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  1. Hello. I never thought it would happen to me but guess it did. Yesterday afternoon i turned on my computer only to get greeted by a popup after it would boot into windows. The popup stated: "You are about to be logged off. Windows has encountered a critical problem and will restard automatically in one minute. Please save your work now.". I am quite experienced with using computers but not that much around this malware/virus category, i knew that it was some sort of malware from the start, the source of it i am unsure of though, mostly because i havent been downloading anything or opening any weird emails, i dont really get those anyways for the past weeks. I do have BitDefender installed but i had no help from it or any sort of prompt regarding this issue. After 1 minute the system either reboots and gives me the same error over and over again or logs me off and then i get the windows screensaver having to reboot manually in order to try again. During this time i cant open anything, task manager or any sort of program, nothing. Canceling the restart with commands doesnt work either. Also during this 1 minute, the options "Restart" and "Sleep" are greyed out, i cant press on them. What i truly find weird is that sometimes instead of getting me straight to windows i get asked for a password although i never set a password. Funny enough the password is "pass" but the problem is that by the time it actually gets to the desktop the minute passes and it restarts. It is worth mentioning that the first couple of reboots i did NOT get that lock screen asking for a password. After around 6/7 restarts it happens. Also sometimes it appears sometimes it doesnt. I am currently running Windows 7 because the hardware inside is meant to be machine that can play 2000's games without any compatibility issues. I am aware support for Windows 7 is over and that Windows 10 is safer. As far as i know any MalwareBytes software cant run off an usb drive, please correct me if i am wrong, i am willing to try it because it had helped me in the past. I will list what i have tried so far and did not work: None of the Safe Modes works, i get the same popup foillowed by the restart Opening task manager and it crashes like all the programs that i try to open In the 1 minute that i have find the "Auto-restart" option that Windows has and uncheck it and it doesnt work Most CMD lines that i tried do not work or aren't able to be completed due to the limited time I have tried booting the Kaspersky Rescue Tool which scanned all the drives in the computer, found some viruses, removed them and the problem persisted I have tried booting the Avast Rescue Disk and it didnt boot at all I have tried using ESET SysRescue Live tool and out of all the tools i used this one seemed to take a deeper look trying to find malware, i have used it mostly on the C drive and part of the second 2 drives and it had found nothing, the problem persisted I am currently using Avira Rescue System i have started a whole computer scan and i will check it when i get home although my hopes are pretty low at this point I cannot run any exe on inside windows, all the software that i have specified above were directly installed on a usb drive as an .iso. I am looking to either fix it temporarily and installing windows again when i have some time on my hands and finding out more about this issue if possible in order to well learn more about this part of computers and how how to avoid it.
  2. Hi! I just use the last version of AdwCleaner and after deleted element and reboot i have nothing in the quarantine section like is suppose to be as i read on tooslib.net "Each deleted element including registry entries and those on reboot are saved in quarantine and can be restored if needed." it's not the case here why? i have windows vista Stéphane
  3. i have the same problem here an i tried every thing mojobodhi tried and i need to install the beta version if that should fix the problem and can be installed and not ask me to reboot the computer but the link exile360 provided doesn't work anymore (i don't have the permission to view the content) and please tell me if the beta version won't ask me to reboot the computer hope you help me solve my problem and thank you
  4. This came from a support ticket -- they recommended I submit it as a suggestion. I opened the ticket all upset because I was prompted for an upgrade, I installed it with no clue that a reboot would be required. It was, and I was very upset. Here's the details: I generally considered your application important enough that I accepted upgrades whenever they popped up. I often have a lot of open windows and basically never reboot. I will reboot if I have to, but only at a time of my choosing (barring crashes). Since you cannot alert me that a reboot will be needed until it’s too late, it doesn’t matter that a reboot is rarely needed; I have to assume any upgrade might require that. I was very annoyed when I got the reboot requirement that initiated this ticket, because it was a very unpleasant surprise. I don’t even recall if I was given no choice, that it would reboot in 5 minutes if I didn’t choose it sooner. I think I closed everything and allowed the reboot because I was afraid that it was already stopped so I would be running unprotected if I didn’t reboot. Now if you had told me that a reboot would be required BEFORE I accepted the update, I would have scheduled that for a time that the reboot would be more convenient (well let’s say less inconvenient). Would I have forgotten? Good chance, so either a periodic reminder or a “don’t ask again for ___ hours” window would be a good idea. Between open windows, and not wanting to basically lose my PC for 5 minutes, I do not appreciate surprise reboots. You have just made me defer most upgrade alerts; thanks for nothing. Until I find out that this is fixed, I will assume all upgrades may reboot, and will defer them and hopefully remember to manually initiate it.
