left the wake up button ticked. have you downloaded any software within the time frame thats created any to run and wake your comp on by default. lastly have you downloaded any new apps that might be sending your comp a wake up call. just covering basics as I know advanced works very hard to sort out folks problems and as said he will not doubt be looking at this when he back on. you can open task scheduler via press start to search windows or via the run option.press windows key and r to open run then type in the box that opens taskschd.msc there are other ways.
  5. thanks for the update. interesting reading,cheers
  6. oh right bro tell me if this ain't right and ill get on it ASAP albeit I believe it is reading it. domain 1.3.zip
  7. cheers exile. 3reg files I take it thats a typo and its 2. domains.zip
  8. hey sry I ve been pretty unwell as late. unsure how to do that are you asking for edges per site site privacy options ? guide me and I`ll follow
  9. unsure if this has been posted I did look however I might have missed it. the latest version of adaware is picking up spyblaster/spybots hots files again. AdwCleaner[S51].txt
  10. tbh malwarebytes hogs my comp nowadays in comparison to a few years it was bound to happen tho with all the features folks keep asking to be added years back. it used to be the other big name that made my comp slow nowadays its vise versa this isn't a trash malwarebytes post as ive been here a long time and know if you have a comp problem and if your software can't fix it you guys use your free time to do so and trashing malwarebytes gets noone no where. its just simply I had to stop my premium edition as it made my comp far too slow and macfee didn't run as well along side it as it used to do.
  11. hi guys n girls. long time no see as to speak. wonered if it was intentionl that the tool was picking up so much from spyblaster,obviously not. the latest build is still picking up spyblaster. the last build was also calling some adaware as well as pups as is this version/build. deactivate spyblaster and nothing comes up otherwise i get this; AdwCleaner[S21].txt
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