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  1. Did the best I could with sending report... and read the link you posted... I'm not liking the fact Google is spying and selling our info... thanks MAM
  2. Hey MAM, I apologize I searched the entire site for anything related to admob.. Will go read it now. And if you can explain how to send those reports when it's not malewarbtyes flagging, I'd be happy to do so. Thank you
  3. Avl... not AGO..LOL.. sorry I've been trying to get my Note 5 ph and chromebook straight for a couple weeks now.. I'm too the point to just wioe and restore lol
  4. Malwarebyted is not picking them up.. AGO is flagging them and it's several... I had 13 apps the 1st time and now it flags 1-3 perscan... thereis definitely some activity going on. I'm not sure at this point if it's an intruder and service workers or just service workers.. I caught 7 workers in my account day before yesterday.
  5. I keep getting hits on my system files for a "malware" called Ads admob.. by AVL scanner.. and malwarebytes isn't find giving any kind of warning.
  6. I know if nothing else they are low level threats... they are supoosed to be just log files that I zip.d. But be careful a couple looked liked .app Anyone care to take a look. I really am beginning to dislike Google alot... thanks.. I have a couple more but I reached my upload limit cache.zip com.google.android.apps.zip com.android.zip
  7. I finally got it. Thanks >) now if we can catch this intruder
  8. The scanner show premium on both of my devices but when I try to register my license online it will not work. Can anyone help? I'm using a note 5 and a Samsung 3 chromebook.
  9. I'm having this same issue, Also, having other issues but scans find nothing..

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