  5. Hello Recently I have had an overarching issue with my computer, and its been annoying me miserably. So here is the story: for a while my computer has been randomly rebooting. Sometimes it will be hot, so for a while i guessed it just did that because of overheating. But sometimes it would just keep rebooting everytime id try to log in, so i have to give it some time. Eventually i got so fed up with this that i got Malwarebytes. But now there is a new issue. I dont know if this is a virus or if its an issue with Malwarebytes but everytime i try to scan my computer, as soon as it hits Scan Memory my computer restarts. I dont know whats going on and i wanted to see if anyone could help me fix this before i take it in to get checked out. Ive hard reset my computer, and the first thing i got was Malwarebytes. After that i did one scan, and that was fine. I downloaded a few things, then when i tried it again it kept doing the restarts. Please help!
  6. Web protection and Malware protection can't be turned on after reboot on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, MalwareBytes When I reboot one of my systems, it boots up with Web protection and Malware protection turned off. When I try to turn them on from settings , in the MalwareBytes app UI, or from the service tray, they won't turn on. I tried to change them by restoring defaults but that seems to make no changes. I have rebooted this system a couple of times. I also tried updating the MalwareBytes app itself but I already have the latest. Also, before I rebooted, these were turned on and working. What can be done to fix this? Do I need to uninstall/reinstall or is there a shorter/safer way to fix this issue?
  7. Hi, all. I've got a Win10 Pro computer which refuses to complete a MWB Premium install. I've tried using mb-clean and mb-check but to no avail. Each time I try to install (I've tried various recent versions) I'm asked to reboot but the install never completes. I'm attaching the file uninstall_list.txt that I've seen Devin Collins ask for in an earlier thread, plus a screen pic showing the latest installer I tried to use. Hope someone can help. Thanks! uninstall_list.txt
  8. I am a Malwarebytes Premium customer. I am using AdwCleaner on Windows 10. I run a scan. It identifies several PUP.Optional.Legacy items. I check one of particular concern and hit Clean. It gives me a dialog that says, "All processes will be closed - Please save your current work if any." This is absolutely what I do not want. I have several projects underway, involving hours of work. I cannot shut them down now. Unfortunately, the dialog does not provide a "No" option, nor a "Remind me in 4 hours" option," so I click the X in the upper right corner to kill that dialog. The PUP is not important -- I can return to this AdwCleaner thing later. Unfortunately, the dialog will not accept No for an answer. The X in the upper right corner does not function as that X normally does: it does not prevent the task from proceeding. Instead, shutdown proceeds, I lose those hours of work, and everything I was doing is converted into a complete mess -- just as if I had clicked OK. I had forgotten why I never used AdwCleaner. Now I remembered that something like this had happened a year or two earlier. They got me that time, too. We all think that our own perspective is most important. I am humbly reminded that all those hours of work I lost, thank to this bug (or should I say "feature") in AdwCleaner, are trivial in the grand scheme of life and eternity. I can only hope that the AdwCleaner programmer will discover comparable humility, when considering whether his/her creation deserves the priority of canceling out hours' worth of work, when the user expressly indicates otherwise.
  9. When trying to install the latest version of mbam, the program will immediately ask me ro perform a reboot on my pc. This be omes a constant loop and I am unable to initiate the installation. I have read other similar topics, and i have tried the mbam cleanup tool which found nothing, as well as manually deleting all mbam files, foldera, and all registey keys containing the keywords of "malwarebytes" and "anti-malware." How do i fix my pc to be able to install. Also, there is no existing mbam service for me to run. Thank you in advance
  10. I installed Malwarebytes trial version yesterday. I ran a scan. In the middle of the night, my Windows 10 PC rebooted. So I disabled nightly scans. I woke up, it had shut down. Not even rebooted yet. This is terrible. I've been a developer for 20 years. That means: a) You can't tell me that this is a random hard drive crash, that just so coincidentally happened less than 24 hours after installing Malwarebytes. b) Let me know if I should just go to slashdot and sitepoint and all the developers on my linkedin list and facebook and tell them my experience with both the product and your support or lack thereof, and to spread the word. This is not a coincidence.
