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  1. Hi @PA.Dutchman, Are the emails you are receiving legitimate emails that you didn't subscribe/sign up for, or actual spam emails? If they are legitimate emails that you don't want to receive, you can unsubscribe from them. Every email from a legitimate company should have an unsubscribe link. Nathan
  2. Hi @Gt-truth, I don't believe Browser Guard is available to the Android OS. At least not to my knowledge. However, Malwarebytes for Android does scan for phishing URLs and will block. But only when using the Chrome browser. Nathan
  3. Hi @Gt-truth, Yes, that's how I'm reading it as well. Nathan
  4. Hi @BillH99999, Okay. If you could please submit a ticket to support they can better assist you on this one. Nathan
  5. @Gt-truth, How about this one? https://www.digitalcitizen.life/stop-huawei-from-closing-apps-when-you-lock-screen Nathan
  6. Hi @BillH99999, Interesting. I would try uninstalling/reinstalling. If that doesn't work, I would submit a ticket to support. Nathan
  7. Hi @Gt-truth, Good to hear! I've been using Brave for about a month now personally. So far so good for me. Nathan
  8. Hi @BillH99999, Do you know what version of Malwarebytes for Android you are on currently? This will be under About. Personally, I scanned with version and it scanned pretty quickly. Also, what settings do you have checked under Settings->Scanning? We'll continue to look into this, Nathan
  9. Hi @Gt-truth, How about this one, and you can pick Malwarebytes rather than Nine? http://nine-faq.9folders.com/articles/16876-how-to-turn-off-battery-optimization-on-the-huawei-devices Nathan
  10. Hi @Gt-truth, This might help: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039018773-Android-OS-disabling-Malwarebytes-Safe-Browsing-Scanner Nathan
  11. Hi @BillH99999 & @Gt-truth, Do both of you happen to have battery optimization turned on? We're looking further into this situation. Nathan
  12. Hi @Gt-truth, I don't think there would be any apps displaying ads on a Huawei STK-L21, so you should be good there. If they continue to happen after installing Firefox, screenshots would be helpful. Nathan
  13. Hi @Gt-truth, To start, you won't be able to remove the Chrome (Google) browser. However, you can install another browser and make it your default. You could then disable Chrome in Apps info. I personally like the Brave browser, but there are other options like Firefox, Opera, and even Microsoft Edge now. All have ad blocks, and all of them are on Google PLAY. What make/model is your phone? Some phones come with apps that display ads right out of the box. Nathan
  14. Hi @PA.Dutchman, So you are experiencing spam emails in your email inbox, correct? Or ads popping up on your mobile device? Do you have a separate email account setup on your mobile device then on your PC? An email account is the same, no matter the device/platform. I found this on handling Spam in AOL Mail account: https://help.aol.com/articles/aol-mail-spam-and-privacy Hope that helps, Nathan
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