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  1. QUESTION ? Does Adwcleaner place all deletions in Quarantine so that if deletion has an adverse effect on normal PC operations, they can be restored.
  2. Finally I would add that - Avast, Superantispyware, Emsisoft Emergency Kit and Spywareblaster all never found two difficult to remove dangerous virus/trojan PUP's PUP.Optional.22ChromeEXT PUP.Optional.Legacy but AdwCleaner did ! With the help of ADWC and a Sync reset, these PUP's were completely removed.
  3. In my case, AdwCleaner found PUP.Optional.22ChromeEXT under "Bookmarks", which is where the Sync reset came in.
  4. My friend does not have Chrome on her laptop, they use Opera and Firefox.
  5. I myself am very experienced, having 14 years of all kinds of problems. I have used Malwarebytes all that time and hold it in very high regard like the rest of the computer world. I strongly suspect that something went wrong with the download as there was NO shortcut on their desktop, plus their inexperience. I recently ran Adwcleaner and it found two dangerous virus/trojan PUP's - PUP.Optional.22ChromeEXT PUP.Optional.Legacy These PUP's are not easy to remove. With the help of your program plus a Sync reset, these two infections were completely deleted and never came back.
  6. Thank you for your explanations. The shock of having their laptop (it is brand new) having been totally wrecked by running AdwCleaner was so traumatic that they will never run another test or cleaning program again. Now that their laptop is back to normal after this devastating experience which spoilt their Easter, they will unfortunately steer well clear of Malwarebytes or any other such program.
  7. I am sorry i cannot give you more details, my friend is not close, they live 60 miles away. i would love to know the details for my own satisfaction and confidence in the program. It looks suspiciously like a poor download or some error in running the program. It was downloaded from Filehippo, an extremely reputable site.
  8. I have used this program around 40 times with great success and no problems. I removed two stubborn PUP virus/trojans to perfection with it plus a Sync reset. A friend of mine ran this program on their new Windows 10 laptop and it wrecked their PC. Nothing worked or showed and they were totally devastated. I have no more details, but do know they tried a system restore and it did not work. The PC was useless. A second system restore ran for quite a while, but eventually finished and the PC was restored back to its 3 days ago status and now works perfectly. My friend is not technically minded but is reasonably IT experienced. I do not know more details of what exactly they did, but they did say that after downloading AdwCleaner there was no shortcut on their desktop ?? How can a popular program issued by a reputable source like Malwarebytes do such a thing ?
  9. I sincerely wish Malwarebytes and all members A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR
  10. Porthos, I am so sorry. I have been away from MBAM a long time and much water has passed under the bridge since then. I am so grateful to you for going through history and finding that I had this trouble a year ago. YES, the same solution worked perfect again, same as previously. Thank you.
  11. After 14 years using Win XP, I have now a new computer using Win 10. I tried MBAM as an on demand manual sweeper using a desktop shortcut. My first MBAM scan went perfect, only 2 PUP's were found and deleted. BUT those 2 PUP's belonged to my Auslogics disc defragging program. This resulted in my Auslogics shortcut icon being deleted from my desktop and the program prevented from running. I reinstalled Auslogics and deleted MBAM's real time protection - all 4 of them. Auslogics then worked normally. This means I cannot use MBAM at all, since it will again kill my Auslogics. So unless Auslogics can somehow be entered into MBAM as an exception, to be ignored on a scan or real time protection, then it is a non-runner and will be given the elbow. Any suggestions ?
  12. I have had MBAM free for many years now with no problems. Date = 29 November 2017 and I find that any attempt to update is met with the Premium Trial version. I tried this and it is a real time version, placing an icon on my tray. I have tried all the major downloading sites and although they say it is Free, the version always downloads the Premium Trial version - 2183. I DO NO WANT any Premium version, just the Free version I always have had. Question ? Please advise if MBAM Free is discontinued. If not, specify where I can download it from without getting the Premium version. I DO NOT WANT a real time version.
  13. Good news. I have just done a MBAM scan after previously doing 2 Auslogics defrags during the past 3 days. Output was clear, no infections or Pups. So the tip given by Fatdcuk earlier was successful. Thank you very much. Case closed.
  14. No, I am very careful what I delete from my Recycle Bin. Never automatic, always manual. MBAM deleted my Auslogics installer and program. All settled now as said in my earlier post.
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