  11. Hi I seem to be having a similar problem to others, I had a prompt earlier saying there was a new version so I tried to install it and I now have a loop where it asks me to reboot to complete installation, only problem is it keeps doing it and never installs. It has also deleted Malwarebytes completely. Please Help
  12. Good morning, To say that our Malwarebytes EP experience has been poor is an understatement. We rolled out to the entire enterprise the weekend of the mal-formed update and still have not completely recovered. The tech has been unpleasant "I've already called you twice", and we have not been able to track down a workable exclusion for the hundreds of end users forced to reboot with a registry change that Malwarebytes is cleaning daily. I'm turning to the forums since it appears we have exhausted our support through two phone calls. Basically we are forcing a wallpaper image and not allowing users to change it. The error in the console looks like this: PUM.Optional.NoChangingWallpaper Quarantined Detection Data Name: PUM.Optional.NoChangingWallpaper Category: PUM Type: Registry Value Location: HKU\S-1-5-21-2425530655-2670725271-3209618128-9677\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\ACTIVEDESKTOP|NOCHANGINGWALLPAPER Detection ID: 1d93df19-0d56-11e8-aed3-6c0b8469375e Endpoint: Scanned At: 02/09/2018 - 07:51:35 AM Scan ID: Blocked By Real-Time Protection Looking for any thoughts or recommendations to allow us to control the wallpaper in this manner through exclusions so that we don't have hundreds of users being forced to reboot daily. I see this is part of Malwarebyte's design (https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/pum-optional-nochangingwallpaper/), but we need to exclude detection of this. Note it's an user key location, so different with each user. Thanks so much for your insight and help!
  13. Hello, Re: Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.212 Update package version: 1.0.3024 Windows 7 operating system. After an automatic scan, Malwarebytes is doing a reboot. I get a quick message, then it shuts down all my open apps and restarts my laptop. I use this laptop for work. This can't happen again. How do I stop this automatic reboot? Thanks, JadaYvette
  14. I downloaded the malwarebytes setup, and then i run it. And there's popup window. It says Malwarebytes and below it there's Agree & Install. I clicked on it, and 0.5 sec later(litterally) it asks me to reboot in order to complete the installation. After i reboot my PC, it pop up again and i clicked on the Agree & Install button again. Another 0.5 sec later, it asks me to reboot. So i rebooted it. This repeats 3 times. I tried to redownload the setup file, but it stays the same.
  15. Hello! I just bought a MSI notebook two days ago. Today I must admit, I was trying to download and crack MS Office using the Office Toolkit program. As soon as I opened the toolkit and selected activate, my laptop turned off and then I got the BSOD with a "critical error" message. My notebook rebooted automatically but is running noticeabily slower since the incident a couple of hours ago. I bought the Bit Defender antivirus along with the notebook so I performed a scan but found nothing. Nevertheless, as minutes went by I received 2 notifications of intends of infections by trojans. I have uninstalled the Office exe file I downloaded along with the Toolkit, deleted all the files I could in Temp. I have also noticed that when I enter the security section in the control panel I can read that it says: "Bit Defender firewall is not active" and "Bit Defender antivirus is not active". I pressed "activate" in both of those options but didn't get a response. When I open the Bit Defender it states that my notebook is protected, so that's weird. Please help me fix this issue!!!
