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  1. Hi Pedro!

    Was this fix released yet?


    Something happened this morning.

    I use HPM.Alert with FF. I have no problem opening FF.

    If I then click on a hyperlink in a email, a new tab opens in FF, no problem.

    However, if FF is closed when I click on the email hyperlink, MBAE alerts me when FF is launched.


    Don't know if this is related with HPM.Alert.




  2. Auto-quarantined is turned off since you had a database problem a few months ago.

    I was able to install when I turned off the File Protection this morning.

    I don't know what else to say, it's installed now.

    Thanks for trying it though.


    I think we can close the case now.


    Best regards,


  3. Hi.

    Tried to run OutpostSecuritySuiteProInstall64.exe this morning.

    It began to run, I've chosen the installation language and then nothing.

    The install program had been shut off.

    It took me a few retries to find out it was MBAM that was closing the program without any warning.

    I unticked the File protection fro the tray icon and bingo, install was possible.

    MBAM never said anything nor reported a detection.

    It just shut down the installer.





  4. Thanks a lot Ron!

    Same issue for me.

    The icon turns grey in the tray when website blocking is disabled, by the way, is that correct?

    If I also disable file protection, it stays grey.

    I think it should turn red or something at that point since there is no protection anymore from MBAM!

  5. Hi.

    With Real-time protection enabled, what's supposed to be the "normal" RAM usage of the mbamservice, at idle?

    With previous versions, I think I had something around or a little less than 50MB, but with 1.50, I see between 75 and 85MB, and about 90MB of Virtual Memory.

    I have no other real-time preotection of any kind. (AV is on-demand only)

    Thanks in advance.


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