  16. Have a weird issue with my laptop that has not happened before. I do regular scans and have not had a problem before, but I suspect there is something I'm missing. My computer if left alone for a while 15+ will be very slow when I come back to it. Power settings are set to sleep, but sometimes it does not sleep. Folders either do not load on click or when they do it takes a long time a freezes. I am forced to reboot and the startup time has been very long lately. High disk and CPU usage is common. I have scanned multiple times with different software and they both come back clean. (Malewarebytes, Windows Defender). This happens mostly when I am connected to internet via WiFi or Ethernet. If left alone with WiFi turned off or on airplane mode it usually does not happen. I have downloaded sketchy software before so that may be the culprit however I have scanned nearly everything. Here's my system HP 15-n210dx CPU: amd-a8-4555M 1.6Ghz RAM: 6gb System: Windows 8.1 64bit
  17. i got the same problem. hope it will be fixed asap
  18. The latest release of MBAM/Win is insisting on a restart before I can install it on my PCs (Win7). What's up with that? Can that be suppressed?
  19. I am trying to download the most recent version of Malwarebytes. Having failed after several attempts I used MB-Clean and followed the instructions to re-install Malwarebytes. Sadly after rebooting in the process I got the attached MB-Clean message and am still unable to "Connect to Service" What is the cure for this? Thank you mb-clean-results.txt
  20. So I had a virus quarantined and so I restarted my windows pc as prompted. However, I am now stuck at a black loading screen that I cannot fix. Please help
  21. I could swear that somewhere in the Settings of the paid version of MB 3.0, either in the "Application" or "Protection" sections is an option to turn off the suggestion to "Reboot Now" (or whatever the verbiage is) after a routine scan but I can't seem to locate it at the moment. As far as I know this is separate and distinct from the "Close Notifications After X Seconds" section under the Application tab. Although I know it's generally good practice to do so, one of my clients finds it annoying and wants to turn it off if possible. Any enlightenment here would be welcome.
  22. Going to try and make this short and simple since you all logged me out before I was able to submit the last ticket I took 20 minutes typing up and getting information for, thank you. I have all 200+ devices rebooting on me, some of them are Servers serving 30,000 people. This is what is below in my Event viewer. I cannot find any setting in policies/settings of the MGMT console of our Endpoint Security product that allows the client to reboot. The process mbae-setup- has initiated the restart of computer DTPFO3 on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: Other (Unplanned) Reason Code: 0x0 Shutdown Type: restart Comment: The only thing I can think of is what is below(from the Edit Policy > Anti-Exploit tab), and I sincerely hope this isn't the cause because this makes no mention of a reboot/restart, yet nonchalantly ties in with the System log saying Anti-Exploit is what rebooted the computers. I need help determining what to do to make sure your Product doesn't reboot my devices without authorization. Also, your logging needs to be better because your product makes absolutely no mention of it anywhere in your product, and sometimes reboots the PCs using wininit.exe instead. So.....sort of sounds like Malware not A-M when you think about it, rebooting PCs with hardly a trace. Thank your for wasting my evening by the way. Your admin guide make no mention or restart either for this setting, assuming this is the setting that is causing it.
  23. I moved my MalwareBytes AntiMalware to a new Lenovo T430 Laptop. For a while I kept finding every now and then that it had somehow been disabled. Tonight I think I've figured out what was happening and found the solution. I think it was being disabled every time I rebooted. I often just sleep the laptop and let Intel Quick Start kick in after 3 hours so I don't do that many actual reboots and I hadn't noticed it coincided with rebooting. Well, I'm pretty certain it was only after rebooting. I would have to start MBAM from the start menu so that it's icon appeared in the system tray area and then right click that icon in the tray area and re-enable "Malware Protection" and "Malicious Website Protection" Then it would be all working until, I think, I next rebooted. Now I have discovered that if I also disable "Self Protection" and reboot once with it like that before re-enabling "Self Protection" and "Early Start" it seems, so far, to stay enabled properly, even through a reboot. I thought it might be worth reporting this.
  24. Hi there and Thanks for providing this software. I have the following issue to report: After installing 0.9.14 with Admin rights, I wanted to switch over to a user profile. Unfortunately, that didn't work out in so far, as I was informed by windows, that my "desktop is prepared" (in german though, I don't know the applicable wording in english versions) and prompted to what seemed to be a "guest" account or something of that sort. The good news is though, that after a restart, I was able to access the user again. Anyway, the profile switch (to the Admin-account this time) still failed. As before, reboot reenabled access. Is this a known issue? Will it be "repaired", when I remove the software from my system? Will it corrupt any system in any way? Thanks for support and BRGDS, MB
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